Terrorist-Designated Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) Reports On Group's Participation In Ukraine War, Contact With Prominent Russian Nationalist

May 20, 2022

The Christian Orthodox and fascist Russian Imperial Movement (RIM), a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity (SDGT) by the U.S. government, published several photos of prominent RIM members before their deployment in Ukraine and during the conflict. The photos, published on the movement's VK group, showed group members meeting with prominent Russian nationalist Vladimir Kvachkov prior to their deployment.

The following report details the posts on the Russian Imperial Movement's VK group showcasing members meeting with Kvachkov and their involvement in the conflict in Ukraine.

Meeting Vladimir Kvachko

On May 14, the group posted on VK a photo showing members of RIM and its militant wing, the Imperial Legion, visiting Vladimir Vasilievich Kvachko, a prominent Russian ex-military officer, nationalist, and conspiracy theorist.

The photo shows (from right to left) Imperial Legion member Alexei Antonov, Head of the Imperial Legion, Denis Valliullovich Gariev, and Retired Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov (center).

The channel wrote members met with Kvachkov immediately prior to their deployment to Ukraine. According to the channel, Kvachkov supports the mission of RIM, and believes that the ongoing war is of a holy religious nature. The post also stated that three members of the Legion were killed during a recent operation, and added that Kvachkov is a true Russian patriot, despite certain misconceptions (referring to his pro-Soviet sentiments).

The post states: "Many vestiges of the Soviet period still exist in the minds of the people. But this doesn't mean that we should reject these people. The Russian people are moving in the right direction, i.e. towards Christ, towards Holy Russia. We shouldn't hinder them, but instead help them."

RIM Posts Updates From Ukraine

On May 16, the group posted a photo of Denis Gariev (left), head of RIM's Imperial Legion, posing with another RIM member in front of a monument to 19th-century Russian statesman Petr Stolypyn, reportedly in Rovenki, Belgorod Oblast.

Denis Gariev, Head of RIM's Imperial Legion (left)

The post read: "Surprisingly, I found a monument to a real Russian nationalist and patriot of Russia only here. Also, in Rovenki there is a huge temple built in the 19th century. We were at the liturgy. Not a single serviceman. Only women. As throughout the 20th century, only they pray for the victory of Russian arms and our fallen soldiers." The went on to express hopes that there will be no fighting in Rovenki. The Russian neo-Nazi "Echo of Struggle" Telegram channel also shared the post.

On May 17, the group posted a eulogy for RIM member Denis Nekrasov, a.k.a "Dobry," who was killed fighting in Ukraine. The post stated that Nekrasov had patricipated in the war with Ukraine since 2014 as part of the Prizrak "Ghost" Brigade, and later become an important fighter of the Imperial Legion. The post read: "For us this is a war for Russia, the Russian people, the Orthodox faith. That is why I believe that Denis Nekrasov, a.k.a. 'Dobry', according to his conscience, having laid 'his life for others', will wait for us along with God. It cannot be otherwise. Heavenly kingdom to the warrior Dionysius [Denis Nekrasov's Christian Orthodox name]." Nekrasov's death was the first reported RIM casualty in this conflict.

Photo shows Denis Gariev (left) and Denis Nekrasov (right)

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