Antisemitic Far-Right French Weekly 'Rivarol': 'The Leaders Of The Jewish Community Support Islam And At The Same Time Demonize It, In Order To Maximize Their Profit'

November 25, 2019

By: N. Szerman and J. Zaffran*



Rivarol is a French far-right weekly newspaper founded in 1951, which bills itself as "The weekly of the national and European opposition." The newspaper is named after the French royalist writer and satirist Antoine de Rivarol (1753-1801), who is also the source of the newspaper's motto: "When the people lose their respect [for authority], they cease to obey." The Rivarol website presents a history of the weekly in French, English, Italian, Swedish and Russian. The English version, titled "Rivarol, a Hearty Old Miracle," states that the weekly is "dedicated to combatting humbug, disinformation and the socio-political establishment." Sarcastically embracing the language of its opponents, the paper adds that "sixty years of unabashed 'revisionism' have failed to blunt the claws and the teeth of a team which... is constantly benefitting from the injection of new blood." It states further that the extent of the threat Rivarol poses to the "anti-France constituency" is evident from the multiple lawsuits that have been brought against it in recent years by various organizations combatting racism and antisemitism, such as MRAP (Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples), LICRA (International League Against Racism and Antisemitism), the Human Rights League of France, and others.[1]

Jerome Bourbon, a former member of the right-wing National Front party, has been the chief editor of the newspaper since 2010. On June 19, 2013, he was convicted, along with the National Front's president, Jean-Marie Le Pen, and Rivarol's then publishing director, Camille Galic, of Holocaust denial, and fined 2,000 euros. In December 2016, he was again convicted of Holocaust denial and of inciting hate, and fined 11,000 euros, for several tweets he posted, one of which, from June 19, 2015, said, "A sad time: people don't believe in God or in Hell but they believe in gas chambers without having seen them."[2]

Bourbon's June 19, 2015 tweet

The weekly newspaper urges its readers to donate funds, and even their inheritance, in order to help it deal with the lawsuits and fines: "To [help us] defend ourselves against our persecutors – we are currently involved in 13 lawsuits, requiring more than 100,000 euros! – please make a donation or donate your legacy, take out a subscription for yourself or your friends, or make a contribution to the friends of Rivarol." Several types of subscription are offered, a "Sustaining Subscription" (175 euros), a "Propaganda Subscription" (210 euros) or a "Lifelong Subscription" (2000 euros).[3]

Rivarol focuses on antisemitism, Holocaust denial and conspiracy theories. A major claim it repeats is that France's Jews encourage Muslim immigration to France in order to weaken this country and Europe, but that some of them pretend to oppose this immigration in order to fan the flames of Islamophobia, which helps Israel. This claim is similar to that of the conspiracy theory which is associated with the Great Replacement theory, which says that the Muslim and African immigration to France and Europe is being done with the aid of a transnational group of globalist capitalist ruling elites called "Mondialists," some of whom are believed to be Jews.

This report presents examples of antisemitism and Holocaust denial from five issues of Rivarol, published between September 4 and October 23, 2019.

Front page of Rivarol No. 3328, May 3, 2018

"The [Jeffrey] Epstein Affair Is a Jewish Story"

In an article titled "Jeffrey Epstein, the Fuse of a Network," Rivarol columnist François-Xavier Rochette claims that American financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who died recently in prison, was part of a vast network of rich Jewish criminals: "Epstein was neither a genius nor especially educated. He was cunning, Jewish and had the conscience of a psychopath. [That is] the ideal formula for succeeding in this world. The Jewish Epstein met with his coreligionists, with whom he had no problem finding common ground. After serving as a minor financier, he met his master, his boss and his bank, [Jewish American Billionaire] Leslie Wexner...

"Not only was the lecherous pedophile [Epstein] a master escape artist, the Arsène Lupin[4] of rape, he was also an agent working for the small Popperian community of George Soros, Lynn de Rothschild and the Zionist entity [i.e., Israel], as attested by his numerous connections with members of the Mossad. The Epstein affair is a Jewish story...

"Moreover, as noted above, Jeffrey Epstein made diligent efforts to spend a lot of time with the top family of cosmopolitan Judaism, under the leadership of Evelyn de Rothschild, emperor of the City [London's financial district]. He had relations with the third wife of this Rothschild, Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, whose name came up in connection with Pizzagate,[5] an affair that is far from over..."

In a "Letter to the Yellow Vests[6] regarding the Judges," Martin Peltier, a prolific contributor to Rivarol who writes under the penname Hannibal, praises German Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck: "Let me say a word about Germany and Mrs. Haverbeck. Ursula... thinks that the Holocaust is 'the greatest lie in history.' That is something that I would advise her not to say. This belief caused her to be convicted by three different courts and sent to prison three different times. This shows that the German thought police has made some progress since the [time of the] Gestapo. They imprisoned her in 2018 and [still] refuse to release her although she has completed most of her sentence. The reason? She is a repeat offender. She could do it again. She is only 91 years old. She is a potential danger to the public order. [Imagine what would happen] if courage ever became contagious! [There could be] a pandemic of courage! Imagine what that would do to our rainbow leaders!"[7]

"Chirac Was A Sickening Servant Of The Jews Throughout His Career"

In an article titled "Chirac: A Swindler of Patriotism, Who Dug the Graves of the Right and the Nation", the newspaper director Jerome Bourbon attributes the victory of Jacques Chirac in the 1995 presidential election to the Jewish community, in particular to Romanian-born French activist and Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld. He writes: "In his speech at Velodrome d'Hiver on July 16, 1995, [Chirac] immediately paid 'his electoral debt to the Jewish community,' as Jean-Marie Le Pen put it, and declared France guilty. During the presidential campaign, Chirac had virtually promised Serge Klarsfeld that, if elected, he would announce that France was guilty of the deportation of the Jews [in World War II]. From that moment, Klarsfeld and his powerful networks supported [Chirac's] presidential campaign with all their resources. As if by chance, it was precisely at that point that the polls began showing a reversal [in the popularity of] Chirac and [his rival, Edouard] Balladur. The latter was the outgoing prime minister and, until then, had been strongly favored. Suddenly he became the target of every attack, due to some highly publicized alleged affairs. On the eve of the first round [of the elections], only two points separated Chirac and Balladur. The margin was nonetheless sufficient to put Chirac in the Elysee palace, leaving the left temporarily in trouble. Klarsfeld had succeeded.

Jerome Bourbon (Source:

"A lover of [Jews] and a [Free] Mason himself, Chirac displayed sickening obsequiousness to the Jews throughout his career. Aside from his speech at Velodrome d'Hiver, in which he spat on the country whose interests he was supposed to defend, we also have the 2004 speech at Chambon-sur-Lignon to thank him for. On that occasion Chirac came out with unusual violence against exclusion, intolerance, racism, [and] antisemitism, condemning acts of hate and violence against the Jews and Muslims, who [according to him] are singled out as scapegoats by the native-born French. But he did not say a single word, not even in passing, about acts against whites and Catholics, about the desecration of churches and [Christian] cemeteries [and] about the insults and blows suffered by victims who are not members of those protected and glorified minorities."[8]

"The Leaders Of The Jewish Community Support Islam And At The Same Time Demonize It, In Order To Maximize Their Profit"

In another article, titled "Faurisson and Zemmour: The Difference between Real and Staged Criticism," Bourbon puts forward a conspiracy theory to explain why some Jews seem to oppose Muslim immigration to France. According to him, their opposition is just for show, because all Jews actually support this immigration due to the damage it causes to France. He writes: "A Parisian taxi driver recently confided to someone who works with us that he has often driven [Eric] Zemmour [a French Jewish writer and political journalist known for his anti-liberal and anti-immigration positions] and BHL [i.e., renowned French Jewish intellectual Bernard-Henry Levy] in his cab, and that they were actually close friends, as could be gathered by watching a program that aired recently, in which... BHL treated Zemmour with indulgence, friendliness and understanding, although Zemmour was expressing well-founded criticisms of many of [BHL's] initiatives.

"So it's clearly a charade. The leaders of the Jewish community support Islam and at the same time demonize it, in order to maximize their profit. [French Jewish writer, economist and politician Jacques] Attali has the role of encouraging Islam and the Muslims, while Zemmour demonizes them, albeit without advocating remigration (i.e., that they return to their countries of origin). In his speech at the Conference of the [Political] Right, Eric Moïse Zemmour clearly stated some truths about the current state of our country, but was very careful about mentioning the causes. Because who favors mass immigration, and who has passed and continues to pass laws to prevent nationalists from effectively fighting this planned torrent of immigrants, if not Jewish organizations like SOS-Racism, LICRA and the UEJF [the French Union of Jewish Students]?"

 "BHL and Attali incite the Muslim immigrants against the native-born French, while Zemmour, [French-Jewish philosopher Alain] Finkelkraut and their cronies try to incite the native-born French against the Muslims, whom their own [Jewish] community brought [to France] in droves, so as to instigate civil war [in the country], to the great benefit of the Jewish world and Israel. These are two prongs of a pincer attack aimed at destroying us. We must not be fooled.

"Furthermore, in his speech at the Convention de la Droite, Zemmour was rightly critical of the guilt [complex] of whites and heterosexuals. However, he mentioned only [unwarranted guilt felt over] colonization and slavery […] while avoiding any mention of [the unwarranted guilt felt over] the Shoah. For if there is a dogma that is constantly used, in schools, in the media, and in the movies, to paralyze the West and destroy its immunity, then it is clearly the [dogma of] the "Holocaust". Zemmour's deliberate omission of this issue proves the perversity of his intentions and objectives. His concern is not for France or the French."

Rivarol On The "Jewish Lobby" And The "Israelite Clique"

In an article titled "Madness of Oppression: Two More Years in Prison for Soral!", Bourbon defends Alain Soral, a Franco-Swiss far-right ideologue and conspiracy theorist,[9] and accuses the "Jewish lobby" of preventing any debate on "a long list of topics" connected to the "Israelite [i.e., Jewish] clique." He writes: "Nowadays we see that any criticism of Jewish persons or the Jewish lobby is regarded as a prelude to genocide or as justification of mass extermination. This prevents people from expressing themselves freely on a long series of subjects directly or indirectly related to the Israelite clique. That is, unless they want to risk being subjected to the worst indignities." [10]

Obituary for Holocaust Denier Pierre Marais

The same issue of Rivarol contains an obituary for Holocaust denier Pierre Marais (1921-2019), author of Les Camions A Gaz En Question ("The gas vans in doubt", Paris, Polemiques, 1994). The obituary states: "Revisionist history has just lost one of its pioneers, Pierre Marais, who died in his sleep on the night between September 19 and 20. Born on December 3, 1921, Pierre Marais would have been 98 this year. He published the three following works: En lisant de près les ecritures chantres de la Shoah: Primo Levi, Georges Wellers, Jean-Claude Pressac ("A close reading of canonic writings on the Shoah: Primo Levi, George Wellers, Jean-Claude Pressac"); Contribution au revisionnisme historique ("A contribution to revisionist history"), and Les camions à gaz en question, avec une preface du Professeur Robert Faurisson ("The gas vans in doubt, with an introduction by [Holocaust denier] Prof. Robert Faurisson"). The academic [Robert Faurisson] has already had opportunity to praise the exceptional quality of his research. The entire Riverol staff conveys its most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Pierre Marais." [11]

"Six Million What? I Don't Remember, But I Remember The Number. It's Six Million"

In a sarcastic post, titled "How do we dare?", Hannibal (Martin Peltier) challenges various claims that are regarded as a consensus. For instance, the claim that global warming is caused by man, or the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust: "The consensus, for example, is that [the world is getting] hot and that mankind is to blame for this, especially Westerners, who must eat less meat, give money to migrants and be polite to women. The consensus is that there is no such thing as race, which is why you have to be against racism. Another example? There were six million! Six million what? I don't remember, but I remember the number. There were six million. I am sure of this. There is no need to read books in order to have an opinion. That's the consensus. It is scientific."[12]

N. Szerman is director of MEMRI-French; J. Zaffran is a Research Assistant at MEMRI.



[2], June 19, 2015.

[3] Rivarol No. 3396 October 23, 2019, p. 11.

[4] Arsène Lupin is a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise created in 1905 by French writer Maurice Leblanc.

[5] "Pizzagate" is a conspiracy theory that went viral during the 2016 U.S. presidential election cycle. It claimed that several U.S. restaurants and high-ranking Democratic Party officials were part of a human trafficking and child sex ring.

[6] The Yellow Vests are a protest movement for economic justice that staged mass demonstrations in France in 2018-2019.

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