Neo-Nazis And White Supremacists Call To Hang, Shoot General Mark Milley For Treason On Extremist Platforms Such As Gab

September 29, 2023

General Mark Milley, appointed the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff in 2018, announced that he would step down from the position on September 29.[1]

In response to the end of Milley’s time as the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, neo-Nazis and white supremacists have taken to social media. Numerous extremists on Gab, Gettr, 4Chan, Rumble, and Telegram posted threats, calling for Milley to be hanged or shot. They also stated that they have “rope” ready, wished for him to go to GITMO, and expressed their desire to see him and other U.S. Government employees “swinging.” Others stated that he was a “traitor." Users on Gab also circulated the conspiracy that Milley had been taken to GITMO.

The following report is a compilation of extremist reactions pertaining to Milley on Gab, Rumble, Telegram, Gettr, and 4chan.

Extremists Call For Milley To Be Killed, Call Him A ‘Traitor’

A Neo-Nazi Gab user posted September 24 to his Gab account a message reading: "Milley is a faggot, therefore he is good for nothing and should be purged on that basis. In the US the military is subject to civilian control. Trump should have purged every officer who refused to obey his orders, and had a few shot for treason."

A Gettr user threatened on September 25 Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, writing: "Line this buffoon up against a wall to face a firing squad. Look at the clowns cowardly record.. Emasculating the fighting forces and giving the Taliban 70 billion in new weapons after running like a coward from Afghanistan." The user added: "You will need an extra strong rope for the noose the medals alone weigh 60 kilograms."

On the 4chan thread “EXECUTION FOR TRASON AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC,” a user with an American flag icon wrote: “i remember when Milley called China to warn them. There has been treason all over, top to bottom, red corner and blue corner and especially the military. Gitmo wont hold them all and the gubbamint cant run if we took them all out at once. Is this plan to clean the gubbamint up like a 10+ year plan just letting the crooks silently and quietly resign and step down at reelection time, and eventually we clean the swamp? I sure wish it went a little faster and we got a big breath of hopium.”

Another user added: “Milley is a traitor and will be handed before too long.”

A third user wrote: “A lot more than Milley need to be executed for treason. Bankers financing US destruction, Representatives, Senators, Governors, Judges, District Attorneys, Lawyers, Military such as Milley, CIA, FBI, Other government agencies pushing for US downfall, Others. Gotta be at least 10,000 people that need to get whacked.”

On Gab a user posted on September 27 a message about Milley’s replacement writing: “Pay Attention to the NEW JOINT CHIEF OF STAFF that's replacing General Milley. I think our military is going from an 8 of 10 on the evil WOKE side to a 9 of 10 scale. The released video of this guy's mind is going to drive more out of the military. Soon, only people to serve will be the LBGTQ+abcdefg's. No straight men will enlist. Nobody white will want to serve. America is intentionally being destroyed from within.”

Another Gab user posted on September 27 an image featuring Milley with “TRAITOR” written on his forehead with accompanying text claiming he’s a “traitor.” A user replied: “Yes, he is a traitor. He needs to be arrested, tried and convicted an then hung!”

On Gab a user posted on September 26 a message reading: “Why Gen. Mark Milley should be court-martialed The most egregious examples of treasonous subversion by a commissioned officer since Benedict Arnold!”

On Gab, a U.S. Air Force veteran called for Milley to be hanged.

[1], September 27, 2023.

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