German-Turkish Celebrity Anti-Lockdown Activist And Neo-Nazi Attila Hildmann On The Run From Germany And Possibly INTERPOL – Now In Turkey And Still Selling Merchandise And Accepting Donations Via PayPal, Amazon, Many Other Platforms, And Still Promoting Antisemitism Online

June 22, 2021


On February 19, 2021, the Berlin prosecutor's office issued an arrest warrant for German-Turkish antisemitic conspiracy theorist and neo-Nazi Attila Hildmann.[1] Due to his dual German-Turkish citizenship, he was able to flee to Turkey, where he is currently, to avoid arrest. In one post he implied he was being pursued by Interpol. It has been reported that a "mole" within German police had warned Hildmann of the warrant to be issued for his arrest.[2]

Since mid-2020, Hildmann has promoted neo-Nazi ideology, leading to an investigation against him on more than 40 police charges. He faces accusations over more than 1,000 public hate speech statements, threats, and insults, as well as having publicly called for others to commit crimes.[3] The legal proceeding is handled by the recently launched central authority for hate crimes under the prosecutor's office.

The official Twitter account of the Public Prosecturs Office of Berlin wrote on February 11, 2021: "The investigating prosecutor carefully evaluated, along with the police, thousands of different published statements by Attila Hildmann on various channels to clarify whether the posts coincide with the fundamental right of freedom of expression or contain culpable content. We are investigating on accounts of suspicion of sedition, insult, public provocation to commit offences, disturbance of public peace by threatening to commit offences, as well as illegal possession of firearms."[4] On March 25, the account wrote: "According to our knowledge, Attila Hildmann is currently staying in Turkey. A prompt enforcement of the arrest warrant on the strong suspicion of sedition, public provocation to commit offences, and resistance against enforcement officers, is not foreseen."[5]

Born in Germany to Turkish biological parents, Hildmann  was raised by German adoptive parents. He rose to fame in 2009 by uploading cooking videos to YouTube and eventually appeared on TV many times. He sold merchandise including Vegan food products, cookbooks, and cooking utensils. Hildmann initially used his social media accounts, mainly YouTube and Facebook, to promote himself for his business. However, since March 2020, amid the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, his focus has shifted toward nationalist conspiracy theories, giving speeches at anti-lockdown rallies, denying the holocaust, and praising Adolf Hitler.

Attila Hildmann also began using Telegram to push conspiracy theories about Jews, Freemasons, and COVID-19. He organized rallies and gave long confrontational public speeches attracting large crowds of anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protesters, but also supporters and members of the neo-Nazi scene. As members of the public criticized Hildmann, he expressed his anger on social media, particularly Telegram, reaching a large audience. This criticism radicalized him further, leading supermarket chains to stop carrying his products, which, for him, confirmed that he was being targeted by the government and led him to take a highly defensive stance and increase his antisemitic rhetoric.

In November 2020, the regional police in the German federal state of Brandenburg raided Attila Hildmann's home.[6] On the basis of a judicial decision obtained a month later in Berlin, the prosecutor's office seized numerous devices, including cellphones and laptops, for evaluation. The speaker of the Berlin-based prosecutor's office referred to "intensive, extensive and time-consuming investigations"[7] as some investigative material was heavily corrupted or secured by passwords that cannot be easily decrypted.

Following the issuing of the arrest warrant in February 2021, and his flight to Turkey, taking advantage of his Turkish citizenship, Hildmann's posts on Telegram, where he has where he has 110,469 subscribers, became more inflammatory. Hildmann's YouTube and Facebook accounts have been suspended or deleted, his website is no longer available, his BitChute account has not been updated since September 2020, and his Twitter account remains active, though with ordinary posts. He primarily uses Telegram to disseminate his National Socialist ideology and posts against Jews, aimed at indoctrinating and mobilizing his followers.

He posts most often on Telegram, where on two channels he has 110,469 subscribers and 22,798 subscribers. He also has accounts on YouTube, where he has 72,100 followers;  Twitter, where he has 7,563 followers; Instagram, where he has 68,800 followers; WTube, where he has 1,320 followers; Dlive, where he has 633 followers; and BitChute, where he has 2,183 followers. He sells products on his own website, where payment can be made using PayPal or credit card, as well as on Amazon and several other websites.

The following report will examine Hildmann's posts on social media, including posts he made in Germany, posts about his flight to Turkey, and then posts since he fled to Turkey. It will also review of the ways he continues to earn money selling his products, including by using Amazon.

Posts From Germany About Hitler, Warrant For Attila's Arrest, Flight To Turkey, And Post Referring To Interpol

On August 20, 2020, Hildmann wrote on Telegram: "Hitler, at that time, had immediately eradicated them [the New Jewish World Order], the Third Reich has scrapped the Freemasons and taken them to the [concentration camps]! Those who survived fled to America! They should not overestimate themselves, something like that can happen again..."

In his previous Telegram posts, Hildmann passively had shared content from secondary sources surrounding the notion of antisemitism and National Socialism, refraining from posting direct opinions and statements. Toward the end of December 2020, Attila Hildmann, who was at that time still in Germany, began sharing direct and articulate statements that made the Federal German Agency for State Protection (BfV) take active measures against him.

On December 27, 2020, Hildmann posted a graphic alleging links between the German government and the U.S. private military contractor Blackwater and BlackRock. He states: "Google Black Rock and the Cult of Satan = Judaism!" and "The police of the FRG [Federal Republic of Germany] is the mercenary squad of the FRG-Jews... They are not your friend and aide, they are the Jews' lackeys, thugs, sadists, and scum that wage war against their own people for a few shekels!"

Hildmann wrote on February 23, 2021, apparently from Turkey: "Flight risk as a reason for an arrest warrant! And not a single charge! I've been on a well-deserved holiday for a few weeks!... Will return soon, the rest will be taken care of my attorney team... and will ensure that they will revoke their embarrassing arrest warrant, looking forward to the court days!"

Hildmann posted a 24-minute voice message on May 19, titled "Hunting of Attila Hildmann by Interpol/Afd-traitors/ Berlin update." In his message he refers to his former life in Germany and the updates he receives from his contacts in Germany regarding the COVID-19 restrictions, expressing his outrage over them. Further, He said that the global Jewry is solely speaking about him currently with reference to an article written by Berlin-born Maram Stern, vice-president of the World Jewish Congress.  

Upon Finding Refuge In Turkey, Attila Hildmann Openly And Directly Incites Against Jews  

Attila Hildmann left Germany in February 2021 and has been in Turkey since then, evading his arrest. Being outside Germany has allowed him to publish openly without facing immediate legal repercussions.

On March 22, Hildmann posted a statement appealing to his fellow Muslims: "To my Muslim brothers: Please help the Germans!... You could teach them how to defend themselves!... Never let yourselves be incited against one another! The Jews want you to destroy one another!"

On March 31, Hildmann posted a three-minute voice memo reacting to Boris Palmer, mayor of the German city of Tübingen, and his specific Covid-19 measures imposed on the city and related matters. Palmer, who allgedly has Jewish ancestry, denounces the antisemitic rhetoric he has increasingly encountered. Hildmann refers to "Jew lies," "dirty Jew," "parasitic Jew-Rat-Face," "dirty Jew ass" and "dirty Jew-Rat." He addresses Palmer with the words: "Everyone knows that you are a dirty Jew." If he were in Germany, Hildmann could have been charged with defamation and sedition because of this recording, and would likely face a prison sentence.  

On April 27, Hildmann posted a photo of himself holding a rifle, his face covered by a cloth, along with a video showing him shooting at a range. Hildmann wrote: "I was born as a warrior. I live for war! I await war! I am long-prepared for war!... Never will I let myself be unpunished, deprived of everything or be locked up for the truth. I would rather fight..."

Hildmann posted on the same day a graphic showing a stone engraving of a face with the horns and ears of a goat positioned at the center of the Star of David. Hildmann wrote: "Jews are devils, devils are Jews! They knew it already in antiquity!"

On April 28, a posted statement threatening Jews: "I am still completely harmless, I have not even fully begun my work! Jew, you will no longer go unpunished for lying to, robbing, raping the children of, and stabbing the Germans and other nations and shooting rat poison into their veins! Jew, I am your worst nightmare for over 1000 years, in comparison to myself Hitler was harmless! Jew, I wish you the best of luck in the near future!"

Hildmann wrote on April 26: "I will fraternize the German nationalists with the Muslims, the Ottomans and Arabs, then the Jew should look for a tree to hid behind! It takes a lot more than just one 'Wehrmacht' [i.e., armed forces] and SS and it will be established globally! The Jew will never inject to death seven billion people! The wolves remain alive and will seek revenge! Good night Jew!"

Hildmann's Products Remain Available For Purchase Using PayPal Or Credit Card On His Website, Amazon, And Other Websites

While all leading German food chains that had been carrying Hildmann's products have stopped carrying them and cancelled their contracts with him, all his products and books remain available for sale on his website.

His website says that he accepts payment via PayPal.

Hildmann had cooperated with German home utensil company "Lurch," but his products are no longer available on the company's website. His books are no longer available on Amazon in Germany, but they remain available for sale on Amazon in the U.S.


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