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Khartoum Friday Sermon By Sheikh Muhammad Tannoun Cites 'Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion,' Says: The Jews Are Behind Every War; The War With Them Is Not Of Borders But Of Faiths; 'Oh Allah, Count Them One By One, Kill Every Last One'
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Sudanese Sheikh Ali Al-Jazouli: 'Each and Every One Of Us... Must Believe In the Necessity of Attacking the U.S. - Its People, Its Economy, Its Military Forces and Its Civilians All Over the World';With $180 HP Printer, Osama's Army Made UPS, FedEx Lose $70 Billion
Sudanese Islamic Scholar Abd Al-Hayy Yousuf at Rally: 'Osama Bin Laden Is Our Brother and Our Patron'
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Official Friday Sermons from Sudan: Our Son Obama Hussein is Taking the Same Path as His Predecessor & Has Succumbed to Zio-Christianity; He Should Acknowledge That the Jews Carried Out 9/11; The Twin Towers Will Be Rebuilt in Israel; Hurricane Katrina was Allah's Curse of the Jews on America; America Must Follow Benjamin Franklin's Warning Again
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Sudanese Opposition Activist Khalid Omar Yousef: Islamists Have Controlled Our Army for 30 Years; They Are Pitting Freedom, Peace, and Justice against Religion, Shari'a Law
Sudanese Clerics Appeal to Military Council to Instate Islamic Law: A Caliphate Should Be Established; Sudan Belongs to the Muslims, "Communist Infidels" Cannot Bring About Reform
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Yemeni Health Minister Nasser Ba'aom: We Will Fight Khat Only When the War Is Over; I Myself Chew Khat
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