Neo-Nazis And White Supremacists On Telegram, Twitter, Gab, Instagram, And Parler Celebrate January 6 Takeover Of U.S. Capitol Building, Issue Threats: 'START SHOOTING THROW A BOMB'; 'DEATH TO TRAITORS AND TYRANTS'

January 6, 2021

During the past several weeks, and throughout the day today, January 6, the MEMRI DTTM has been monitoring and sharing with authorities post on social media by U.S.-based extremist groups. The groups and their followers include neo-Nazis and white supremacists, accelerationists and eco-fascists, and both old, established hate organizations and new and emerging "trendy" groups. Throughout this time, the posts have included explicit death threats against political and judiciary leaders and officials, threats to kill police, threats to the Capitol, and more.

The posts in this report, all dated January 6, are by extremists on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Gab, and Parler. They specifically promote violence, call for revolution and civil war, celebrate the takeover of the Capitol, and express support for the unrest in the city and related incidents. Related social media chatter came from within Washington, D.C. and the Capitol building itself, from across the U.S., and from groups and individuals around the world.

This report presents just a sampling of the extremist content currently circulating on these platforms about today's Capitol events.


Posts Promoting Violence: "We Have Miles Of Rope For Traitors And Enemies" "START SHOOTING THROW A BOMB" "DEATH TO TRAITORS AND TYRANTS"

A white supremacist accelerationist Telegram channel reacted to Trump supporters storming the Capitol by calling for the killing of police officers, burning down the Capitol building, and hanging "some kike law makers." The channel then added: "if you're not with us, you are against us. We have miles of rope for traitors and enemies, be ready"; "Traitors first, then the kikes and followed by the ni**ers. Get out of our way"; "Burn down the Capitol building, burn down America, burn down this kike system. We will have total Aryan victory."

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted a photo of a protestor setting up gallows outside the Capitol building, adding: "I love seeing the gallows in DC."

An Instagram user posted an image of a tweet from a Representative describing sheltering in place in an office at the Capitol. Another user responded: "Lmao [laughing my ass off] good, I hope they kill you."

An eco-fascist Telegram channel responded to the news of protestors entering the Capitol building by writing: "START SHOOTING" and "THROW A BOMB THERE'S STILL TIME THAT THE Q TARDS [i.e. followers of Q anon] HAVE THE NUMBERS."


A Telegram channel shared a video reporting that one person had been shot inside the Capitol. The channel added: "Shoot back," and: "DEATH TO TRAITORS AND TYRANTS."

A neo-Nazi accelerationist channel shared an earlier post urging protestors to "exercise the second amendment," adding: "the party has just started."

A white supremacist Telegram channel wrote: "Waiting for thag [sic] first shot to really kick things off."

A neo-Nazi accelerationist Telegram channel posted a photo of armed men linked to the October 2020 plot to kidnap Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer outside the governor's office and added a message: "Patriots, do what you did in Michigan and bring your weapons. You have the will, now use your second amendment right. This is what its made for."

A white supremacist accelerationist Telegram channel reacted to the news that state troopers and the national guard were called to stop the protestors from escalating the violence in the Capitol by writing: "Do they understand? Tens of thousands of people shot their way into the capital [sic], they need a lot more than state troopers."

A white supremacist neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted a message inciting readers to fight and die: "I hope everyone has prepared as best they could. Hold your loved ones close if this is our time to fight and die then its our time. But IF we have to give these bastards our lives WE GIVE THEM HELL BEFORE WE DO!"

A white supremacist accelerationist Twitter user made a series of Tweets about the protests, urging readers to "Join the blood of the patriot and the tyrant alike," and calling for people to stand against the government, adding: "No more calls for peace, no more calls of empty deaths for your personal gain." The user encouraged readers to "spend as much blood as is needed to purchase the future you feel you deserve."

In a Gab group, a neo-Nazi Gab user called for shootings or bombings, saying that this would be an escalation: "[E]scalations are a good thing. More violence is a good thing. The peaceful process has failed. The existing order is evil, so anything that destabilizes it is good. Stability is working against us. Solve your problems with vigilante groups."

Revolution And Civil War: "Let The Games Begin! Bring On Civil War 2.0! Bring On WWIII!"

A Telegram channel posted: "January 6th will be remembered as the day the white revolution began."

A white nationalist Telegram channel wrote, "The Second American Revolution begins with the Battle of Washington DC," and added: "Mark your calendars. This day will go down in infamy."

A Ukrainian neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted a photo of a hand-written note with swastikas, saying: "For the white revolution in the united states Ukraine is with you."

A European neo-Nazi terror-promoting Telegram channel posted an image of a protestor seated in the chair of the senate with a sonnenrad ("black sun") watermark and the text "It's now or never!"

A white supremacist Telegram channel shared an image of a Tweet stating: "JUST IN – #Georgia and #Kansas capitol buildings have been stormed by protesters." The channel commented: "Liquidate the entire congress."

In another post the channel wrote: "We are not for Trump! But this is a good chance for millions of white people, this is a revolutionary situation! If this leads to a civil war it's only good!"

A Neo-Nazi welcomed the political unrest at the Capitol on his Telegram channel: "If the conservatives finally get off the leash and burn citys down. The police will be overwhelmed quickly. This could be our change if it keeps up this way."

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel reacted by writing: "Holy sh*t, never thought I'd see the day white men doing this. Let's not get too excited yet but damn it feels good. MAGA or not these are white men storming the seat of system power."

A Russian neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted a photo of pro-Trump protestors inside the Kansas Capitol building, writing in Russian and English: "Kansas is taken too! InshAllah [God willing]." Other Telegram users responded in Russian, and one posted a sticker showing George Floyd with a noose around his neck against the backdrop of the Confederate flag and the text "GOOD NIGHT NI**ER."

A white supremacist accelerationist Telegram channel posted a graphic of a white king chess piece featuring the Nazi eagle towering over a set of black pawns. The graphic reads: "Pawns will never overpower us. Quality beats quantity."

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted video depicting the purported shooting of a protestor, with text calling for civil war: "Trump supporter shot! Acceleration!  Let the games begin! Bring on civil war 2.0! Bring on WWIII! Let these pigs who protect the (((elites))) [i.e. the Jews] die the traitors death and be condemned for eternity in the ninth circle! RaHoWa [Racial Holy War]!!! Hail Omnis, Hail the New Dawn, Hail Victory!"


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