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Afghan Taliban Accuse U.S. Of Promoting ISIS In Afghanistan: 'America Is Using Daesh [ISIS] To Repeat Its Experience In El Salvador With The Death Squads'

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On July 30, 2018, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban organization that ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001) published an essay arguing that the U.S. is magnifying the threat of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Afghanistan. The essay, titled "How America Promotes Daesh [ISIS] In Afghanistan?" is written by Mustafa Hamid aka Abu Al-Walid Al-Masri.

The essay argues that the U.S. and Russia benefit from the ISIS threat because it convinces everyone that the U.S. is a solution to the problem, and the Russians use it to exercise influence in Central Asia. The writer says that the U.S. is complicit in creating and promoting the threat of Daesh, and that Islamic scholars who have participated in recent U.S.-sponsored conferences on the issue of peace in Afghanistan are part of the American game-plan.

Following are highlights from the article:

"America is using Daesh to repeat its experience in El Salvador with the death squads they trained and financed to commit massacres against the people and to pin the responsibility on the rebels to distort their reputation...

"The massive bomb (the Mother of All Bombs) was the signal for the launch of Daesh's 'Voice of the Caliphate' to work from within an American base in Jalalabad...

"The Daesh operation in Kabul against the Interior Ministry [was carried out] using vehicles only possessed by the American army. Embarrassing questions of doubt in the Afghan Parliament...

"The Interior Ministry ambush was arranged by the Americans for the Daesh members after they [were] equipped them with the vehicles, weapons, and military uniforms of U.S. Special Forces...

"Operations arranged by the Americans to exaggerate the Daesh threat and to consume Daesh members the way they consume dirty paper towels, only for propaganda and to manufacture a 'terrorist threat'...

"America tries to mobilize the countries of the region to support its occupation of Afghanistan with the pretext of fighting Daesh terrorism. Russians pick up the thread and frighten the states of Central Asia, hoping they would accept Russian protection for them...

"Conferences by 'the slaves of the dollar' for prepaid fatwas failed before in Afghanistan and will fail in the present, and the occupation will leave in defeat...

"The ill-reputed conferences target Muslim countries to pass a security and military alliance with Israel in the war against Islam and the mujahideen, and abandonment of Palestine and Islamic holy sites. All this under a misleading slogan of the war against Daesh terrorism and Islamic extremism."

Following is the text of the article:

"When America Failed Trying To Oppress The Afghan People And Defeat... Mujahideen, It Imported ISIS To Work With Them For What A Coalition Of 50 States Failed To Do"

"The United States mastered the deception of manufacturing threats, and marketing itself as the protector and the advocate for others in exchange of the highest prices.

"Its most prominent experiences in this regard was that of 'the death squads' they created in El Salvador in defense of the agent government that ruled the country and that was threatened by the rebel groups. The mission of the death squads that were trained by the Americans and directed by their military experts was to commit abhorrent crimes against the citizens and to pin the charge on the rebels, thus turning the people away from supporting them, and even to call the agent government to protect them against the rebels.

"Across the Arab territories, the United States and Israel used Daesh and its likes to prove the existence of an enemy other than Israel, one that is more dangerous than it to justify uniting with it in an alliance against a common enemy. They called that enemy Islamic terrorism and extremism. Terrorism is Daesh, and all countries agree on that. Islamic extremism refers to any Muslim that carries a weapon against the Israeli or American occupation. That is the trick in the slogan offered, that is equating criminal terrorism to Islamic jihad in Afghanistan.

"When America failed trying to oppress the Afghan people and defeat its mujahideen, it imported ISIS to work with them for what a coalition of 50 states failed to do. Daesh tried to offer the people of Afghanistan a new Islam, that is outside the rules of Islam, and a neutral jihad that does not comply with the provisions of jihad in Islam. It consisted of killing and sowing mischief in Afghanistan and a true cooperation with the infidels against mujahid Muslims. Every time the Afghan people expose this truth, Daesh becomes more cruel and isolated."

"False [Islamic] Scholars... Try To Criminalize Jihad And Turn The Attention Away From The Occupation Armies... [By Participating In U.S.-Backed Conferences On Afghanistan]"

"With the increasing American impasse in Afghanistan, and their loss of the road towards any withdrawal that saves face and protects the colonial 'interests' in Afghanistan, dependence on Daesh increased. It is promoted falsely to be strong and dangerous, and then it was put on the same side with the Taliban movement that has led the fight of its people for seventeen successive years. They ask the people to abandon all that terrorism of Daesh and of Taliban and to enter into peace with the agent regime set up by the occupation... [which] wrote its constitution and laws and established its foundations that rest on the pillars of corruption, tyranny, and aggression on the Shari'a. But that trick does not fool any living being in Afghanistan other than those quasi-humans who linked their life to that of the colonizers and the infidels.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ruled from 1996 to 2001.

"Some of those were fake [tribal] chiefs, merchants of blood, mafia leaders who deal in anything, and politicians without conscience or principle other than their financial interests. Among them were false [Islamic] scholars who try to criminalize jihad and turn the attention away from the occupation armies that transgress the faith, honor, and the property of Muslims [by participating in U.S.-sponsored conferences on peace in Afghanistan].

"Those quasi-humans, the scholars of evil, have conferences of mobile fitnah [mischief] held for them by the occupation in Muslim territories, in Indonesia and then in Kabul and tomorrow in other places, until visibility is blurred in the eyes of Muslims and in their conscience, and the vice of the occupation becomes permitted and the virtue of jihad and Shari'a becomes prohibition and terror. That mixing between Daesh and terrorism on the one hand and the scholars of evil on the other reassured the procession of the America Satan and the Israeli Iblees [i.e. Satan].

"Just as America promotes Daesh crimes, it also promotes the errors of the [U.S.-backed, peace-favoring Islamic] scholars of evil. Both target the faith, and seek to remove the weapons of jihad from the hands of Muslims so that the faith and territory are lost and the population goes to ruin."

"The American Occupation Created Criminal Means To Promote Daesh Terror In Afghanistan"

"The 'Mother of All Bombs' to Open the 'Voice of the Caliphate'

"The American occupation created criminal means to promote Daesh terror in Afghanistan.

"The day [in April 2017] they used their master bomb (the Mother of All Bombs), the largest in their conventional arsenal, they said they launched it on Daesh fighters in Achin directorate in Nangarhar province. One day later, Daesh radio started to broadcast in the name of 'the Voice of the Caliphate' from within the American airbase in Jalalabad airport! The matter did not remain a secret for very long.

"It spread to the point that a member of the parliament in Kabul, Dhahir ibn Haji Qadir, the former governor of Jalalabad, spoke about it."

"[In The Interior Ministry Attack], Two Military Vehicles Carrying Five Daesh Fighters, Each Equipped With Sophisticated American Weapons And In Special Forces' Clothing, Moved [Without Obstruction]"

"The Ambush of the Interior Ministry, its Bloody Puzzles. How Do We Explain Them?!

"Last May 30th[2018], two military vehicles carrying five Daesh fighters, each equipped with sophisticated American weapons and in Special Forces' clothing, moved [without obstruction]. The two vehicles passed through dozens of checkpoints without being questioned by anybody until they stopped in front of the new building of the Interior Ministry [in Kabul].

"... ten armed men got out of the vehicles. They found security forces guarding the building fully ready to receive them. They opened fire on them and killed them all. The two vehicles were intact and war spoils for the security forces that claimed that one of their elements was killed and five others sustained light injuries.

"The operation ended, and its puzzles remained without a solution. How can two vehicles pass through numerous security points without being intercepted? How come the security forces were prepared and excited to receive them in front of the government building area that was turned into a kill zone where the attackers were killed? Did they go for some meeting, and fell into a betrayal and an unexpected ambush?

"Proof of that is that the vehicles were not booby-trapped to blow up during the operation as is the case in such operations. There was no attack operation in the first place. It was an ambush of propaganda and publicity only, prepared by the Americans. There is no harm in having a dozen Daesh elements or even a thousand killed. It has become clear that the Americans use them for their goals the way they use towels to wipe their dirty hands and then dispose of their bodies in disdain."

"They Spread In Afghanistan, The Region, And The World The Distorted Image Of The Daesh Beast That Threatens Everybody, And That The American Occupation Is The Solution"

"There is doubt regarding the number of security forces wounded. Or as Abdullah Barkazay, the member of parliament from Uruzgan province, said in an interview with the local Tolo television station:

"1 – How did Daesh obtain all these vehicles? Where from? Not even Ashraf Ghani, the head of the government, or any minister or any member of parliament, has the like of the American vehicles that were used. Only American troops have them.

"2 – How did the vehicles reach the Interior Ministry without being intercepted all along the way?

"3 – What did the Daesh fighters do in this attack? Did they attack the ministry only to kill themselves?

"The final question is asked regarding many Daesh operations, as though the goal was only bombing, burning, and killing as many people as possible, including the attackers, even if they are the only dead ones. But local media that is controlled by the occupation supported by international media picks up the thread from among the thorns and the suspicious fights and then plays up Daesh threats and the atrocity of their operations.

"They spread in Afghanistan, the region, and the world the distorted image of the Daesh beast that threatens everybody, and that the American occupation is the solution. Not only this, but the countries of the region are forced to provide assistance to them, and others donate to pay the cost of that useful and savior occupation!"

"That Promotion Of The Myth Of Daesh... Is The Thing That Toughened America's War Against Islam Throughout The World"

"That promotion of the myth of Daesh and the continued blowing into the bloody balloon of Daesh is the thing that toughened America's war against Islam throughout the world, especially in Afghanistan, which proved to be difficult to subjugate. It proved its ability to achieve victory on the land of jihad, when the occupation got stuck in the search for a way out. They try all means, from Daesh criminality to the scholars of evil and their malicious conferences, to directly targeting civilians by all military means available, to the point that intentional massacres against civilians hardly stop from the air and ground.

A screenshot from footage released by U.S. of the Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb dropped in east Afghanistan.

"'Fargha' Farce

"Another operation of promotion, with particular puzzles that are so difficult to understand.

"It is a fact that the local armed forces, starting with the local army that cost the Americans ten trillion dollars to this today, to the militias, the community, and the tribes that the occupation arms and finances, all have a specific goal, which is to defend the occupation forces first and then their administrative and military positions. So how is it that the American troops protect the Afghan troops in the Fargha camp [unclear, secret location]? Is it not the opposite, or is there a secret behind the Fargha camp operation?

"American occupation forces impose military control on all that has to do with Afghanistan, especially military operations. The Americans are the only source of information regarding the Fargha operation. The government military media and then the local media that is controlled by the Americans and everybody dealt with the incident with all means of exaggeration. Military and strategic experts took to analyzing, interpreting, and exaggerating the strength and danger of Daesh.

"For this reason, the American army showed its role in repelling the attack, that lacks witnesses, since it was in a large and significant camp that is administered by the occupation. The Afghan military spokesperson on behalf of the occupation said that 11 Afghan soldiers were killed, 16 were wounded, and that two Daesh fighters were killed and one was captured.

"President Ashraf Ghani showed a rare interest unlike any he had shown regarding the largest and most dangerous operations undertaken by the Taliban movement. He said he had set up a task force to investigate the incident. He released seven commanders including two generals from the 111th Regiment that is positioned in the said location."

"Every Insignificant Issue With Daesh Activity Becomes A Major Media Issue, So That It Is Redrawn, Described, And Promoted At A Large Scale"

"Daesh Training Centers in Kabul!

"Out of the media campaign to promote the Daesh threat and the necessity for the occupation to fight it came numerous artificial operations such as the detection of 'the largest' Daesh training camp in Kabul, an issue which the local and international media in the Afghan capital delved into, with orders and directions from the occupation authorities.

"The American forces declared that they together with the local agent forces had uncovered the largest training camp for Daesh elements in the heart of the capital. These media took pictures in the supposed camp of Daesh flags together with basic military tools, and a limited numbers of RPG shells. There were no detainees nor even one suspect in the issue of the 'largest' training center in the capital, belonging to a terrorist organization in Afghanistan.

"Every insignificant issue with Daesh activity becomes a major media issue, so that it is redrawn, described, and promoted at a large scale. Even the commander of the American forces in Afghanistan does not stop from exaggerating Daesh activities in all his media meetings. With orders from the occupation forces and the media committee of that occupation, the local newspapers and channels are obligated to place news about Daesh on the front page of their media coverage and to focus on the terrifying pictures of severed heads. The Kabul news channel broadcasts a detailed report on military commander's advice to focus on news about Daesh, to play them up, and give them priority over the other news."

"The Russians Want To Turn The Tide Of Events In Their Favor And To Present Themselves As The Protector Of Central Asian Countries From The Danger Of Daesh Terrorism"

"A Russia paper that is closely related to Hanif Atmar, the founder [sic] of Daesh in Afghanistan and the security advisor to the president of the state [Ashraf Ghani], reported the presence of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of Daesh, in the Tora Bora mountains, east of Afghanistan. The paper did not provide any evidence. No indication came out of the said region that Baghdadi was there, given that the mountainous area was fully under the control of the Taliban movement [in 2001].

"Last fall, Daesh tried to infiltrate Taliban areas in Jalalabad to reach the Juhiani area and then to sneak to Logar province to the Azara area in particular, which was offered by the fundamentalist leader [Gulbuddin] Hekmatyar as a gift to Daesh in complicity with Hanif Atmar, President Ghani, American troops, and military and logistical support by Pakistan, to bring Daesh to the edges of the capital. But the Taliban mujahideen... [were] always ready to turn them back. They thwarted the Daesh attempt. American aircraft took revenge on them by bombing their positions violently with seven raids within one month.

"But the American army gave Daesh a foothold in quasi-abandoned mountainous areas to the east and west of Afghanistan, especially in mountainous Darzab district in Jowjzan province. This way, they provided the opportunity to the central Russian army commander, General Alexander Labinm to exaggerate on his part too, for Russian purposes this time, to say that there are about ten thousand fighters in Afghanistan, most of them Daesh fighters and a half [i.e. 5,000] positioned in the north of Afghanistan, and that they were working to establish a Caliphate in Central Asian countries. The Russian general wanted to say that the Afghan jihad is just Daesh terrorism, which America wanted to make public. The Russians want to turn the tide of events in their favor and to present themselves as the protector of Central Asian countries from the danger of Daesh terrorism."

"The Scholars Of The Dollar And The Servants Of The Crusader Occupation Are Not Scholars But Agents"

"The Scholars of the Dollar

"The scholars of the dollar and the servants of the Crusader occupation are not scholars but agents. Afghanistan knows scholars since the dawn of Islam. They are the leaders of the people and the guards of shari'a who fought back tyrant regimes in the east and west. The echo of jihad since the Soviets is still there. Honest scholars ordered it. Honest scholars carried its flag. They paid the price with blood and all kinds of suffering until Allah blessed their people with victory and empowerment.

"Today, scholars and students of knowledge lead the jihad of their people against the American occupation which came to continue the message of the British and Soviet aggressors to remove the people of Afghanistan from Islam and to bring them into the limitations of dependence on and humiliation by the global Crusade and Zionists.

"The religious conference took place in the tent of 'disgrace' in the capital under the protection of the occupation's troops and aircraft to carry out their orders by prohibiting jihad and criminalizing the mujahideen and portraying the ongoing war as one between two Muslim parties (!), one being the Taliban and the other being the Kabul government, as though the government is independent from the occupation army that appointed it and directs it openly and not from behind a veil.

Afghan Taliban launched the Al-Khandaq jihadi operations in April 2018.

"That was not the first time that the occupation tried to use the scholars of evil and the slaves of the dollar against the jihad of their people. After the Soviet army left Afghanistan in 1989, the propaganda of reconciliation between the mujahideen and the communist government in Kabul was active. The Mujahideen [who emerged from the 1980s jihad against USSR] refused this, despite the conspiracies and the fabrication of defeats (Jalalabad, for example). And local and Arab fatwas and religious delegations from the Arabian Peninsula urged reconciliation, rejection of violence, and halting of fitnah among the brothers in Afghanistan, even though jihad had already started against the local communists, with a fatwa from Afghan scholars, supported by Muslim scholars especially from the Arab territories."

"Through This Deception, Israel And Global Zionism Will Penetrate And Take Control Of All Muslim Lands And Offer Them A New Religion That Has Nothing To Do With Islam"

"The honest [Islamic] scholars in Afghanistan refused. The brave Mujahideen also rejected to reconcile with the agent communist government and continued their bitter combat in the midst of local and international conferences, until Allah granted them victory. The communist government that brought in the red occupation to the country fell. It is the same thing then and now. It is the same conspiracy, despite the different names and faces.

"The American occupation will collapse and will leave in disgrace, pulling behind it the agent government. It is nothing but the shadow of the occupation on Afghan territories. 'And say: Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.' (Al-Isra:81 [Koranic verse])

"The people of Afghanistan have experienced these 'religious' conferences for scholars who gave away their faith for the world of the infidels. But the main purpose behind those conferences are locations and other people other than Afghanistan and its people. Allah has fortified those with the knowledge of their scholars and the jihad of their youth. But the target are Islamic nations in general and Arab countries in particular.

"Someday, the track of those conferences will shift, and they will increase in numbers and capabilities to report an Islamic-Jewish-Crusader alliance against Islam and the mujahideen under the pretext of collaboration to fight Islamic terrorism and Islamic extremism. Through this deception, Israel and global Zionism will penetrate and take control of all Muslim lands and offer them a new religion that has nothing to do with Islam but the name. It will take everything from their hands and take away from them Palestine and Islamic sanctities, and they will have nothing left in the world but loss in life and the hereafter.

"The people of Afghanistan are fighting on behalf of the entire Islamic Ummah in the most dangerous Muslim battles against the enemies of Islam and humanity. The Afghan will win inevitably according to the true promise of Allah: 'Allah has decreed: It is I and My messengers who must prevail: For Allah is One full of strength, able to enforce His Will. (Al-Mujadila: 21 [Koranic verse)"

Source: (Afghanistan), July 30, 2018. The original English of the essay has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.