James Woolsey

Former CIA Director and MEMRI Board Member

"MEMRI is the single most important source for understanding what is happening in the Greater Middle East and what we must know to fight effectively the war on terrorism both at home and abroad."

Lt.-Gen. Vincent R. Stewart (ret.)

MEMRI Special Advisor and Chairman of Board of Advisors, Former Deputy Commander Of U.S. Cyber Command And Former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director

"I am proud to be a part of the MEMRI team and looking forward to growing MEMRI's products in the future."

Gen. Michael Hayden

MEMRI Board of Advisors member, retired United States Air Force four-star general and former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

“Since leaving government, I’ve learned that the private sector does this quite well. One excellent example is the Middle East Media Research Institute (where I am among nearly three dozen members of an unpaid board of advisers), an independent nonprofit that has built quite a reputation tracking traditional and nontraditional media in the Middle East and South Asia.”

The Washington Post

“For anyone interested in what is really happening in the Middle East, MEMRI, is utterly indispensable. Scholars, journalists and policymakers should read it daily.”


“Most of the U.S. administration’s and media information from the Arabs is now delivered from the Middle East Media Research Institute.”

Special Agent in Charge

United States Secret Service

“On behalf of the James J. Rowley Training Center, and the Secret Service, I thank you for your cooperation in this matter.”

Intelligence coordinator and law enforcement liaison

Transportation Security Administration

“I am writing to express my gratitude to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) and its ongoing work… MEMRI provides a huge resource to me personally for analyzing primary resources. The translations of video and print sources MEMRI provides are extremely helpful in this regard.”

Special Agent in Charge

U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has utilized the Middle East Media Research (MEMR) Project on many occasions augmenting the development of current intelligence trends. MEMR is an excellent venue which provides real time open source information."

Senior Advisor for Information Strategy

Office of the Secretary of Defense

“I am writing to thank you and the MEMRI organization for the priceless resources that you have placed at the disposal of those of us in the Department of Defense who are involved in the new “long war” of ideas against Islamist ideology… MEMRI provides the indispensable map to this intellectual terrain.”


Department of Defense Pentagon Force Protection Agency

“I have visited your website on numerous occasions and found your collection of videos to be very informative and very beneficial to my research.”

Senior Advisor, Defense Technology Security Administration

Assistant Secretary of Defense

“This letter is to express my appreciation for the enormous public service that MEMRI provides by translating broadcasts of radical speech around the world into several languages. Your efforts to overcome language barriers helps create a profound sense of situational awareness of those of us who seek to understand the nature and direction of established and incipient threats to western security.”

Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy

Department of Defense

“I would like to request material from MEMRI TV, to be used in Anti-Terrorism Force Protection training here at JCITA. The videos are shown in conjunction with terrorist methodology classes to DoD employees deploying to high threat areas. The videos are extremely valuable in showing terrorist tactics, techniques and procedures. MEMRI TV has done a wonderful job in compiling these videos, they add to our training immensely.”