Neo-Nazis And White Supremacists React To New Department of Homeland Security Disinformation Initiative, Compare Initiative To Red Scare And Nazi Propaganda Ministry, Spread Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

May 3, 2022

On April 27, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security announced that it was creating a Disinformation Governance Board to focus on misinformation aimed at migrants. According to the announcement, the board will also monitor and prepare for Russian disinformation threats ahead of this year's midterm elections. Nina Janowicz, who has experience in researching Russian misinformation tactics and online harassment, was selected to lead the board.[1] Neo-Nazis and white supremacists on multiple social media platforms, such as Telegram, Gab, MeWe and others, have reacted to this news, with many arguing that this is an "anti-white" initiative and others calling it "Orwellian." Some also focus on the purported Jewish background of the three officials in charge of the board, Nina Jankowicz, Rob Silvers, and Alejandro Mayorkas.


Reactions On Gab Platform: The DHS Has Outlived Its Usefulness And Must Be Abolished

Numerous neo-Nazis and white supremacists on Gab reacted to news of the DHS announcement. For example, on April 29, a Gab user commented on the disinformation governance board, writing: "So, Biden's new Ministry of (Dis) Information is to be run by four jews... We are seeing the unfolding of a New Red Terror run by the same ideologues as ran the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia a century ago. This needs to be stopped in its tracks by sane Americans at once."

A white supremacist whose post was shared by white supremacist Arkansas Congressional candidate Neil Kumar, described the new governance board as a "truth ministry," writing on April 29: "With the creation of a literal truth ministry it should be clear to you that the regime is doing whatever they want with ZERO resistance. They are moving at breakneck speed, totally unimpeded and they are getting more brazen by the hour. They aren't PANICKING, they aren't worried about being 'exposed' and they don't give a FUCK about hunter's laptop. They are installing their end game, and no one is even attempting to stop them. ESPCIALLY the US military. Pray, and realize we are all in grave danger. Plan accordingly and take care of your family."

A popular neo-Nazi account stated on April 29: "When DHS was created, it was sold to the public as a way to keep foreign terrorists out of the country. Today it exists to promote open borders and false claims of domestic terrorism to garner more control for the regime." A user commented: "The DHS under Mike Chertoff, a khazarian Jew chieftain basically sold the American public though infiltration their ideas of eroding our basic civil rights."

Reactions On Stormfront Forum: "It All Boils Down To The Jews And Their Shenanigans"

On April 27, a thread was created on the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront to discuss the DHS announcement. A user wrote: "This Biden Administration whomever is running it is the most dangerous and intolerant administration ever. They want to control the narrative to cover their own crimes and back-end deals. They weaponized the DOJ against the citizens and the truth getting out."

Another user commented: "I think it all boils down to Jews and their shenanigans. They don't want people to talk about it or call them out on it."

A post by another user claimed that the name Jankowicz "sounds Jewy to me." The user added: "As do many of the Agitprop Apparatchiks in the Judaized Department of Homeland Security, including Alejandro Mayorkas, Alan D. Cohn, Jen Easterly (Koch), Jonathan E. Meyer, Robert P. Silvers, Samantha Vinograd etc... With so many other current and former Jews infesting the NKVD-like DHS such as former secretary Michael Chertoff, it may as well be called the Jewish supremacist Department of Homeland Security. It appears that many of the United States Department of Homeland Security officials are Jewish influenced, Kosher-certified and tribally affiliated."

In another post, the user added: "Ever notice who the smirking and smug Antarian Jew is to the right of the Shabbos goy Biden in the first video below entitled Joe-Biden 'Whites will be an ABSOLUTE Minority in America- That's a Source of Our STRENGTH?' It appears to be none other than disinformation specialist and professional liar Alejandro Mayorkas, who was later appointed United States secretary of homeland security. This is the same hateful anti-White Jew that is feverishly working to see 'diversity' continue to negatively affect White demographics and to euphemistically make America stronger by making Whites an even lesser absolute minority. How will Alejandro Mayorkas and his ilk continue to make America stronger by decimating the White population, and when do the gulags, purges and re-education camps for Whites who are self-preservation-minded get implemented, Comrade Mayorkas?"

On April 30, a neo-Nazi Telegram channel shared a meme which mocked the new DHS disinformation board. The top part of the meme shows DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas with the text: "The Bottom Is What We Need. Disinformation Governance Board." The bottom part of the meme shows chief Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels with the text: "Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment. But The Top Is What We Got."

Neo-Nazi Sites Gamer Uprising, Daily Stormer, Info Stormer, Renegade Tribune Comment On Governance Board

A neo-Nazi website published an article on April 28 titled, "DHS Launches Board to Police Speech on the Internet," that states: "Some crazy bitch who may or may not be Jewish has been put in charge of this. She sounds quite pleased that she will be in charge of policing speech on the Internet. She also has strange links to Ukraine… They obviously won't be policing disinformation. These people are the very source of disinformation so that would require them policing themselves. What they will be doing is going after people who expose all the ZOG lies and they will then claim that the people who are speaking the truth are the ones spreading disinformation. It's not going to work. These people are too incompetent to make it work. They are feebly trying to prop up a collapsing empire that is based around unnatural and evil things."


A neo-Nazi outlet published an article on April 28 titled: "Biden Administration Announces New DHS Speech Police Headed by Unhinged SJW [Social Justice Warrior] Woman." The article discussed the new Department of Homeland Security initiative and speculated about whether Nina Jankowicz is Jewish.

On May 5, another neo-Nazi outlet published an article titled, "The People Behind DHS's Orwellian 'Disinformation Governance Board,'" which has an editor's note reading: "Many of the people you will read about in this article, such as Mayorkas and Jankowicz are jewish, of course, but that's just a cohen-cidence I am sure." According to the article, "News about the new taxpayer-supported agency was released to the American public by Alejandro Mayorkas during the House Appropriations Subcommittee as the 2023 budget for the Department of Homeland Security was discussed. This came about after Representative Lauren Underwood (?) asked Mayorkas what he was going to do to combat 'misinformation campaigns' aimed at people who aren't white."

In a YouTube livestream broadcast on April 28, a prominent white supremacist streamer discussed the new disinformation initiative, comparing it to Soviet Russia and Communist China. He lambasted Republican critics who called the initiative Orwellian, asserting that it is instead "anti-white."


[1], April 28, 2022.

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