Neo-Nazis And White Supremacists Mark Christmas By Freely Posting On Telegram, VK, And Parler: Promoting Violence, 'Dreaming Of A White Christmas,' And Wishing Jews 'Happy Holocaust'

December 23, 2020

On Telegram, Parler, and VK, neo-Nazis from the U.S., U.K., France, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Brazil, and northern Europe are celebrating Christmas with images of Auschwitz in the snow, Santa Claus giving the Nazi salute, and swastikas etched on frosted windowpanes. Posts feature weapons, promote violence, lionize perpetrators of neo-Nazi and white supremacist attacks, and reiterate the "dreaming of a white Christmas" of the popular Christmas song. Other posts promote violent neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations such as the Atomwaffen Division (AWD), the Ku Klux Klan, and the Nordic Resistance wish Jews a "Happy Holocaust," and feature Nazi imagery – Hitler, swastika Christmas decorations, Nazi salutes, and more.

You must be subscribed to the MEMRI Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor (DTTM) to read the full report. Government and media can request a copy by writing to [email protected] with the report title in the subject line. The following sample will review posts from Telegram, VK, and Parler.

Posts Featuring Weapons, Violence, And Attackers

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel shared on December 21, an image featuring Moon Man[1] dressed in a Santa Claus outfit, holding an assault rifle. Around him, in the snowy landscape, are bloody caricatures of black people. Text on the post reads: "Ho Ho Ho n**ger!"

On December 5, a neo-Nazi Channel posted a cartoon of Moon Man dressed in Christmas colors lynching a black man. The text reads: "Hang yourself a little fucking shitskin."

A neo-Nazi Channel posted a graphic featuring a Christmas tree and a stuffed animal snake with bowl-cut hairstyle, a reference to Dylann Roof, who in June 2015, shot and killed nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, and a headband that reads: "Kill Jews" eating "world peace." The image reads: "Happy Holidays, TOTALN**GERDEATHXMAS." Again, both instances of the letter H are in bold font, indicating the coded message "Heil Hitler."

On December 7, a neo-Nazi Channel posted a graphic featuring a river of blood running through a snow-covered forest. Text on the graphic reads "Happy Holidays." Both instances of the letter H, which also stand for "Heil Hitler," are in bold.

"Dreaming Of A White Christmas"

A neo-Nazi Channel posted, on December 3, a graphic featuring a vintage-style image of a white couple looking out a window, with the man drawing a swastika in the frost on the glass. The caption reads: "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas."

On December 18, a neo-Nazi Channel shared a graphic of a swastika snowflake and the words: "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, Just Like The Ones I Used To Know!" The image includes a totenkopf wearing a Santa hat and the words: "MERRY KIKEMAS!"

A neo-Nazi Channel shared, on December 13, a video featuring a snowman resembling a KKK member holding a noose. There is a speech bubble above the figure with the text "#WhiteChristmas." In the background is a metal remix of "Frosty the Snowman."

On December 22, a neo-Nazi channel shared a photo of Adolf Hitler with two men dressed as Santa Claus as well as other Nazis. On Santa is handing Hitler a plaque, likely as a gift. The caption reads "HH" which stands for "Heil Hitler."

"Happy Holocaust!" – Posts Referring To "Kikes," Auschwitz, And Jews Generally

A neo-Nazi channel shared, on December 18, a graphic featuring Santa Claus giving the Nazi salute in front of a pile of corpses. In the bottom left corner is a swastika over a blood stain, and the text "Happy Ho-holocaust!" The caption reads "HH," which stands for "Heil Hitler" and "Happy Holidays."

On December 12, a neo-Nazi channel shared a graphic forwarded from a user featuring a snowy landscape and a decorated Christmas tree with the text: "Happy Holocaust You Fucking Kikes." The Os in "Holocaust" are replaced with stars of David.

A neo-Nazi channel shared, on December 19, a photo featuring two ornaments, one reading "Sieg Heil" and the other with a swastika. The caption reads "Happy Holocaust!" with a Christmas tree emoji.

On December 20, A neo-Nazi channel shared a photo featuring a swimming pool at Auschwitz with snow in the background. The graphic features the text "From the Auschwitz swimming team Happy Holocaust." At the bottom of the post is a pin drop and the text "Auschwitz Military Hospital." A Totenkopf wearing a Santa hat is in the top right corner. The caption reads "Happy Holocaust."

A neo-Nazi channel shared, on December 20, a photo featuring a snow globe with an image of Auschwitz inside. On the snow globe is the text "Shower Time."

On December 18, a neo-Nazi channel shared a video showing the train tracks leading to Auschwitz, with a Santa hat on the entrance tower. The song "White Christmas" is playing in the background.

A neo-Nazi channel shared, on December 21, a black and white graphic featuring an oven with a burning Star of David inside. The graphic includes the text "Oh the Weather outside is Frightful... But the Fire is so DELIGHTFUL" as well as "ARBEIT MACHT FREI [work sets you free]," a phrase that appeared over the gate of Auschwitz. In the corner is an image that reads a "MERRY KIKEMAS!" and shows a Totenkopf wearing a Santa hat from the defunct fascist forum

On December 16, a neo-Nazi channel shared a graphic of the violence-promoting white supremacist Moon Man figure in a Santa Claus-like bathrobe, against the backdrop of a Christmas tree, with three blood-covered heads of the "Happy Merchant"[2] hanging from the mantel. The room also has portraits of Adolf Hitler and of George Lincoln Rockwell, late founder and early leader of the American Nazi Party, who has the words "White Christmas" written next to him. Text on the graphic reads: "Happy Holidays!"

Posts Featuring Hitler, Swastikas, And Other Nazi And Neo-Nazi Imagery

A neo-Nazi channel shared, on December 10, a photo of a man giving a Nazi salute in front of a Christmas tree in a mall, claiming that the photo is of a national socialist from Lviv, Ukraine.

A neo-Nazi channel wished a Merry Christmas to a variety of other neo-Nazi channels, with a graphic featuring a Nazi Santa-Claus giving the Nazi salute, and a Christmas tree topped by a star featuring Hitler and decorated with Christmas tree balls featuring the profile pictures of various "superb channels" on Telegram.

On December 21, a neo-Nazi channel shared a red and green graphic featuring a saluting Adolf Hitler, three Nazi flag banners, a branch of cranberries, and string lights. The graphic's text reads "Have a Heily jolly Christmas." The caption reads "And when you walk down the street... Say HH to friends you know... And everyone you meet."

A neo-Nazi channel posted, on December 16, a holiday message: "Remember lads, as we go through the Christmas season, 'Happy Holidays' is code for Heil Hitler!" The post was shared by several prominent neo-Nazi channels.

On December 18, a neo-Nazi channel shared a photo of a poster surrounded with Christmas tree lights featuring a swastika and the text "MERRY CHRISTMAS PRAISE WHITE JESUS."

A neo-Nazi shared, on December 14, several photos on VK of Nazi-themed Christmas ornaments. Some of the ornaments have swastikas and one has an image of Adolf Hitler. Adolf Benito stated that he purchased these decorations several years ago on Amazon. In another comment he shared a link to the website, where similar ornaments are sold.

On December 9, a neo-Nazi channel shared an image featuring Adolf Hitler bending down to Pepe the Frog,[3] who is wearing a Santa hat. The image is an altered version of a well-known photo of Hitler feeding a fawn. In the background is a building adorned with two Nazi banners. The caption reads "<3 u [love you] Hitler."

[1] "Moon Man" is a nickname for Mac Tonight, a character that originally appeared in a 1980s McDonald's commercial and has since been used in violent and antisemitic rap videos uploaded to the Internet.

[2]The Happy Merchant caricature depicting a hook-nosed Jewish man rubbing his hands together in glee, which appears very widely in antisemitic messaging.

[3]Pepe the Frog is a cartoon frog that neo-Nazis and white nationalists, among others, use in their messaging.

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