Online Neo-Nazis And Antigovernment Extremists Use Christmas To Recruit, Distribute Antisemitic Propaganda, Deny The Holocaust, And Incite Violence Against Jews Around The World

December 23, 2021

Neo-Nazi and antigovernment groups have used the upcoming Christmas holiday as a propaganda tool, using the imagery and rhetoric of Christmas to aid their recruitment efforts and build real-world connections. Prominent extremist leaders have used Christmas messages to reach new audiences, particularly through memes, podcasts, and coordinated trolling campaigns. Messages they shared on social media range from overt threats of violence to Christmas decorations and ornaments with neo-Nazi imagery and more.

Many posts focus on the perceived attack on Christmas by Jews and were followed by threats of violence against them in return.

The following report will review social media posts relating to Christmas by neo-Nazi and antigovernment groups.


Table of Contents

Neo-Nazis Threaten Violence Against Jews For Perceived Attack On Christmas. 1

White Supremacists And Neo-Nazis Blame Jews For Attack On Christmas And Glorify The Holocaust 7

Christmas Toy Drives And Gatherings Create Offline Connections For Extremists. 9

Christmas Decorations With Nazi-Inspired Imagery. 10

Assorted Christmas-Themed Posts By Extremist Groups And Individuals, Including Gift Ideas 15

Neo-Nazis Threaten Violence Against Jews For Perceived Attack On Christmas

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel forwarded on December 14 a post from a private neo-Nazi channel, which includes the text "To celebrate this KKKhirstmas, The Moon Man has returned. Let's make this KKKHIRSTMAS A WHITE ONE." Beneath the text is a graphic that shows the neo-Nazi online figure "Moon Man" dressed as Santa, pointing a gun at the Happy Merchant, with the caption, "Merry KKKhirstmas!"

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel forwarded on December 9 a post from a private neo-Nazi channel. The post features "Moon Man" dressed in a Santa outfit and holding a rifle to the head of the main character of the Christmas adult animation series, Santa, Inc.. The character, who is an elf, is kneeling next to a pit of bloody elf bodies. The word "elf" has been used by neo-Nazis online to mean "Jew," after a coordinated trolling effort against comedians Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen by 4chan users. The caption reads, "Santa's List."

On December 16, a neo-Nazi Telegram channel forwarded a post from a private neo-Nazi channel. The post features "Moon Man" dressed in a Santa outfit standing next to the elf from Santa, Inc., whose head is in a gingerbread guillotine adorned with a candy cane swastika.

Continuing the antisemitic "elf" motif, an extremist Telegram channel shared a photo on December 15 of U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, with a caption reading: "Santa's little elf." Multiple users commented on the post. One user shared a GIF of a swinging noose while another wrote, "Kike needs gas."

A neo-Nazi terror-promoting Telegram channel posted on December 1 an image from the 2018 horror film Mandy, featuring a character from the film – "Red Miller" – covered in blood. A Santa hat reading "KILL JEWS" is superimposed onto Miller's head. The caption reads, "Merry Christmas."

On Gab, a neo-Nazi re-shared an image on December 14 that they had originally shared in 2019, which shows two men who have been hanged, both wearing yellow "Jude" stars. The text on the image reads: "No Christmas Is Complete Without A Star On The Tree."

White Supremacists And Neo-Nazis Blame Jews For Attack On Christmas And Glorify The Holocaust

A white supremacist posted on December 1 on Gab stating: "Today I learned that all of the popular 'Christmas songs' we all grew up with that have nothing at all to do with Christ were all written by non-Christians. I'll give you one guess who wrote them."

In a neo-Nazi Gab group, a user shared a video on December 14 featuring a cartoon called "How the Yid Stole Christmas!" which shows the Happy Merchant as the Grinch in Santa’s sleigh.

A Gab user posted on November 28 a cartoon of an Auschwitz guard asking Santa, "Hey Santa, Why Didn't You Ever Come Here To Auschwitz During The War?" to which Santa responds, "Couldn't Find The Chimney."

Christmas Toy Drives And Gatherings Offer New Avenues For Recruitment

A white supremacist group on Gab promoted on November 7 its annual Christmas Toy Drive. The graphic in the post states that the group has been assisting needy families for over a century.

A Hungarian neo-Nazi website posted on December 7 an invitation to an event called "Children's Christmas," organized by a Hungarian neo-Nazi youth movement. The event was scheduled to take place on December 12.

Christmas Decorations With Nazi-Inspired Imagery

A user posted a photo in a white supremacist Telegram channel of six red Christmas ornaments with swastikas on December 13.

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted on December 14 a series of Christmas photos showing a wreath, cookies, and Christmas tree ornaments, all with swastikas and Nazi imagery, including a gingerbread cookie making a Roman salute.

A neo-Nazi posted a photo of Adolf Hitler and SS lightning bolt Christmas ornaments on Facebook on December 14 and wrote: "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas…see y'all in 30 because I don't give a sweet flying fuckkkkkk." The number 30 refers to a 30-day Facebook ban.

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted on December 16 a video showing a blow-up Santa Claus decoration with a swastika and wrote "Heil Xmas." The video features the German marching song "Erika" by Herms Niel.

Assorted Christmas-Themed Posts By Extremist Groups And Individuals, Including Gift Ideas

A white supremacist Telegram channel, which promotes a racist card game, announced on December 10 that although the group's website was shut down, the game can still be ordered. The image in the post features several items including "booster packs." The image also depicts an armed black man wearing a Santa hat and reads: "Because Santa might not be the only Beautiful Soul breaking into your house this Holiday Season."

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel shared on December 15 a graphic featuring a Nazi Santa giving the Nazi salute next to a Christmas tree adorned with a swastika ornament. The graphic also features the group's emblem and reads: "Merry Christmas!"


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