Neo-Nazi Streamer 'Gypsy Crusader' AKA Paul Miller, Known For Racially Abusing Minorities, Faces 30 Years In Prison; Claimed His Arrest Would Advance Accelerationism; In Response, White Supremacists And Neo-Nazis Show Support And Fundraise Via Bitcoin Online

July 1, 2021

New Jersey-born and Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Paul Miller, aka Gypsy Crusader, is a prominent neo-Nazi with over 50,000 followers across various social media platforms. He is known for his personas as "the Joker," the "Racist Riddler," and others on the random video-chat platform Omegle. During his interactions on the site, many of them with children, Miller spouted racist, antisemitic, and neo-Nazi rhetoric, and racially abused members of minorities. Miller also sold neo-Nazi patches to customers around the world and solicited funds using Zelle, Cash App, Venmo, and Bitcoin after PayPal and Patreon kicked him off their platforms.

Miller in his Joker persona on Omegle telling a Jewish teen to "get back in the oven" – March 1, 2021

During the January 6 riot at the Capitol, Miller encouraged his online followers to "fight and die," and expressed his hopes for societal collapse. He has also been vocally anti-police and has had a long history of harassing and verbally abusing black people, Jews, the LGBTQ+ community, and other nonwhites both online and in person, and has gained notoriety in extreme-right circles for these stunts.

On March 2, 2021, the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Miller at his home in Fort Lauderdale for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. His previous criminal record stemmed from a conviction for aggravated assault and the manufacture and distribution of drugs in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

Miller maintained social media accounts on numerous platforms. A user posting on Miller's behalf announced that contributions towards Miller's legal fees could be donated via Bitcoin wallet, Cash App, PayPal, or a Venmo business account. Many followers across platforms such as Telegram, Gab, VK, and 4Chan have reacted to Miller's arrest.

On June 22, 2021, Miller pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and one count of possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. He faces a maximum 30-year prison sentence. Following his plea agreement, neo-Nazis and white supremacists reacted on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Telegram, and VK. Some showed support for Miller and claimed he was being unfairly prosecuted for his political views, while others mocked him, claiming it was his fault for displaying weapons on his livestreams, as a convicted felon.

The MEMRI DTTM team has been monitoring Miller's online presence since 2020, documenting his neo-Nazi, racist, and anti-LGBTQ+ activities online. In the aftermath of his arrest and plea, the team has also been monitoring reactions from white supremacists and neo-Nazis across various social media platforms. This report will cover previous DTTM research on Miller, including his promotion of accelerationism; sale of neo-Nazi patches; incitement of violence during the January 6 riot at the Capitol; anti-police rhetoric; excerpts from some of his racist, antisemitic, and anti-LGBTQ+ Omegle videos; videos of Miller verbally attacking black people on the street in Florida; and reactions from white supremacists and neo-Nazis online following his plea agreement.

To view the MEMRI DTTM clip compiling Paul Miller's Omegle video chats, click here or below.



Posts Prior To His Arrest Claiming That Were He To Be Arrested It Would Help Accelerationism

Prior to his arrest, Miller claimed that were he to be arrested it would help the accelerationist white supremacist movement. In a recorded video, date unknown, of a conversation Miller had with a stranger on Omegle, he explained: "There's nothing that they can do, you know why? If they do something to me it only causes more acceleration. Let's say tomorrow they come and arrest me...I have a big following, it's gonna get out in the news, people are gonna know who I am, it's gonna help the cause. It's gonna cause more acceleration. Yes, I am more useful not in jail, but if I go to jail... it doesn't hurt the cause, it only helps. So if they're gonna do it, they're only hurting themselves."

He continued: "When Instagram kept banning me and more people kept finding out who I am because they kept banning me. It only backfires... Let's say the feds come and get me. They don't kill me, they arrest me. I get my name out there... There's nothing they could really charge me with because I'm not doing anything illegal."

He added that that an arrest like this could assist with a future hypothetical political campaign, should he run, because he could expose the authorities as corrupt.

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Miller wrote on one of his accounts in late 2020: "Thank you all for your support I couldn't continue to do this without all of you. If anything ever happens to me I know you all will carry on and someone else will help the movement. Nothing can stop what's coming for them not the FBI not the media not big tech censorship. The day of the rope is coming."[1] It is not clear to whom the "them" in this post refers.

Selling Neo-Nazi Merchandise Online, Accepting Payment Via Cryptocurrency

Prior to his arrest, Miller shared a video on promoting the sale of neo-Nazi patches via his Telegram and Instagram accounts, and that international shipping was available. He said that payment was accepted via PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App.

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In early 2021 one of Miller's accounts wrote that his neo-Nazi patches were still available, and that they could be purchased via email and sending payment through Miller's Cashapp, Venmo business account, or Zelle. It added that payments could also be made via Bitcoin. He also provided a list of shipping costs to France, Spain, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Russia.

Miller's Venmo business account remains active at the time of writing.

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Incitement During The January 6 Capitol Riot And Anti-Police Posts

On January 6, Miller posted a message inciting his followers to "fight and die": "I hope everyone has prepared as best they could. Hold your loved ones close if this is our time to fight and die then its our time. But IF we have to give these bastards our lives WE GIVE THEM HELL BEFORE WE DO!"

Later that day he posted welcoming the riot at the Capitol, saying: "If the conservatives finally get off the leash and burn citys down. The police will be overwhelmed quickly. This could be our chance [i.e., for societal collapse] if it keeps up this way."

Miller has also created videos and posts featuring anti-police statements. In one post he wrote: "White cops who stay on the force are traitors to their race."

Racist, Antisemitic, And Anti-LGBTQ+ Omegle Clips

The MEMRI DTTM team has reported on numerous Omegle clips recorded by Miller featuring him yelling racist, antisemitic, and anti-LGBTQ+ slurs as well as promoting white supremacist rhetoric and National Socialist views at unsuspecting individuals, many of whom are members of minorities and/or children.

Miller shared an Omegle clip in which he speaks against the backdrop of a large black and white swastika flag. Interacting with an unsuspecting white man, he threatens to "gas all the Jews and hang all the n****rs."


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On numerous occasions, Miller used Omegle to verbally and racially abuse Asians. In one instance he shared an Omegle clip featuring an exchange with an Asian woman in which he asks her: "What are you? Are you a chink? Are you a jap? What are you? Are you a bat soup person? A Kung flu?" The woman attempts to explain to him the best way to ask about a person's ethnicity, but Miller ignores her, saying: "If I throw pots and pans in the air, is it going to sound like your fucking name?"

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Miller's channel shared another Omegle clip, in it, Miller, in a skull mask and Nazi armband, spoke with a teen boy who identified himself as Jewish. Miller coaxed the boy into sharing his Snapchat account so that his followers would know the boy's name and address, and they proceeded to post that information in the stream. One user wrote: "Kill that f*ggot kike and put his head on a steak [sic]." Once Miller sees on the live chat that his followers have successfully gotten the desired information: "You guys got it? You guys got it? We got it, bye," before abruptly ending the video call. He then says to his followers: "I was just trying to keep him talking till you guys got it. You guys got him? Go to work guys."

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Miller shared a livestream of an Omegle chat in which he asked a girl whether she was Jewish. She nods, and he responds: "Get back in the oven, Jew," before pulling out a prop gun that released a flag reading "GAS THE JEWS" in the red, black, and white of the Nazi flag. He then shows her the Nazi flag on his wall, saying: "What do you think of this, bitch?" He then says: "Let's put you in the gas chamber, what do you think?" right before she signs off the call.

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In another exchange on Omegle, Miller verbally abused a young black girl, asking her "What are you, half black, half n**ger?" He ended the video by stating: "Face the wall ni**er!" and pretended to fire a gun, exclaiming: "Boom, you're dead!"

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In one Omegle clip of Miller he asks a young teen whether their parents were aware of their "degenerate behavior" – i.e. sexuality. Showing a Nazi flag, Miller asks what teen thinks about it and the teen responds that Miller will "never find love and will die alone." Throughout the exchange Miller is holding a pistol that he sometimes waves at the camera.

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Shouting Racist Slurs At Black People In Florida And Posting The Incidents Online

In February 2021, Miller shared videos he filmed of himself yelling racial slurs at black people in parking lots in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

One video, titled "N**ger encounters," showed Miller calling a black man "n**ger" repeatedly and threatening to "beat his ass."

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Reactions To Miller's Plea Agreement: Many Supporting Miller, Others Arguing That He Is Being Targeted For His Political Views,

Miller's fans have posted supportive messages following reports about his plea agreement. Some users posted contact and visiting information for him in prison. On various social media platforms, other white supremacists and neo-Nazis claimed that Miller had been imprisoned for the racist videos he posted online. Some claimed that the weapons charges were manufactured, and that the FBI may have "set up" Miller. Some users argued that Miller's lawyer, whom they claim is Jewish, is to blame.

In one chat, a user wrote that Miller had helped him and added that he hopes to send him mail and prays for him regularly adding that he has helped shape history. Concluding the user wrote: "That being said, fuck the n****rs and kikes who screen mail and censor life itself. Burn in hell n****rs."

Another user wrote that Miller needs visitors in prison and shared a link and a screenshot providing information on inmate visitation.

A prominent neo-Nazi commentator shared a link to an article about Miller and argued that Miller was being prosecuted for "hate speech."

A Neo-Nazi user claimed: "Speaking mean things on the internet apparently will get you 30+ on prison" blaming the Zionist Occupation government for Miller's arrest.

One user shared a link to a petition calling for Miller's release.

An Australian neo-Nazi commentator shared a screenshot of an article about Miller's arrest and wrote there needs to be a "White Revolution" to counter "Jewish pollution." Another user commented Miller is a political prisoner."

[1] The Day of the Rope" is an event described in the 1978 classic of white supremacist and neo-Nazi literature The Turner Diaries by William Luther Pierce, about a civil war between "the Organization," a white supremacist insurgency, and the Jewish-controlled "System," i.e., the U.S. government. On the "day of the rope," white supremacists massacre Jews and blacks as well as "race traitors," including federal officials and white women who have had relations with nonwhites.

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