Neo-Nazi And White Supremacist Reactions To Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan – Part I: In U.S. And Internationally, Expressions Of Support, Praise For 'Based' Taliban, And Calls To Emulate Them – Including By Taking Over Western Governments

August 17, 2021

White supremacists and Neo-Nazis on social media have responded to the evolving situation in Afghanistan, generally reacting positively and expressing support for the Taliban. While many have offered caveats re-asserting their opposition to Islam, generally users have cheered the Taliban victory as a defeat of liberal values, U.S. hegemony and perceived Jewish influence, and have expressed pleasure at the group's violent fundamentalism, particularly as relates to women and the LGBTQ community. Other users have warned that the Taliban's victory will lead to increased immigration from the region, with new refugees seeking asylum in the United States or Europe.

The following is an excerpt from a longer report featuring a collection of posts from white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups and individuals on Gab, Telegram, Twitter, 4Chan, Gamer Uprising and extreme-right forums reacting to the Taliban's recent victories in Afghanistan.

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Neo-Nazis Cheer The Defeat Of The U.S, "ZOG" And The Liberal World Order , Call The Taliban 'God Fearing Men'

American white nationalist political commenter Nick Fuentes praised the Taliban in a Telegram post. He shared a photo of Taliban leader Maulana Abdul Ghani on his, which has been circulating on the internet. Fuentes wrote "Whitepilled again." He added: "The Taliban is a conservative, religious force, the US is godless and liberal. The defeat of the US government in Afghanistan is unequivocally a positive development."

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An Australian neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted about the Taliban victory and referred to the Taliban as the "rightful leaders of Afghanistan," writing that he "could not help but smile." He also mentioned that he worked in Afghanistan in some form, "may God forgive me for my time in that land imposing the will of the kike." In the comments, another user wrote: "It is glorious to see the Amerimutt zogbot golems get defeated." Another user added: "Fuck yeah, it's excellent news. I can't wait to see executions of trannies and faggots and (((activists)))."

A post made in a white supremacist Telegram channel conveyed support for the fact that the Taliban were "god-fearing men." The post states: "I know an Afghani guy who is NOT a fan of the Taliban, and I totally get it. But it's awfully nice to see the evil Globalist American Empire defeated by God-fearing men."

Neo-Nazis Express Support for Taliban, Hope That Extremists In The West Will Emulate Group's Success

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted about the Taliban and argued that if white supremacists had the same courage they could achieve similar successes. The channel wrote: "I think Islam is poisonous. […] BUT, these farmers and minimally trained men fought to take their nation back from globohomo. They took back their government, installed their national religion as law, and executed dissenters. […] If white men in the west had the same courage as the Taliban, we would not be ruled by jews currently." The channel later added: "Just to clarify: I do not support any non white nations. […] I enjoy seeing the US ZOG get BTFO [blown the fuck out] by religious extremists."

In an antisemitic Gab group a neo-Nazi user wrote that the Taliban should serve as an example for fighting against Jews and the U.S. government "The Taliban just gave the world an example of how defeat ZOG:GloboHomo: refuse its banking system, resist liberal democracy and defend your culture to the death. Stay armed and fight them in the fucking streets and mountains. Be prepared to skip a few baths and settle in for a long war of attrition."

A pro-Taliban and neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted a message calling for white Americans to fight the government in the same way the Taliban fought the U.S., saying: "The time for making small cut deals is over for you in your life. you are now an extremist, and Aryan JEEHADIST. you now have to act like the Taliban did….. I use the Taliban as an example because they are like you and I, they had to put up with so much from the (((United States))) forever … we are in America's own backyard as stranded Aryans in this empire of decay, and have to rebel against mask mandates, vaccines, and more that haven't required the use of arms (yet?). They have died on literal hills for the sake of refusing to become an israeli agent satellite state, we must die on the hill of anti-societal conformity and live as outlaws, just as they have. For the time is coming, it came for them, it will come for us. are you ready?"

A British neo-Nazi Telegram channel posted a video from the recent events in Afghanistan showing Afghans trying to escape the country and get on a plane out of Kabul airport. The channel wrote: "This but Guardian journalists, BBC presenters and politicians trying to get the last plane out of Heathrow.....just imagine it lads...."

Neo-Nazis Celebrate Taliban's Anti-LGBTQ And Misogynist Violence, Support Violent Fundamentalism

An anonymous British user on 4Chan's /pol/ forum posted a picture of a page in a book which outlined the Taliban's hardline stance on women and women's rights, including rules that state "you will not, under any circumstance, show your face… if you do not, you will be severely beaten," and "you will not paint your nails. If you do, you will lose a finger." The 4Chan post asked, "well /pol/, do you agree?"

In response an American user said "Maybe they're not so bad after all." Another American poster sad "Pretty based but I'm not 100% sold on no school at all. I don't want my wife to be a complete retard."

In response to a specific line in the text that prohibited women laughing in public, a Canadian user said: "I can't stand the sound of a whores in public laughing, mainly because they laugh at ungodly things. It's not the laugh of a mother playing with her child, it’s the laughter of a harlot laughing about perverted, immoral, or material things. The only one I agree with [sic] is cutting off fingers. Law or not, if someone else mutilated my wife or daughter I would kill them. Even if it was the damned jungle."

A white supremacist Telegram channel posted a screenshot of a MailOnline article titled, "Gay men will be crushed to death by pushing a WALL onto them as part of nationwide return to Sharia law in Afghanistan under the Taliban, one of the Islamist group's judges reveals." The channel commented on the article, writing: "As it should be in white nations. Destroy degeneracy wherever you find it."

White Supremacists Warn Taliban Victory Will Lead to More Immigration And Refugees From Afghanistan

On a neo-Nazi forum a user posted an article discussing the Afghan refugees that may be coming to Western countries now that the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan.

Users commented negatively writing "Now, the Afghan scum will be heading here," and "We're gonna get all the boy fuckers AKA US allies in Afghanistan. Because the Taliban are going to cut their heads off like they used to." Other users suggested that the Afghan refugees should be sent to Israel instead, "Send them all to Israel. Jews need to embrace diversity," "Exactly! Before israel gets even a penny of western funds, it needs to take in it's share of refugees. No double standards, fair as fair."


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