European Neo-Nazis Discuss Syrian Civil War With Syrian Nazi Party On Podcast, Blame Middle East Wars On Jews, Call To Unite And Fight Common Enemy: 'We Need To Get Rid Of This Problem [Jews] First'; 'Create Bonds And Work With Non-European Organizations Like The Syrians'; 'Attack It Globally'

April 12, 2021

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In late March, a two-hour podcast conference on the war in Syria as livestreamed. The conference brought together European white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and a member of an ultranationalist Syrian party. During the conference, the participants blamed the outbreak of the Syrian civil war on the Gulf countries, the United States, Turkey, Israel, and Jews more broadly. The Europeans in particular emphasized that the war was started in order to create mass migration into Europe with the explicit intent of making whites a minority in their homelands and eventually becoming "extinct."

The podcast was livestreamed on a European neo-Nazi website and social media accounts. The video also appears on the social media channel of one of the other European participants.


Organizer Of The Event

The event was organized by a Dutch white supremacist organization. The organization organizes interviews, podcasts, and conferences and posts opinion pieces on its website. The interviews feature European white supremacist and neo-Nazi organization leaders. Many of these interviews are posted on the organization's social media channels where the group is very active. The organization accepts donations via cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero.


Syrian Party

The Syrian party's leader was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and sought training and weapons from Nazi Germany. The party advocates for the creation of greater Syria, encompassing Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and parts of Turkey and Iran. The group's military wing has fought alongside a Lebanese terrorist group and for the Assad government in the Syrian civil war. It is believed to have between 6,000 and 8,000 members.

The Syrian party has ties to various European groups. A coalition of far-right political activists in Europe has organized a series of trips to Syria where they met with members of the Syrian party. Members of far-right groups from Italy, the U.K, Germany, Spain and Poland have all travelled to Syria and Lebanon where many times they met with the Syrian party.

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Members of various European extreme right groups meet with members of the Syrian party and representatives of the Syrian government.

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Leader of a Polish far right group meets with Hizbullah members.

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Italian delegation of a far-right coalition with Syrian soldiers in Damascus

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Belgian far right extremist with Syrian party members

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Members of a European fascist group in Syria

Nordic Neo-Nazi Party

The leader of a Nordic neo-Nazi group participated in the conference. The individual also posted an article on the organization's webpage explaining the necessity of cooperating with other "nationalist" groups outside of Europe.

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U.K Neo-Nazi Group

The leader of a British neo-Nazi group was one of the other participants at the conference. This individual often interacts with white supremacists from different countries and has a history of cooperating with the Dutch organization that coordinated this conference.

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French White Supremacist Group

The leader of a French white supremacist group that seeks the deportation of non-white people from France also participated in the conference.

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The Conference

The conference began with the Syrian participant arguing that Israel controls the U.S government and played an important role in the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War.

The European neo-Nazis also placed blame on Jews for starting the war arguing that Jews in their home countries shaped public opinion on the war and instigated the conflict in order to create waves of migrants that would flee to their European nations. According to one of the neo-Nazis the Jews were seeking "global domination" and so resolving the "Jewish question" was necessary to halt immigration into Europe and achieve "world peace."

The conference ended with the European neo-Nazis emphasizing that "we all have a common enemy" and that they needed to work together, including with non-European organizations.

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