MEMRI DTTM: Neo-Nazis And White Supremacists On Social Media In Lead-Up To Inauguration Day – Part III: Calls For War And Revolution, Threats To Political Figures, Sharing Of Bombmaking Manuals; 'Bullets Gonna Fly'; 'The Black Flag Will Fly Above The Dome,' 'CIVIL WAR WILL START' January 20

January 15, 2021

Over the past several weeks, throughout the Capitol riots, and the MEMRI DTTM has been monitoring and sharing with authorities posts on social media by U.S.-based extremist groups and individuals. The posts include explicit death threats against political and judiciary leaders and officials, threats to kill police, threats to the Capitol, and more. The posts in this report, which are from January 8-13, are by neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and accelerationists[1] on Telegram, Twitter, VK, a militia forum, 4chan, and Minds.

The posts call for war, revolution, and violence in general, and discuss sustained guerilla war, recommending weapons, tactics, and targets – specifically political figures – and events planned for January 16-20, 2021, including Inauguration Day. They include death threats against anyone helping authorities identify individual protestors, and also share materials such as bombmaking manuals.

This report, which is a follow-up to the MEMRI DTTM January 6[2] and January 7[3] reports on neo-Nazis and white supremacists discussing these matters on social media, presents a sampling of the extremist content currently circulating on these platforms in the run-up to Inauguration Day. The full report includes the following sections:

  • Posts Referring To Events Set For January 16-20, 2021, Including Inauguration Day

  • Posts Sharing Bombmaking Manuals And Recommending Weapons, Targets, Tactics, Practices, Organization, And Ideology For Guerilla War

  • Posts About Offline Organization And Preparations

  • Threats To And Mentions Of Specific Political Figures – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Congressman Brad Schneider From Illinois, Vice President Mike Pence, Vice President Elect Kamala Harris, President Elect Joe Biden, Michigan State Representative Cynthia Johnson, Secret Service Agent

  • Posts Calling For Violence In General

  • Police And Police Investigations

  • Posts Calling For War

  • Posts Calling For Revolution – "Substations; Railroad Tracks; Water Treatment Plants [Are] All Relatively Unguarded"; "Seizing The Food Supply Is Realistically The Only Way The System Will Ever Be Overthrown"

  • Mass Suspension Of Telegram Accounts

  • Posts Focusing On January 6 Capitol Takeover

  • Posts Including Nazi Imagery


Posts Referring To Events Set For January 16-20, 2021, Including Inauguration Day

A Telegram channel shared on January 9 a Parler post that claims "Many of Us will return on January 19, 2021 carrying Our weapons, in support of Our nation's revolve, to which the world will never forget!!! We will come in numbers that no standing army or police agency can match. However, the police are NOT Our enemy unless they choose to be!" The channel adds: "Buckle your belts fellas; this dude was responsible for organizing the Capitol riots and is now calling for all out Civil War on Jan 19."

On January 8, a 4chan user wrote: "So many are ready and willing to spill leftist blood. Not all will he successful. But many will succeed. 1/20/21 will forever be known as Kill As Many Leftists As You Can Day (KAMLAYCD). Never forget."

A Telegram channel posted on January 8 an image that shows two assault rifles, a shield with the number one on it and the words "MILLION MILITIA MARTCH JANUARY 20, 2021 WASHINGTON, D.C." The channel reads: "The Trumpists will be keeping DC and the military busy on the 20th as you can see. Meanwhile the lizards homes all across the country should be open for more professional ops. See pinned message."

Responding in a thread about the Capitol riots, a user on 4chan posted that they had attended and would be returning on January 20 and would conduct violent acts: "I was there and I will be going again on Jan 20th. These traitors doubled down and gave us a martyr. Big mistake. Million militia march and Ashli Babbit Memorial in DC on January 20th. We do NOT come in Peace..."

In the same thread, another user wrote: "Bullets gonna fly on the 20th."

An 8kun user wrote, in response to a January 9 post, that Ashli Babbit will be "avenged on January 20" adding that "This is not a threat, I am just stating a fact. People are mad as fuck."

On January 8, an 8kun user posted an image of the Capitol building with four stars representing the four killed protestors and an outline of a woman representing Babbit with a drop of blood adding: "This is the flag of the new MAGA movement. Either Trump is a traitor or the video is a deepfake and Trump is dead. Either way, he is no longer here to hold us back. The black flag will fly above the dome. Tyrants' blood will flow." Another 8kun user reiterated: "On January 20th, the black flag will fly above the dome."

Another 8kun user responded on January 8 adding: "Rented the car today. Ill be there. Heavily fucking armed and looking forward to a peaceful, legal, constitutional, protest."

Another 8kun user posted, on January 9, a poster reading "Refuse To Be Silenced" demanding for "freedom" and to "end the corruption" by having an armed march on Capitol Hill and in all state capitals on January 17. The user wrote: "This time there wont be any standing down. Guerrilla squads are already getting prepared to storm the federal reserve and other buildings in the surrounding area including the Capital and White House." The poster then explicitly writes: "Do NOT come on the 17th if you are not ready to die. This will end in bloodshed and if you are not willing to give your life for the constitution and for the good of the future then do not show up." On January 9, an 8kun user responded: "But we are in the throes of a coup anon surely violence is justified maybe even obligatory."

A Telegram channel shared a screenshot of text reading "The group is also planning to 'storm' government offices in every state the day President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated, regardless of whether the states certified electoral votes for Biden or Trump." The user commented " If the day ever comes when these AmNat insurgents realize they'll never take it all back, they may actually begin thinking realistically and consider taking a state or at most a region rather than the entire country. Hopefully we'll witness an evolution of their thinking in this manner eventually." The user also includes a link to an ABC News article pertaining to armed protests planned in each of the 50 states' capitals.

In a thread about the action planned for January 20, a 4chan user wrote, on January 8: "Name it million militia march, people are already making that... also, BE ARMED."

On the same day and in the same thread about the action planned for January 20, a 4chan user wrote: "You can call this a glown***er post... but before this, everything was a larp. I'm not evening joking when I say I'm considering going. And let's just a hotel room in vegas couldn't hold all my shit."

A neo-Nazi Telegram channel shared post featuring the drawing of Ashli Babbitt in front of the Capitol building, with the text "MILLION MARTYR MARCH January 20th, 2021." The post also features text that reads: "On January 6th an unarmed woman was shot and killed in our nation's Capitol. Two weeks after her death we will march to demand justice on behalf of all Americans. Her name was Ashley Babbitt."

Posts Sharing Bombmaking Manuals And Recommending Weapons, Targets, Tactics, Practices, Organization, And Ideology For Guerilla War

On January 8, a Telegram channel posted a video of militia men shooting assault rifles with a message commenting on the prospect of future demonstrations in Washington, D.C. The message read: "The smart ones are those who exploit the divided attention and the incapability of this Jewish government to protect more than one place and more than a few persons. A popular guerilla onslaught is a nightmare for them, why do you think they've been so hellbent on banning guns and body armour? These lizards have addresses outside of DC, all over the country... Is the military going to deploy in mass everywhere? They can't."

A Telegram channel posted a message on January 9 with an image of 1995 Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. The message read: "When we lack an organized fighting force loyal to our interests, the defense of our people falls upon the ordinary men willing to make extraordinary sacrifices. Decentralized, independent lone wolves are our only line of defense and they've earned our veneration. When the same tyrannical government massacred innocent Americans at Waco and Ruby Ridge, only ONE MAN [i.e. McVeigh] held the system accountable... Ask yourselves: What's the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter? The answer is simple: victory. Now that you, and millions of other patriotic Americans have been branded 'domestic terrorists' by the beast system, we strongly encourage you to reevaluate the stigma this label carries. Are you or your fellow patriots a 'threat to national security'? Of course not. Your only 'crime' was having the audacity to speak the truth and exercise your God-given, unalienable rights... You aren't evil – they are. Striking fear in their hearts is a badge of honor... You'll realize 'evil' men the system demonizes are, in fact, our champions, heroes and freedom fighters..."

A Telegram posted, on January 10, an image of a barking dog with a skull mask and a sonnenrad[4] in the background and a message that reads: "These same politicians have homes in your own state. Homes to loot and burn to the ground while they gorge themselves in the Capitol. They have families too. Make the statement loud and clear that WE ARE EVERYWHERE....[S]lit their throats while their heads are turned. 'It only takes one man to lead the charge of a thousand more.' – Catloaf... Gather your local trusted militia and do what you must to save this country and our people."

An 8kun user wrote on January 9 a message about inciting a war, stating: "You must also be ready and willing to act as a one-man strike force. A nationwide, asymmetrical, low-tech and leaderless resistance is impossible to counter. You don't have to start out with guns blazing. Get a taste for it first. Start small. Light a fire, smash a window, slash some tires. And when you find you can do these things and easily get away with them with the simplest of precautions, you will realize there is very little difference in effort between those things and putting a few quick rounds into the back of Dorsey's skull while he's out jogging. Given what this cabal of tyrannical psychopaths and traitors will do with power, you have the moral right and duty to do everything in your ability to wreck their enterprise in its entirety... Choose your targets wisely. Pick men of influence who thrive in the public eye. Brutalize them in ways that serve as terrifying examples to their masters... now is the time for brutal, pragmatic action that brings down their entire edifice. Our best option might be the eruption of complete and total chaos, causing society to fracture from top to bottom and overloading any ability for them to put down resistance. In this bedlam, the proper alliances will more clearly fall into place. But to reach this catalytic point, we must first bring the tyrants to the gates of hell itself. If it's war they want, let's give them one."

A Russian-language Telegram channel posted an image mourning the death of Ashli Babbit in the Capitol on January 6. The image was also posted on a French Telegram channel on January 9, with accompanying text in French that reads: "Martyr of the white race Ashli Babbit was cowardly murdered by one of the blue dogs of the Jewish-American government. [We shall] not forget and [there will be] no forgiveness for those responsible for her death." In a text posted the same day, Clair-Obscur wrote: "Time is against us... The longer we wait, the worse it gets... We must systematically push and encourage any behavior that advocates radicalism and distrust of government... The goal is to... provoke chaos which will reshuffle the cards. Because it [i.e. chaos] is our only way out."

On January 10, an 8kun user posted a lengthy message about attending an invitation-only "strategic meeting between like minds who are interested in freedom and liberty and the continuation of the White race." The user wrote it was a "room full of people who are 'preparing' in the event of a disaster" adding it was "amazing" and an "absolute blast" and everyone was white. The user claimed the meeting consisted of mostly males with about one quarter of the participants being ex-military. The user writes that "we need to learn to operate and think like the Taliban did before so clean operations and meetings must become part of common hygiene." The user also says that the attendants at the meeting discussed weapons and self-defense. Another 8kun user asks for more details on the group saying that "the right is barred from IRL meeting in any form [as] it gets infiltrated by feds and turned into something violent every time." The user responds saying the group is called "Freedom Cell" and is using the format of "internationally condoned Civil Defense and relocation of refugees."

A Telegram channel offered guerilla warfare advice to its subscribers: "Having the correct gear is important, but don't be under the impression that the Gear Is the Weapon. Your mind (critical thinking, strategy, Killer Instinct) is the most important Weapon you bring to the battlefield.... Something as simple as a lighter and a bottle of lighter-fluid... 1/4 filled propane tanks... Your Mind is the weapon, everything else is a tool for your creative, Killer Mind. The Guerrilla is in defense of nothing, and always on the attack."

On January 11, a Telegram channel shared a video of a sphere bouncing around a neon screen that was originally posted by the private "TRUTH" Telegram channel. The channel wrote: "Who did the usa fear before? Some mud called jihadi john? You're the jihadi john now. Best to get to work. Like jihadi john you're going to need a rifle, a camera, fanaticism, but you're also going to have some things he didn't: a livestream, a place on the saint [i.e. white supremacist terrorist] leaderboard, a victory." Jihadi John was a British ISIS fighter named Mohammed Emwazi who was shown in videos beheading captives.

A Telegram channel shared on January 12 a video with an emblem of a Knights Templar flag, of which Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik claimed to be a member and which he mentions in his manifesto. The video is a compilation of footage from conflicts, some with ISIS, some of U.S and other Western forces firing rocket launchers. The channel adds that this is the "opportune time to strike back at the system while it has lost its balance" and to "strike the iron while it's hot" adding that "the rats have addresses. You know of some in your area... Make history and break free of the Jewish chains. Make the rats crawl on the floor in fear of your power like they did on the 6th – like they did before they took control of your nation. Now or never."

On January 8, a Telegram channel posted a photo of two fighters with guns, one with a rosary on his gun and a message that read: "To be labeled a terrorist by the state is a high honor of which no other earthly title can compare. It's the formal recognition by the state of your identity, movement, and ideology, as well as a confession that they view you as a threat to their security and fear you."

A Telegram channel posted a message castigating the labeling of white supremacists as "terrorists." He writes: "They called everyone racist until many started to embrace it. Now they are calling everyone terrorists."

A Telegram channel shared a graphic featuring figures with glowing red eyes, wearing skull masks superimposed onto the map of the United States. The graphic features the text "DECENTRALIZED TERROR WE ARE EVERYWHERE." The caption includes a quote from Adolf Hitler on March 27, 1924 at the Munich Court: "The army which we have formed is growing in numbers each day, and more rapidly as each hour passes. In these very days I cherish the proud hope that these unorganized troops will one day form battalions, the battalions will become regiments, the regiments will become divisions, that the old cockade will be retrieved from the dirt, that the old flags will once again be borne aloft, that finally when we face our Maker on the day of the Last Judgment, as we are ready to do, our redemption will come."

On January 10, an 8kun user posted for users to be prepared before "you decided to fight against the system of the Evil Empire" adding zip files for "The Anarchist Cookbook" and the "Swiss Army Guide To Guerilla Warfare and Underground Operations."

A 4chan user wrote on January 6, that mortars are "simply to build, easy to conceal, and can be deployed and fired from a great distance then disassembled quickly before responders can arrive."

On January 10-12, a Telegram channel that has 104 subscribers posted 26 PDFs on making bombs, car bombs, chemical, biological, and incendiary weapons, land mines, and poison, amongst other devices. Most of the PDFs are from the early 2000s or late 20th century.

Posts Calling For Violence In General

A Telegram channel wrote on January 8: "I'm sorry to say this but we're going to have to kill them all. We just wanted to be left alone, we just wanted to play video games. The communists won't go away and they don't want to leave you alone. They won't be happy until they take all your happiness away. You have been endowed by your Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Commies are antithetical to this. Plan accordingly."

A Telegram channel shared a graphic of a snarling wolf with text that reads: "Society falters, the tyranny of the 'civilized' has almost been broken. And when it breaks fully... We will bring forth the predator-Beast of Nature that has lied dormant in Whites for far too long. They think our words are violence. They think our ideas are mean. They couldn't possibility imagine what the Wolf finally off the Leash looks like. Vidar has come calling, We Want Blood."

A Telegram channel shared, on January 6, a photo of senators hiding and crawling on the floor, with text that reads: "THEY FEAR VIOLENCE." The caption reads: "I'm going to take this time to reaffirm why it is we have a veritable cult around firearms. Weapons of war that are brutal, grotesque, primitive, and above all Violent. Violence is the ultimate and final form of Authority. Violence is the greatest lever that those without "proper standing" have to make themselves heard. Never let yourself say 'We are above violence, we are beyond force.' The moment you allow violence to be wrested from your hands you declare yourself shackled by convention. Go ahead, vote your way out of this one, me and my boys will be printing guns in the basement."

In a January 10 post on 4chan asking what is preventing Trump supporters from "storming the capital again" on inauguration day, one user posted an image inciting violence. The image shows a kneeling figure with a soviet sweater being shot in the head and the caption: "IT'S OKAY TO KILL COMMUNISTS."

Referencing the conspiracy theory of election fraud another user called for violence, "And no need to run the risk of rigging when they can import 'legitimate' votes. Either way, they'll have the election system locked down. Nothing short of bullets and blood is going to change things now."

On a militia forum, in a thread about the Capitol riots, a user incited more violence, writing: "As it has been said before, when the ballot box fails it's time to reach for the ammo box."

A militia forum user referred to the election fraud conspiracy theories and threatened future violence, "When we vote they call us nazis and tear up our ballots. When we file lawsuits they call it a coup and sedition. When we riot [without killing anyone or burning anything] they call it insurrection. What will they call it when we start shooting? They've used up all the naughty words already."

A militia forum user partially denounces the Capitol riots but then also suggests violence: "All I can say is that what happened yesterday is not how I would handle it though I see why it happened. We need to eliminate 'fringe elements' to send messages to the Marxists."

On January 8, a militia forum user responded to a user's post "I'm so overwhelmed" and wrote: "It is heart wrenching. But, it is what it is. American politicians sold their souls for money. They corroborated with the enemy. We must simply organize and fight the Democrat Communists. The New World Order is behind all this. Accept you may die in the coming battle."

A militia forum user responded on January 9 to another post, which reads: "No one steps out of 'the machine' or you get your head chopped off. This is deep rooted corruption that is not going away. The Media is the ammo supply to these rats. We are being thinned out indirectly." The user responded: "I say we somehow try to get rid of the media."

On January 11, a user wrote: "Here is the solution. Go on your own SM accounts, Find the people you know who speak this way..., recon their accounts for personal info, choose 5, randomly kill them." The user added: "Even if only 10% of angered voters do this we will have the problem solved in no time."

On the same day, a user wrote: "At this point I literally do not fucking care if a bunch of feds shot other feds. I'm still going out to the streets, suggest you lock your door. Kill traitors before enemies that includes faggots who are 'anti violence' after what the left did."

A user wrote, on the same day: "Constitution is dead accelerate and purge."


On the same day, a user wrote: "Do you guys think there's only enough rope for one party?"

A 4chan user wrote on the same day: "Shills get the rope."

On the same day, a user wrote: "I will burn this whole fucker to the ground to prove my point. Stop being apathetic pussies and destroy it all including yourself."

Police And Police Investigations

A Telegram channel posted on January 7 a message calling for direct action and ideas for future attacks after the events of January 6 in the Capitol building. The channel writes: "We must not let this momentum slip away from us in the coming days, months, and years. We must take away hard learned lessons from this day... there will be NO POLITICAL SOLUTION to correct the ever-degenerating society we are living in. The only way we will correct the path that we're on is by direct action! We must take back control of our destiny by any means necessary!... We will be beholden to no foreign occupation. To the parasitic liars destroying our nations: your time is very limited. We applaud the effort made by those who were actively participating in the unarmed storming of the Capitol building and we regret that so many will soon be placed in federal prison for their actions. This was a symbolic gesture that has reignited hope for many White people around the world." The channel then provides OPSEC [Operations security] advice, intended to keep its subscribers' identities hidden. It concludes: "... if you're caught occupying federal property, you could face decades in prison so make it count! When they come in with guns pointed you have two options: 1. Comply and lay down and spend the next 20+ years in prison -or- 2. Resist the ZOG agents and go out fighting."

On January 8, a Telegram channel posted an image of a skull with the words "DON'T TALK TO THE POLICE THIS IS A THREAT" and wrote: "NOBODY TALKS EVERYBODY WALKS. 85% of charges against dissenters uses informant testimony as critical and keystone to their case, and then that informant gets thrown in the same system and cells that he tried to weasel out of by swallowing the bait. THEY CAN LEGALLY LIE TO YOU IN WRITING about promises, how easy it would be to 'just tell us a little bit about your friends' Nothing they say is true, nothing you hear is honest. They'll use that against everybody you know and then come after you. They get a kick out of it. If you find yourself at the wrong end of an interrogation it means it's already too late. You're either going to prison a martyr for holding your tongue or a traitor for spilling your crying, snot-ridden guts all over the interrogation room. Remember this."

A 4chan user asked on January 12: "Is it finally happening?" adding an image of an article titled "Armed protests being planned at all 50 state capitols, FBI bulletin says." Another user commented: "BASED... DON'T FORGET THAT PIGS ARENT ON YOUR SIDE SO ITS OKAY TO KILL THEM."

On January 8, a user wrote: "Be prepared to kill both cops and soldiers the second they move against you. If you chicken out or go full fundie, America will die."

A 4chan user wrote on January 11: "Fuck the fbi and fuck what they want! DEATH TO AMERICA!"

A Telegram channel shared a graphic featuring a group of police officers, two of whom are engulfed in flames. The accompanying text reads "RAPE THE COPS." The caption in English reads: "The main enemies. Those who allow this system to still stand and who will defend it to the end to obey their masters, like the good, domesticated dogs that they are. If you keep defending them, you are either an idiot or a traitor."

The same channel shared a graphic showing a man punching a police officer in the face with the text "FUCK THE POLICE."

Posts Calling For War

A Telegram channel shared a graphic of a person wearing a hat and skull mask, holding an assault rifle. The person's jacket features two patches, one of a sonnenrad and another of a crest with a Totenkopf.[5] The accompanying text reads "READY FOR WAR." The caption read: "They can only wage war against the supremacists through reports and censorship, or by appealing to the state. Come and wage real war on us, just to see."

A Telegram channel wrote: "If [Trump] chooses a free society, half of the country will be obliterated in war, but if he doesn't, an entire nation will be enslaved. The dissenters will be tortured and hung in the gallows for the world to see. We either die in glorious battle to save our people or we die together as a conquered people."

On January 8, a Telegram channel posted a message calling for action and for its subscribers to purchase rifles or 3D printers to use to print firearms. The message reads: "Wignats are now and always have been right. Sure hope you've been listening to us rather than the paywall merchants, de-radicalizers, and that faggot kike in Japan who kept telling people to calm down and grow potatoes. If you haven't gotten a rifle yet, the prices are inflated as hell(should have fucking listened to us) but still available. 3d printers are cheap, and learning how to use one is a valuable skill to have. They aren't very expensive and neither is the plastic, buying one and making your own firearms is better than nothing and may actually be cheaper than purchasing a gun from a retailer. Time is short but there still is time, get ready for war."

The white supremacist a Telegram channel posted on January 10 an image of a man wearing a skeleton face holding a sign that reads: "I Want War." The channel writes: "In the coming days, weeks, and months prepare yourselves. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. May our people come out on top. Through pure aggressive expansion and peak Aryanism we will prevail. Exonerate your people daily, no excuses, GET AFTER IT."

A Telegram channel shared a post from another channel featuring a figure wearing a black ski mask and holding a rifle. On the figure's jacket are the words "HOLY WAR."

A Telegram channel shared a graphic featuring clouds and a swastika with the text "GLORY BE TO THE FIRE AND TO THE BLOOD AND TO THE HOLY CRUCIBLE OF COMBAT AS IT WAS IN THE BEGINNING IS NOW, AND EVER SHALL BE WAR WITHOUT END." The caption reads: "TRUTH."

A Telegram channel wrote: "They want a fight, we will give them TOTAL FUCKING WAR."

A Minds user wrote: "Most sheep always say, 'Violence isn't the answer.' Let me explain to you, when Christ returns it is going to be with flames in His eyes, a double edged sword coming out of His mouth, to bring war and judgement. Those who stand opposed to Him are purged from the planet. Christ's answer to these problems is ULTIMATE violence. His word says that 'THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT'. Don't coddle your enemies. DESTROY THEM. THAT IS THE ANSWER!"

On 4chan, users are posting about potential armed protests in all 50 states on inauguration day. While some users are opposed to any such actions some are cheering them on and calling for more violence writing: "Accelerate," "CIVIL WAR NOW!!!," "SHOOT TO KILL," "rule of law benefits only the elite – constitution is dead – accelerate and purge," "you can only call someone a terrorist so many times before they take it to heart and become one." Many users believe the protests are a plot by law enforcement to entrap them. Despite this, some are still calling for the protests to go ahead in hopes that violence will occur and "accelerate" the collapse of the U.S. One user responding to concerns of entrapment writes: "Don't care. Accelerate." Another user posted a screenshot from the video of the Christchurch massacre and wrote: "AMERICAN SPRING 2021 ACCELERATE."

A 4chan user who says he is an Iraq War veteran wrote about his experiences in combat and his concerns that the U.S was heading toward a civil war. Several users posted welcoming an upcoming civil war writing: "I hope it is civil war soon. Please. Let's start already. Please, PLEASE." Several users referenced committing violence against perceived enemies, one user wrote: "Hell yeah it is brother [referring to the question if a civil war was imminent]. Remember trannies and communists aren't people and they're all atheists so you'll be sending them to eternal nothingness," another called for the original poster to participate, being a veteran, "Excellent. We need our own Francisco Franco or Slobodan Milosevic. Our people should fight for their existence, or they should be exterminated. Living in ignominy is worse than a glorious death. You as a veteran of all people should know that."

Other users on 4chan referenced the killing of one of the rioters: "Do you go on with your lives and live until a ripe old age of 90? Or do you remember the 6th, remember Ashli Babbit," and "They should've gained momentum then and fucking strung every last one of those cunts up, what a disgrace thousands watched a person get shot and die for their movement yet did nothing in response."

Sunday evening a user on 4chan started a thread with a large post titled "CIVIL WAR WILL START ON JANUARY 20th." In the post the user posted a conspiracy theory that President elect Biden was working with the United Nations to kill President Trump and his supporters and that Trump is responding by amassing his own "secret army" that are going to the inauguration "disguised as armed patriots." The user ends the post suggesting "IF YOU ARE GOING, GO ARMED AND GO WITH THE MENTALITY THAT YOU MIGHT NEVER COME BACK.IT'S GOING TO BE A ONE WAY TICKET – GODSPEED YOU BASTARDS."

On January 9, a militia forum user posted about a video they just saw and wrote: "We have to fight, or we will be dead... The way I see it, we don't have a choice! There is only 1 option, WAR!"

On January 12, a Telegram channel posted a long message explaining "We Must Fight, or be Slaves." The channel wrote: "Do not listen to the shill-talking heads promoting a 'peaceful solution,' or a 'wait and see' attitude. Imagine if the founders of America had taken that approach. The Founders didn't wait, they declared War. They acted, they took their shot and they hit the mark. We are those same Men, with the same opportunities and circumstances Today, Right Now, HERE. This is our reality. We cannot vote Our way out of this, White America. Voting Will Not Remove Them. We Must Fight, or be Slaves. What's it gonna be?"

A VK user posted, on January 7, a graphic featuring a broken sun cross within a sonnenrad surrounded by a swastika and four ropes containing swastikas. The image reads: "LET THERE BE A RACE WAR. Death to the system." The user adds: "The time is ripe."

A Twitter user quoted, on January 10, a tweet announcing that the House and Senate were "planning to draft legislation to classify MAGA rallies as 'domestic terrorist activity.' The user tweeted: "War is coming." In response, a user tweeted: "Lets fucking goooo!" Another user tweeted "Ready" with a thumbs up emoji.

A 4chan user wrote on January 11: "War is the only answer as this point."

A Telegram channel posted two images of edited photos of the Capitol building featuring broken chains and both reading "Rape The System" and "RACE WAR." One image includes a figure wearing a skull mask with the words "Rapists its time to Mobilize."

A Telegram channel shared a photo of a backpack filled with magazines and a Nazi flag. The backpack features a patch with a sonnenrad as well as patches that read "but did you die?" and "don't tread on me." To the left of the backpack is a swastika armband and an assault rifle. In front of the backpack is a beaded necklace with tassel and a sidearm. The tablecloth features a Totenkopf. The post reads: "No one has power over you but God almighty." The channel continues: "RACE FIRST. They have now declared war on the entire half of the population wishing to just chill and live in this experiment. I've been toeing the line but the establishment has made it clear: its Whites vs the rest. There are no other battle lines being drawn. Prepare for war, because its coming to you whether you want it or not. Protect your own, and ally yourself to the only ties that transcend time and generations. RACE FIRST."

Posts About Offline Organization And Preparations


A Telegram channel wrote: "IRL networking will be absolutely crucial in the near future. If you haven't already, start going to the gym, to church, to farmers markets, and other places where you will find trustworthy, like minded, or at the very least, sympathetic folk. The simple act of having somebody to trade your jerky too in exchange for warm winter clothes could mean the difference between life and death when they cut off your coms and freeze your (((bank account))), if you still have one."

On January 11, a Telegram channel warned followers not to attend any scheduled demonstrations in DC on the 17th and the 20th, as "around 15,000 National Guard are being deployed to guard the Inauguration on January 20th, and 10,000 will arrive by Saturday." Instead he suggest to "stock up on food, water, energy, survival gear, self defense" and gather with family and friends, attempt to build a community, and purchase land to prepare for "a wild ride," writing: "It will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better."

A Telegram channel wrote: "Use Telegram to educate yourself about what is to come, to learn from the survivalist channels, the tactic channels etc. Figure out your place inside this struggle. Everyone has a place. Use Telegram as a tool to better yourself and prepare. Time is running out, or running in. The threat is almost on your doorstep. We don't need anymore meme channels, become useful instead. Share knowledge from your particular skillset and insights for others to learn from. The communists are closing in on ALL Whites. Get lethal, get educated. You should have been here years ago. Use the time we have left before showtime wisely."

Threats To And Mentions Of Specific Political Figures – Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Congressman Brad Schneider From Illinois, Vice President Mike Pence, Vice President Elect Kamala Harris, President Elect Joe Biden, Michigan State Representative Cynthia Johnson, Secret Service Agent

On January 6, a user wrote that Lindsey Graham "deserves the rope in Minecraft."

On the same day, a 4chan user wrote: "Its time for Lindsey graham and his 'ladybugs' get thrown off of the building."

A 4chan user wrote on the same day about Lindsey Graham: "Graham cracker can hang with the rest of them."

A 4chan user wrote in the thread about Lindsey Graham: "This was a statement to the faggot elite. They will be culled and there is nothing they can do to stop it."

On the same day a 4chan user wrote about Lindsey Graham: "Oh wow another neocon RINO [Republican in name only] who is complacent with the left owning everything. Didn't he cozy up to the dems like Pelosi? Lynch him and replace him with true right wingers."

On January 6, a 4chan user wrote about Lindsey Graham: "Hope this faggot catches bullets as well as he catches cum." On the same thread, a user wrote: "Lindsey Graham will be hanged with the rest of the democrats and gays."

A 4chan user wrote: "If there is justice in this world, he and McConnell will hang."

On January 11, a user posted about Nancy Pelosi, writing: "Shoot that bitch. I just head a commercial that said that ATT just gave CONGRESS the emergency system that previously belonged to POTUS congress is a power to big to fail! Hang that bitch. Burn that hoe. Shoot that n****r. Lynch that bitch. That SHIT C*NT."

On the same thread about Nancy Pelosi, a user wrote: "Let's rape her." User 301977505 wrote: "Needs to die." Another user wrote: "Hopefully dying soon."



A 4chan user wrote on the same day: "Start murdering Durbin and Schneider's constituents murder half of the people from their districts at random."

A 4chan user wrote on the same day: "The people who voted for Durbin and Schneider will be murdered at random in retaliation for their domestic terrorism bill the American people will murder this malfunctioning part of our society."


A 4chan user called on the same day for the murder of police officers, judges, district attorneys, lawyers, teachers, workers, children, and the people that elected Durbin and Schneider.

A Telegram user shared a post featuring the words "Rape Kamala" written in the shape of a swastika.

A Gab user made a post directed at President-Elect Joe Biden that calls for violence against the U.S. government: "We have had enough of you and your kind... We have been tasked with ending it decisively with courage and unswerving resolve, as it is our lawful duty as citizens of this Nation to do so. This is our generation's Call to Arms, and we are prepared to make the Ultimate Sacrifice if called upon... You and yours truly have no idea what you have awakened. WE WILL avenge our martyrs. WE WILL settle the score." In the comments section another user also referred to upcoming violence writing: "Indeed, we have no choice but to pick up the sword. Free men will die on this hill. Or force their fate on others."

A Telegram channel shared a screenshot from Twitter showing the trending hashtag "Hang Pence" with 54.9k Tweets. The caption read: "Woah lmao."

A Telegram channel shared a black and white photo of a noose and text that read: "For the secret service officer who murdered Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbit."

On January 12, a 4chan user posted that "Cop Who Murdered Ashli Babbit is an Immigrant Who THREATENED TO KILL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ON FACEBOOK!" Several users commented adding: "Just remember the internet never forgets and these people have to sleep sometime," "It would be hilarious if someone put a bullet in his face, in Minecraft," "it would be too bad [if] he was shot," "Hang him high," and "id bet money this man will be hanging from a lamp post in a week."

On January 12, a 4chan user alleged that the "black cop who executed Ashli Babbit was the same officer that let steve scalise get shot in 2017" adding: "This sick man should be locked up for a very long time." Responding to this post other 4chan users wrote: "The rope calls," "now we just need the addresses of all his family members, his bosses, his accountant... Also, the bank he uses. Let's get it all and protest exactly the same way ANTIFA and BLM protested at night all last year," "Family annihilation is the only way," and "this man must die."

A Gab user wrote: "I wish I could tell every member of Congress this, straight to their face, looking them right in the eyes..... 'ONE well-aimed bullet can be worth ten million words.' Keep pushing your luck, motherf*k'r. See what happens." In the comments section, a user agrees, writing: "Exactly. One. Fuckin. Bullet. Dead before you hear the 'bang!'" A user suggests that someone may attempt to place a bomb in a congressman's car: "You lived through the Troubles, yeah? I've been saying, these motherfuckers better hire somebody to start their car for em."

On January 12, a Telegram channel posted a graphic featuring Democratic member of the Michigan House of Representatives Cynthia Johnson with a quote attributed to her warning "Trumpers" to "walk lightly... and for those of you who are soldiers. You know how to do it. Do it right." The channel adds: "They want you to shut up and comply, and they are warning you of what will happen if they don't. What will you do, will you lay down and die the thousand deaths of a coward; or will you fight back against tyranny?"

Posts Calling For Revolution – "Substations; Railroad Tracks; Water Treatment Plants [Are] All Relatively Unguarded"; "Seizing The Food Supply Is Realistically The Only Way The System Will Ever Be Overthrown"

A Telegram channel shared on January 8 multiple posts originally created by the terror-promoting "TRUTH" hidden Telegram channel inciting violence. All posts include an image of a skull and then a different subject about preforming a terror operation. The first post discusses targets writing: "Remember patriots – substations; railroad tracks; water treatment plants [are] all relatively unguarded."

The second post discusses "opposition tactics" to follow if captured: "Do not be captured and do not be kind to those who wish to capture you." The post adds: "as soon as one of these patriots being arrested shoots back, opposition will be forced to begin employing monolithic amounts of force while arresting the following patriots because of the heightened security risk... you are also forcing opposition to play their strong arm card, which will benefit our struggle in showing the people what opposition is willing to do to maintain it's facade of power.

The third post explains where to strike the "opposition" or the state, writing that it is better if they are on the defensive as "all the land and infrastructure they claim theirs, they lack coordination or determination, and can be taken down systematically." The post writes there are three pillars to strike: "ideologically, while discussing things with strangers. undermine the power of the state in their mind; physically, while conducting direct action with your comrades; [and] mentally, in an overarching mix of each, preventing opposition from sleeping or even blinking without seeing yet another limb of it's empire fall off." The post concludes: "spread heresy, slay hypocrisy."

The fourth post explains its best for a revolutionary to appear as an everyday civilian as "it keeps the all seeing eyes of opposition as a whole off you and on to the sterile mask protesters." The channel advocates for subscribers to "pay your taxes, wear your mask, [and] retain a normal social standing" adding that "victory will come from you, the change, conducting actions directly against the system while appearing as one of their own lapdogs."

The fifth post discusses "becoming part of the system" such as "the police force, military, medical sector, or government sectors." The post advocates for subscribers to begin applying for paid or volunteer jobs in the sectors written above" as "operating among opposition is the best way to learn about them, the best way to find every pillar that needs a bomb put on it." The post explains there will come a time to "desert from whoever you've infiltrated, but for now, you can still learn from them from the inside" to complete its goal of helping "them crumble."

The final post discusses "Victory from all angles" writing that "revolution is achieved by a multitude of pressures forced upon the state from all angles from all pressures." The channel then explains what this means: "Our infiltrators play as much as a job in revolution as do our men of direct action, and as do our movementarians. the infiltrator... exposes system hypocrisy and weak points. The man of direct action... puts the bullet through the traitor, he ignites the thermite to put the power out for the last time. The movementarian directly experiences the thrashes of the dying system in the form of beatings and legal action. the movementarian attracts high numbers of men, some of which pass on to the other two roles."

On January 11, a channel recommended the strategy of seizing the food supply: "I'm telling you, seizing the food supply is realistically the only way the system will ever be overthrown. Recruit all of the farmers. Take all of the grain. Burn everything the revolutionary army can not carry. Destroy the farm equipment and poison the fields. Sabotage infrastructure, so what little grain the state still commands can not make it to the citizens. Then the mass of men will have two options: starve, or enlist in the revolutionary army and receive your daily grain ration. Only then will you have the manpower to actually fight the state."

A Telegram channel posted an image on January 7 of protestors at the January 6 rally sitting atop a statue with a Nazi flag and the words: "The seed of revolution has been planted!" adding for patriots to join its Telegram channel. The accompanying post adds: "The seeds are planted. Stay tuned for NS revolutionary education, memes, projects and discussion" calling itself a "Global Fascist Fraternity" and including the channel's link.

A Telegram channel posted about how "deliberate separatist insurgency is the next step," writing: "Call it secession... but practically speaking there's no revolutionary rule that says you need to draw within the lines as far as state borders are concerned and abide by them. But aiming for formal state secession is probably a good way to get the ball rolling practically speaking..."

A Telegram channel posted one person's account of their experience traveling to DC recently, presumably for the January 6 demonstration. Describing the experience as positive, the person concludes: "It's not a delusion. It's a connection to the soul of this fucking country. The Second American Revolution has begun and we're at about 1773 right now. This is going to be one wild fucking ride."

On January 7, an 8kun user wrote: "imagine if they [the protestors who stormed the Capitol] were actually serious about over-throwing the government, and they had 10x the numbers. Look at how scared all the leftwing idiots on the media are" adding that this "incident is clear proof that if just a few million white folks rose up, they could over-throw the government and install a better one." Another user responded on January 7, writing: "The government and everyone who supports that corruption/SLAVERY, is your enemy. Shoot the enemy."

A Telegram channel posted an image on January 12 of a photo of the Capitol building after it was raided by protestors with tear gas in the air. The image features a broken chain and a fasces as well as two Roman soldier statues. The image reads: "BREAK FREE FROM YOUR CHAINS." The channel adds: "Let violence unleash itself, it is the only way to break free of Jewish tyranny...."

A Telegram channel shared a photo of the Capitol building on January 6, 2021 with the text "EVERY REVOLUTION BEGINS WITH A SPARK."

A 4chan user wrote: "If Trump doesn't do anything before the 20th, it's going to be a Revolution. This is no mere niggers nigging, this is rational 1st world citizens who exhausted every option in the system getting ready for their own violence."

Mass Suspension Of Telegram Accounts

On January 12, Telegram announced that it has conducted a mass suspension of extremist and neo-Nazi channels on its platform. One channel shared a post about the suspension of another channel and wrote that the influx of attention brought to the app makes "Terrorgram more susceptible to mass reporting." The channel suggests its subscribers back up their accounts and save evidence, ending with "BE PREPARED TO GET BANNED EVERY TIME YOU GAIN STEAM, THE WAR HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO OUR APP."

A Telegram channel wrote on January 12: "My humble Hateful channel will be out the door shortly as well. For all my Skins, NS, and Wignat brothers and sisters, keep the Hate alive and spread the fucking Word..."

In response to the suspension of a Telegram channel, another channel wrote: "Damn Jews really want to destroy the internet. What a week! Well if we go down, that's just the price of offending kikes."

The MEMRI DTTM will be publishing a larger report in the coming week on recent suspensions of Telegram channels.

Posts Focusing On January 6 Capitol Takeover

On January 8, a Telegram channel posted a short video clip showing edited footage from a range of sources of the January 6 Capitol Hill rioting. The clip titled "White Revolution Is The Only Solution" opens with a voice stating: "It may be the time for arguments is past." The clip also features neo-Nazi symbols and the captioned text encouraging political violence: "Voting will not remove them."

A Telegram channel posted an image of the Capitol building surrounded by protesters and teargas. The accompanying text reads: "In just a few short hours, a mob of angry white people seized the capitol of the most powerful nation on earth. they weren't even violent. they just walked up and fucking took it. imagine when they are violent."

On January 8, a Telegram channel shared an image of the Capitol Hill surrounded by protesters captioned with a quote by Benito Mussolini: "We do not argue with those who disagree with us. We destroy them."

A Telegram channel shared a post on January 7 about USA Today's article requesting help from the American public to identify the protesters who were in the Capitol building, adding that their subscribers should attempt to "hinder them as much as possible." The channel writes for subscribers to: "Turn on your VPN and be sure to use a burner google account"; "Fill out the form, choose a random photo number and answer the 'name' section with any variation of 'Samuel Whitcomb Hyde [American comedian known for his involvement in several public pranks and internet hoaxes]"; "Click 'yes' under the 'may we follow up with you' tab"; and then finally to "Provide them a fake name and number. Have fun with it, use the national suicide prevention hotline if you like." The channel writes the goal is to "slow these journalist bastards down. If we do this right, we can get their form deleted. Godspeed, and share this everywhere." The post includes the form and article links.

On January 10, a Telegram channel posted an image of an American flag with a masked man holding a sign that reads: "Now it's sinking in: Wednesday's Capitol Hill riot was even more violent than it first appeared." The channel added: "Not it's sinking in: They're afraid of you."

A Telegram channel posted an image of the Capitol building with an overlay of Nazi soldiers and flags with the quote: "'Democracy Is Fragile' Joe Biden." The channel adds: "This is what a successful insurrection looks like."

A Telegram channel shared a photo of a design featuring a man with four arms, lifting a weighted bar and holding a noose and rifle. On top of the weighted bar is a Nazi eagle. Below the man is an image of the Capitol burning and sticks of dynamite reading "2021." The text read: "GOOD NIGHT LEFT SIDE." The caption read: "How do you find our design dedicated to the Capitol siege 06.01.2021?"

A Telegram channel shared a graphic featuring a drawing of Ashli Babbitt in front of the Capitol building, which is adorned with a Star of David. Flames erupt from behind the Capitol building. Below the image is the text: "vengeance."

A Telegram channel shared a photo featuring an image of the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. The graphic also shows an image of a person, who is wearing a skull mask and carrying an assault rifle, trekking through the woods. The accompanying text read: "RAPE THE SYSTEM."

Posts Including Nazi Imagery

A Telegram channel posted a message of "some of the takeaways from the events of the January 6th Failed Insurrection" citing "Trump cucked, Complete betrayal on all ends, [and] a martyr." The channel adds: "At this moment there are at least a million White men and women that marched on that Capital [sic] building. They are now being branded as enemies of the state. They are now unlikely allies in this struggle against the Kike Controlled system, whether they realize this yet or not. Unlikely foot soldiers that if we use this opportunity correctly, can be used to help us come just that closer to Final Victory... Hail Victory my Friends, the Dawn of a new Reich may very well be within our grasp if we take the right steps now."

On January 9, a Telegram channel shared a video originally posted by another Telegram channel showing "more than a thousand activists from Casapound and other nationalist movements" giving nazi salutes on January 7, 2021 in Rome to pay "homage to Franco, Francesco and Stefano, young fascist activists assassinated on January 7, 1978." The channel adds: "YOU WILL SEE THIS IN AMERICA WITHIN 2021. When political dissolution in America becomes so chaotic and federal persecution becomes so great; the climate of collapse will reach the optimal degree of rapid guerrilla proliferation Consider now until Inauguration Day your grace period for the last predictable chance of buying anything you need for emergency preparation."

A VK user posted on January 7 an image of an eagle carrying a Swastika in its talons with the caption "Take back America."

A Telegram channel posted a message to new members joining Telegram: "Welcome to Telegram. We know you have just exited the mainstream social media ethos and worked your way here in the pursuit of the truth. Well the truth is that everything that is destroying America is controlled by jews and AIPAC which means Israel. Trump is not your savior and neither is the GOP. The left/right fight is a false dichotomy and the Third Position is the only way. You have been run off the other platforms not because you are a conservative but because you are White. As a White person you are heirs to the greatest society built, the Western Society. Everything you call life today has come from White men of European Descent and you are despised by the jews and various other brown hoards [sic] for being so great. That's why they fill your life with porn, fast food, mindless entertainment and consumerism. All these things make you a weak minded Beta who is easily controlled. Now that you have found us, you may find some things uncomfortable, like the presence of Hitler and other pro White imagery and writings. That will most definitely challenge your current mindset of individualism and capitalism. You will see many thing that challenge you but I hope you will investigate and ask questions instead of attacking people as 'Nazis.' Nazi is a fake term anyways. We are here to help you become better people and get out of the beast system that wants you dead just because you are White. The Democrats hate you, the Republicans hate you, big business hates you, the banks hate you, the cops hate you and the jews & minorities hate you. The only people, in this milieu, that will accept you, are us, the dissidents, the Alt-Right, the pro Whites. Welcome to the Third Position."

A Telegram channel posted a tweet that reads: "1923: Hitler's failed coup, No real consequences No fundamental changes, 1933: Hitler takes power." The channel commented: "FUCKING BASED BUT 10 YEARS ARE TOO MUCH MAYBE.........NEXT WEEK."


[1] "Accelerationism" and "accelerationist," used more broadly in social and economic theory, are terms that white supremacists use to express their desire and efforts to accelerate the collapse of society.

[4] The sonnenrad ("sun wheel") is an ancient Indo-European symbol that the Nazis appropriated. This symbol is also referred to as a "black sun."

[5] The totenkopf ("dead's head"), or skull and crossbones symbol, was used, among many other contexts throughout history, in Nazi Germany by the Schutzstaffel (SS) paramilitary organization, while white supremacists and neo-Nazis use it today.

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