Nick Fuentes Embraces Kanye And Black Antisemitism, But Has Long History Of White Supremacy, Anti-Black Racism: 'Who Is Preying Upon People In the Great Cities? It's The Black People'

December 2, 2022

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In recent weeks, musician Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has made headlines around the world for his antisemitic remarks. He first drew the attention of white supremacists and journalists alike when he and political commentator Candace Owens wore "White Lives Matter" sweaters at Paris fashion week, before announcing on Twitter that he was going to "go Death Con 3" on Jews.[1] He later stormed off YouTuber Tim Poole's TimCast podcast when Poole challenged him on his antisemitic remarks about Jewish control of politics and media.

Ye's spiral into virulent antisemitism came to a dramatic climax on December 1, 2022, when he appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' live show and repeatedly praised Hitler and the Nazis, saying, "I love Nazis." Appearing alongside Ye in both his TimCast and Alex Jones appearances was 24-year-old white supremacist livestreamer Nick Fuentes, who has been accompanying Ye on his antisemitic tour on alternative media outlets across the U.S.. Fuentes, who was a prominent participant in the January 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol, has built a dedicated following of racist and antisemitic acolytes who call themselves "Groypers." Both Fuentes and his followers have regularly denied the Holocaust and called for violence against Jews.[2]

Despite his latest embrace of Ye and promotion of Black antisemitism, Fuentes has a long history of anti-Black racism. In the past years in livestreams, first on DLive and later on his CozyTV platform, Fuentes has repeatedly trafficked in stereotypes about Black Americans and called for the removal of Black communities from the United States. Fuentes' followers are in many cases fervently racist, and Groypers on Gab and other platforms have explicitly called for anti-Black violence, particularly during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests.

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The following report outlines Nick Fuentes' anti-Black racism, including statements made on Telegram and on his livestreams on the CozyTV platform.

Fuentes Expresses Anti-Black Racism

Fuentes posted on May 7, 2020 on his Telegram channel a link to a tweet that included two clips of him discussing Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man murdered by three white men while he was out jogging. In the two videos Fuentes denied that Arbery was innocently jogging, and said. "I have not seen a lot of Black joggers, I've seen a lot of Black gang activity."

During the case, white supremacists and neo-Nazis claimed that Arbery was burglarizing houses and not actually jogging. Fuentes then wrote on his Telegram channel: "Hey wait a second what is this jogger doing in my house with my tv."

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On June 27, 2020, Fuentes posted on his Telegram channel a link to an article about Somali refugees in Minneapolis and crime in the city. Fuentes argued in his post that Black people are inherently violent, no matter where they live. He wrote: "So weird— black people leave Africa and go to a black city in America and shockingly, it's just like Africa — I thought the magic soil and the magic citizenship documents would have made the Africans become like us."

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In a post on September 1, 2019, Fuentes argued that Africans in North America are the same as Africans in Africa, and that Africans are unable to assimilate into Western countries, unlike Europeans. The post read:

"Fwiw [for what it's worth] Africans have been in North America for 400 years and they're basically indistinguishable from Africans who remained in Africa. If we haven't assimilated Blacks after four centuries, assimilation does not exist...'We just have to assimilate! The new ones aren't assimilating!' An English/Germanic country can basically assimilate other Europeans like Italians and Slavs. A European country cannot assimilate Asians, American Indians, and Africans. I have yet to see the proof."

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On August 16, 2019 Fuentes published a post on his Telegram channel suggesting Africans are inherently ruthlessly violent: "My dream is that one day a shipping container full of African migrants is dropped in the middle of Michigan Avenue or some swanky street in Miami or LA and all these overly manicured alien people get literally eaten alive."

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"Nick Fuentes Out of Context," a Gab account dedicated to posting clips of Nick Fuentes, published on September 24, 2022 a video in which Nick Fuentes outlined two hypothetical scenarios. In one he described a society that is prosperous and secure but racist, while the other is a society that is dangerous and poor but without racism. Throughout the segment, Fuentes insinuates that the prosperous society does not include Black people. He ended the clip by saying that he would select the prosperous racist society and said that the United States was like this in the 19th century and will be like this in 50 years, considering "our current trajectory."

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In a clip titled "Black Crime Continues To Plague The Country," uploaded to the "AF Clips" Telegram channel on April 20, 2022, Fuentes stated: "This is a big problem. This is a story. It's playing out all across the country. A lot of Black people shooting other people. And it happened in a huge way today in the New York City subway. Black man shot 16 people, I believe. Shot 33 rounds and then ran off. And the main suspect in the shooting is a Black male. He is Black. And we'll be talking all about that tonight.

"Of course, it really doesn't matter that he's Black, but that's the reason nobody's talking about it. Because I woke up today and I saw there was a shooting, and it was sort of intriguing. They said, oh, there's a gas mask. Gas canisters going off. Shot a bunch of people. And I'm thinking, okay, riddler style, mass shooting, something like that. And everybody is very curious. And this came off the heels of the Biden press conference yesterday about ghost guns, and then it turned out to just be some regular old Black shooting, and then suddenly the media doesn't care about it."

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On July 7, 2021, former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma was arrested for refusing to appear before a state commission of inquiry into corruption. Zuma also faces 16 other charges including money laundering, racketeering, and fraud. The arrest of Zuma set off protests around the country which descended into rioting and looting, particularly in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces. Commenting on the unrest, Fuentes wrote on Gab on July 16, 2021: "Pay attention to what is happening in South Africa. That is what a minority White country looks like. That is our future. Scarcity, poverty, or tyranny are not a worst-case scenario, we are facing extermination."

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In a clip uploaded to the "AF Clips" Telegram channel on January 27, 2022, Fuentes stated: "Our featured story is about this UCLA graduate woman who was murdered by a Black guy in California... The majority of interracial crime is being committed by Blacks against whites. There's very few interracial crimes that go the other way. But you never know that because that's how the media operates as we know. And this is what's going on nationwide now. It is predation by Black people. That's who it is. That's who's doing it. That's what's going on. Let's just be honest and it goes without saying, obviously it's not every Black person and obviously not every single criminal is Black. But there is a phenomenon going on right now. There is a pattern. There is a trend. There is a national crime wave which has been talked about ever since George Floyd died. From coast to coast, in every city violent crimes are up. Police know about it, people know about it. It's on the news. Businesses know about it. America's lawless. And who is preying upon the people in the great cities? It's the Black people."

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In a clip titled "White Girl Fatally STABBED By Black Thug," uploaded to the "AF Clips" Telegram channel on January 23, 2022, Fuentes stated: "Here's a white girl all alone in this furniture store, and in walks this Black criminal. And, you know, instinctually she texts her friend, I don't care how liberal she is, people can pick this stuff up. And she says, 'I'm getting a bad vibe.' So she knows what's up. She knows a Black super predator just walked into her store and she fears for her life...

"This is the importance of talking about race. No, you can racially profile. Actually, we do know who's doing the crime. We know the color of crime. It's got nothing to do with poverty. It's got nothing to do with this or that. Who's doing the crime? Well, we see. There are mug shots on the news every single night and we know where they live and we know which neighborhoods not to drive through. And we know who we don't want to see walking down an alley late at night. We know who we don't want to see on public transportation or rear end us late at night. We know. And it's as simple as that. I'm not saying anything more than I'm saying. We all know. We all know who to be suspicious of."

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In his "America First" livestream on on November 10, 2022, Fuentes stated: "So not nine in ten Blacks are liberal, but nine in ten Blacks vote for Democrats. Why do they do that? God only knows. Why do they play the knockout game? Why do they punch white people in the street for no reason? Why do they rob five 7-11s in 30 minutes? Why do they walk around with their pants around their ankles? I don't know. I don't know. I'm not Black. So it's not my experience. It's unexplainable. But this is what they do. This is how they are. It is what it is.

"That Black vote is locked in, man. It is totally inelastic. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what they believe or who they like. It just doesn't matter. So why would we create these opportunity zones and platinum plan. Just send the military and do what must be done.  Send the military into these Black neighborhoods, make the street safe. They'll complain about it. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. They're never going to vote for us. Help them. They can't help themselves."

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In a clip titled "White People Are Treated Like Second Class Citizens In America" and uploaded to the "AF Clips" channel on Telegram, Fuentes stated: "How exactly are the black people underserved? If anything, the black people are overserved and they're getting too much. That's my opinion. I think the blacks have far too much. And same with the Hispanics and same with the women. I think we should be taking away from the blacks. I think we should be going into the black community and saying, you know what? You've had enough. No more welfare. No more Snap, no more none of that. You're on your own. No more cops. We're building a wall around the South Side of Chicago, and you can kill it out. I feel like they're overserved community. Let's start redirecting the resources back towards the white people. We're the ones that pay the taxes. Let's just be honest about it."

In describing his platform, Cozy.TV, on January 13, 2022, Fuentes said: "It's free speech. No censorship. We are anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-Black, antisemitic... That's the only way America will be the future."

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