Book Promoting Antisemitic, Racist Ideology Sold On Amazon, Barnes & Noble Websites: 'A Hard Core Of Men Within World Jewry... Is Bent Upon The Overthrow Of Western Man And The Complete Destruction Of His Culture And Civilization'

August 18, 2020

William Gayley Simpson's 1978 book Which Way Western Man?, which promotes an antisemitic and racist ideology, remains popular with white supremacists.[1] A review summarizes Simpson's view as being that "Jews are enemy number one" and "a consuming cancer." He suggests that Jews be sent to Madagascar, and that African Americans, to whom he refers throughout the book as savages and beasts, return to Africa.[2] Simpson himself writes: "I am in possession of a vast amount of what I believe to be quite incontrovertible evidence that a hard core of men within World Jewry (although by no means all Jews) is bent upon the overthrow of Western man and the complete destruction of his culture and civilization – with a view to supplanting it." The author also encourages white people to revere Adolf Hitler and American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell.

The 762-page book is available for purchase on the Barnes & Noble's online store[3] and on Amazon,[4] where it has 21 reviews, one of which is by its editor, and an average rating of four and a half stars. The book's synopsis is listed on both websites and says the writer "exposes the nefarious Jew for the deadly parasite he is." A review of Simpson's work was published on the National Vanguard's website by Alfred Storm, the group's leader. The book's publisher is listed alternatively as the neo-Nazi organization National Vanguard[5] and as the National Alliance. The book can be purchased on the National Vanguard website. Dr. William Pierce, author of the 1978 novel The Turner Diaries,[6] promised Simpson that the supplementary notes Simpson made before his death would be published in a revised edition of Which Way Western Man?[7]

White supremacists refer to Simpson's book on Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter often to critique and dismiss current cultural trends or politics that promote racial diversity. The following report reviews how the book is advertised on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble online stores, and the context in which the phrase "Which Way Western Man?" is used by white supremacists on social media.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, And Other Bookseller's Listing Which Way Western Man?

Amazon and Barnes & Noble's synopsis of Which Way Western Man are identical. The blurb itself contains antisemitic comments in its description of Simpson's work: "Throughout his long lifetime, William Gayley Simpson was a widely traveled and careful observer of Western civilization and its relations with the non-White peoples of the world, especially the Negro and the Jew. An exceptionally deep thinker, he traced the sickness that has overtaken the White man's world in the 20th century to its roots in Jewish world conspiracy and its coordinated aggressive moves against us... The author also shows why Feminism is not the liberation of woman, but the unsexing of woman... He goes into great detail about the physiological basis of Negro intellectual inferiority, quoting copiously from sources that once were readily available to the layman, but were censored from the popular media and removed to arcane medical journals after World War 2. And, of course, he exposes the nefarious Jew for the deadly parasite he is. Every racially conscious White person will want this book in his collection, as it is very possibly the best book of racial philosophy originally written in the English language. This is the only edition of Which Way Western Man that incorporates the author's final revisions."

Amazon's listing of the 2003 edition of Which Way Western Man?

Barnes & Noble's listing of Which Way Western Man?, a website that sells books along with art and other collectibles, sells new and used copies of the book from both domestic and international booksellers. The Book Depository International, located in London, UK is one seller.[8]

The book can also be bought from, in Columbia, Maryland.[9]

The Amazon page for Which Way Western Man? Has many positive reviews of the book. An individual left a lengthy review in which he claimed to be the current version's editor. He also stated that he authored the synopsis which is displayed on both the Amazon on Barnes & Noble website.




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