White Supremacists And Neo-Nazis Online React To Olympic Games With Racism, Antisemitism, Single Out U.S. Gymnast Simone Biles For Abuse, Support 'Aryan' Athletes

August 5, 2021

The rescheduled 2020 Olympic Games are currently taking place in Japan and have captured the world's attention. Online, the extreme-right has responded to the games with hatred, racism, and threats of violence. Users on extremist-friendly platforms such as Telegram, Gab, and 4Chan have used the Olympics as an excuse to advance their racist, antisemitic, homophobic, and transphobic agenda, singling out athletes of color for abuse, pushing antisemitic conspiracy theories and the "great replacement" narrative, and voicing support for athletes they deem to be "Aryan."

Content includes opposition to the diversity of many of the national teams, including the U.S., with comments such as "team of Aryans from Russia takes gold... beating USA mutts" and "we need to find some way to genocide the race traitor Mulattos before we progress." Other users claimed that the Olympics were part of a Jewish conspiracy, saying: "Imagine if all these n****rs won all these events and competitions. Thank fuck they are n****rs and are drained by pushing the Jewish agenda," and "the Olympics is all fake. It developed into a 'globalist' propaganda event a long time ago."

The following report is a compilation of posts on Telegram, Gab, and 4Chan reacting to the Olympic games between July 27 and August 5, 2021.

Users React To Simone Biles Withdrawal, Mock Biles And Other Black Athletes

Multiple 4Chan users replied on July 27 to a thread on the /pol/ board. In the post, a user wrote a list of "updates" including: "Naomi Osaka, the symbol of a racemixed future for Japan gets btfo by a pretty white gal, Team USA basketball LOSES for the first time 17 years, Team USA women's soccer LOSES to a homogeneous team of blonde Nordic babes, Simone Biles – the negress gymnastics hero – withdraws citing mental health issues, and Team of Aryans from Russia takes gold in gymnastics, beating USA mutts." The user added: "Being woke eventually cripples your soul and drains your talent. If you embrace Jewish ideology you WILL fall."

A user wrote: "N****rs self-esteem is legendary but they can't overcome ambient stereotype threat... Right now n****rs are being laid plain as the number two problem facing humanity globally, and stupid as they are, as irrationally proud as they are, the hate is palpable under the big bright lights and it is causing them to choke spectacularly."

Another user wrote: "Imagine if all these n****rs won all these events and competitions. Thank fuck they are n****rs and drained by pushing the Jewish agenda."

A user replied, saying: "Yes. Mulattos have always been traitors. We need to find some way to genocide the race traitor Mulattos before we progress..."

A user commented: "if blacks are not going to be athletes anymore there is simply no reason to keep them in the country any longer. We are going to see a mass exodus/execution how are useless blacks across the world."

Users Share Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories, Call Olympics Proof Of The "Great Replacement"

On July 27, a neo-Nazi Telegram channel shared a voice message in which the channel owner – an American white supremacist currently living in Japan – claimed that the opening ceremony of the Games contained coded messages about the "great replacement," saying: "They have a Japanese female who is the penultimate bearer of the torch... hands the torch, to this black Naomi Osaka character... All these black Japanese halfs, you look at them and you would never have any idea that they were anything other than a black person... you guys realize the significance of that, right? The torch is being handed to a black female, who's going to light this ritual Olympic flame that honors these gods like Apollo that are the gods of the luciferian fallen angels. I saw that and I understood what they were doing, it was like 'oh, I see, so it's no longer your country anymore,' Japan, one of the last homogeous, nationalist, proud countries with a low crime rate that's prosperous and first world, is handing the torch over to this black female..."

On 4Chan, multiple users replied to a /pol/ forum thread titled "Why aren't whites dominating the Olympics?"

A user replied: "Can't when we have mutts larping [live action role-playing] as white/European when they are culturally n****rs / mudslime tier... we will never get anywhere. Europe must reject mutt culture."

Another user commented: "The Jews used our strongest people to kill our smartest people in countless revolutions, coups, etc. Then with Word War I and II they made our strongest people all kill eachother in endless blood waves. We are genetically spent at the moment."

Users Share Misogynistic And Transphobic Content, Call Olympics A "Tranny Fest"

A major neo-Nazi Telegram channel published on July 28 a message saying: "watching the 2021 Olympics. What a tranny fest. Share em if you got em." The channel then posted a photo of Canadian swimmer Margaret MacNeil and wrote: "Here's one." Soon after, the channel posted six more photos, this time of Simone Biles, Sha'Carri Richardson, the German women's gymnastics team, Canadian soccer player Rebecca Quinn, Chinese volleyball player Zhu Ting, and a female hammer thrower. The channel wrote "Here's the highlights," along with two vomiting emojis.

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