Russian Ambassador To Lebanon: 'American Rampage' May Lead To Nuclear War; Our Cooperation With Iran In Syria Is Ongoing
Renowned Lebanese-American Oncologist Prof. Philip Salem: Lebanon Would Be Better off if It Were Still Under French Mandate
Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin: Our Strategic Goal Is the End to Global Hegemony of the U.S. Dollar
Reactions In Syrian Regime, Hizbullah Circles To U.S. Withdrawal From Syria: Between Sense Of Victory For The Resistance Axis And Fear Of An American-Turkish Conspiracy
Lebanese Hebrew Student Ali Hamiyeh Warns Israel: You Are Weaker Than a Spider's Web, Our Missiles Can Strike "Netanyahu Eichmann"
Lebanese Chess Prodigy Mark Abou Deeb on Refusing to Play against Israeli Opponents: Israel Is the Enemy
Hizbullah Opponents In Lebanon: The Organization Is Subjecting Lebanon To Iranian Patronage, Preventing Formation Of Government In Retaliation For U.S. Sanctions
Retired Lebanese General: The Tunnels Exposed On Israeli Border Were Dug Before 2006; All The Sides Knew Of Their Existence Even Then
Hizbullah TV Report: South Lebanese Locals Organize a BBQ on the Border to Ridicule Israeli Anti-Tunnel Activity
In Lebanon, Criticism Of Hizbullah's Tunnels Into Israel: Hizbullah May Drag Lebanon Into War; The Lebanese Government Must Demand That Hizbullah Stop Violating UNSC Resolution 1701
Past MEMRI Reports: Lebanese Press On Hizbullah Tunneling Into Israel
Hamas Representative In Lebanon Ali Baraka: Our Missiles In Gaza 'Can Reach Every Spot In Palestine' As Can 'The Missiles Of The Resistance In Lebanon'; Iran's Financial Support 'Is The Basis' For The 'Steadfastness Of The Resistance In Gaza'
Hamas Rep. in Lebanon Ali Baraka: Our Missiles Can Strike Anywhere in Israel; Iranian Support Is the Basis of Our Steadfastness
Lebanese General Security Director: Terror Aimed At Frightening The Enemy Is Legitimate
On Eve Of Its 75th Independence Day, Lebanese Journalist Laments His Country's Condition
Former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab: Lebanon Is a Silly Adolescent Country That Still Needs Foreign Guardianship
Anti-Syrian Regime Websites: Regime Granting Citizenship To Millions Of Iranians, Hizbullah Operatives To Change Country's Demographics From Sunni To Shi'ite Majority, Conceal The Fighters' Presence In Syria
Lebanese Daily: Hizbullah Controls Area In Syrian Territory Along Border With Lebanon – And Has Built Military Bases, Training Camps, And Underground Warehouses There
Former ISIS Nurse Recounts Being Forced to Perform Abortions on Pregnant Slave Girls, Sedating Her Children in Order to Escape
This Week, U.S. State Department Designated Jawad Nasrallah, Son Of Hizbullah Leader, A Terrorist; In MEMRI TV Clip Of 2007 Interview He Stated: 'The Most Honorable Death' Is To Be 'Martyred For The Sake Of Allah, Especially... At The Hands Of The Zionists' – From The MEMRI Archives
UAE Businessman Khalaf Ahmad Al-Habtoor: 'Hizbullah Needs To Be Eliminated'
Lebanese Journalist: France Boosts Political And Intelligence Ties With Hizbullah – In Order To Profit From Lebanese Oil
Lebanese Sociologist And Author Dr. Rita Faraj: 'Islam Is Undergoing A Strong Clash With Modernity' And Needs Reform; 'We Could Never Imagine' That Anyone 'Would Consider Killing Himself... To Meet Black-Eyed Virgins' In Paradise
Lebanese Sociologist and Author Dr. Rita Faraj: Islam Is Clashing with Modernity And Needs To Reform Its Institutions
Hackers Infiltrate Israeli Websites Live On Lebanese TV
Hackers Infiltrate Israeli Websites Live on Lebanese TV
Shi'ite Website Opposed To Hizbullah: Another War Between Hizbullah And Israel Will Destroy Lebanon
Criticism In Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon Over Hizbullah's Involvement In Yemen, Support For Houthis
Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi: I Do Not Regret Supporting Nasrallah, I Agree with His Positions against U.S. and Israel
Intellectuals, Journalists In Gulf Attack Hizbullah Following Israeli Revelation Of Its Missile Sites In Beirut
Head Of Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV Receives Award Honoring The Network's 'Martyrs' At Italian Event Sponsored By Foreign Ministry And Parliament
Hizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah: We Have Accurate Missiles, Despite Israel's Attempt to Thwart Delivery
Head of Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV Receives Award Honoring the Network's "Martyrs" at Italian Event Sponsored by Foreign Ministry and Parliament
Hizbullah Reveals Drones And Missile At 'Museum For Jihadi Tourism' In South Lebanon
Lebanese Journalist Salem Zahran: Kuwaiti Emir Canceled Deals with China at Trump's Order: The Jews Rule the World
Hizbullah Commander To Lebanese Daily: In The Next War We May Succeed In Penetrating Israel And Reaching The West Bank
Abd Al-Hadi Mahfouz, President Of Lebanese National Media Council: MEMRI Has Great Influence On Global Media, Brought About Removal Of Hamas, Hizbullah Accounts On Social Media
Lebanese Politicians, Journalists, Before The Outbreak Of The Current Protest-Wave: It Is Hizbullah That Caused The Economic Crisis In The Country
Lebanese Journalist: Iran Acting To Replace Armies Of Neighboring Countries With Militias Under Its Control
Editor Of Hizbullah-Affiliated Lebanese Daily: The Resistance Axis Has Moved To The Stage of Punitive Attack And Is Prepared For All-Out War; If UAE Does Not Withdraw From Yemen, It Will Face A Harsh Attack
Following Iranian Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities, Houthis Threaten Further Attacks, Warn Foreigners And Companies To Leave; Hizbullah Supporter Tweets Photo Of Anti-Ship Missile
In Lebanon, Criticism Against Hizbullah For Dragging Country Into War For Sake Of Iran, And Against Lebanese Leaders For Supporting Hizbullah
Saudi Writers Attack Hizbullah: It Initiated The Military Escalation Vis-à-vis Israel To Serve Iran, Is Devastating Lebanon
Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Nasrallah: If Israel Attacks Lebanon, Israeli Army's Destruction Will Be Broadcast For All To See; Our Resistance Front Stretches From Palestine To Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen; Western War Against Iran Would Set Region Aflame
Lebanese Columnist: The U.S. Sanctions On Hizbullah Officials Are A Message To Lebanese Government To Act Against Hizbullah Weapons
Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: We Have Enough Missiles To Send Israel Back To The Stone Age; Iran Would Be The First To Attack Israel If War Breaks Out
Editor Of Pro-Hizbullah Lebanese Daily: Iran And U.S. Are Already At War, Which Mandates Considering Attacks On All Western Interests In The Region
Article In Pro-Hizbullah Lebanese Daily: Lebanon Must Not Hold Talks With Israel Over Maritime Border Brokered By The American Enemy; The Lebanese Resistance Can Prevent Foreign Drilling Companies From Approaching Lebanese Waters
Hizbullah Leader Hassan Nasrallah: U.S. War With Iran Would Ignite The Region, U.S. Forces And Interests Would Be Annihilated; The Precision Missiles In Lebanon Can Change The Region's Balance Of Power
Lebanese Writers: Hizbullah Is Oppressing South Lebanon Residents – And They Are Subjected To Increasing Islamization
Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri: Jews Are Money-Hungry Even In Their Mother's Womb
Russian Military Academy Official At Lebanese Embassy Event Marking Israel's Withdrawal From Lebanon In 2000: Hizbullah Burned The Israeli Tanks Just As Our Army Burned The Nazi Tanks In WWII
Lebanese Journalist Nadim Koteich Blames Islamic Jihad, Hamas For Clashes: Israel Withdrew From Gaza In 2005; Criminal Muslim Brotherhood Enterprise Has Thrown Gaza Into Civil War
Editor Of Pro-Hizbullah Daily: Iran Has An Arsenal That Threatens Western Europe And Can Topple Countries
Saudi Writers: A Confrontation With Hizbullah Has Become A Necessity; Lebanon Cannot Fight It Alone
Lebanese Actress Nidal Al-Ashkar: No Freedom Of Speech In The Arab World; Change Would Require Real Transformative Revolutions
Lebanese Girl Donates Savings To Hizbullah, Rewarded With A Hijab And Copy Of The Quran Signed By Nasrallah
Lebanese Anti-Hizbullah Daily: Iran Has Evacuated Bases, Weapons Depots, Near Damascus International Airport For Fear Of Israeli Attacks – And Will Operate Out Of Airport Near Syria-Lebanon Border
Article On Hizbullah Website In Advance Of U.S. Secretary Of State Pompeo's Lebanon Visit: Lebanon Must Not Submit To American Dictates
Hizbullah Official In Beirut Receives Visiting Far-Right 'Alliance For Freedom And Peace' Party Members From UK, Italy, Belgium, Germany, And Croatia – Who Express Support For Hizbullah's Fight Against Israel
Lebanese Daily 'Al-Akhbar' Responds To UK's Designation Of All Of Hizbullah – i.e. Its Political Wing Too – As Terrorist: Lebanon Is Hostile Territory For British Representatives, They Are Not Wanted Here
Lebanese Philosopher Dr. Ali Harb: Colonialism Brought Arabs Out Of Middle Ages Into Modernity; We Need To Change How We See The World
Articles In Jordanian, Palestinian Authority Press: America's Moves Vis-à-vis Venezuela Are Barbaric Imperialism
Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah: I Am Willing To Go To Iran And Bring The Lebanese Army Air Defenses, Anything It Needs To Become Strongest Army In The Region
Hizbullah Declares Its Support For Venezuelan President Maduro, Condemns U.S. Intervention In Venezuela's Affairs
Pro-Hizbullah Lebanese Daily Warns France Against Military Cooperation With Israel In Syria
Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashed: Arab Heads Of State Did Not Attend Beirut Economic Summit – Because They Fear Iran And Hizbullah
Russian Ambassador To Lebanon: 'American Rampage' May Lead To Nuclear War; Our Cooperation With Iran In Syria Is Ongoing
Reactions In Syrian Regime, Hizbullah Circles To U.S. Withdrawal From Syria: Between Sense Of Victory For The Resistance Axis And Fear Of An American-Turkish Conspiracy
Retired Lebanese General: The Tunnels Exposed On Israeli Border Were Dug Before 2006; All The Sides Knew Of Their Existence Even Then
In Lebanon, Criticism Of Hizbullah's Tunnels Into Israel: Hizbullah May Drag Lebanon Into War; The Lebanese Government Must Demand That Hizbullah Stop Violating UNSC Resolution 1701
Past MEMRI Reports: Lebanese Press On Hizbullah Tunneling Into Israel
Lebanese Protests Place Hizbullah In A Bind – Part II: Hizbullah's Position On Protests Evokes Unusually Harsh Criticism Among Its Supporters, Prompts Wave Of Resignations From Pro-Hizbullah Daily 'Al-Akhbar'
Lebanese Protests Place Hizbullah In A Bind – Part I: Hizbullah's Hostility To The Protests And The Reasons Behind It
Ban On Selling, Renting Property To Muslims In Lebanese Town Sparks Sectarian Conflict In Country
Sparse Response To Houthi Fundraising Campaign For Hizbullah
Due To U.S. Sanctions Against It And Against Its Sponsor Iran, Hizbullah Turns To Its Supporters For Aid
In Arab Media, Increased Discussion Of Imminent Israel-Hizbullah War
As U.S. Secretary Of State Pompeo Prepares To Visit Lebanon, Hizbullah Is In Complete Control Of Lebanese Government – And The March 14 Camp, Saudi Arabia, And U.S. Have Cooperated With It And Come To Terms With The Situation
Dispute In Lebanon Over Iran's Offer To Equip Lebanese Army
Debate In Lebanon On Inviting Syria To Arab Economic Summit In Beirut, Normalizing Relations With It
Hizbullah Opponents In Lebanon: The Organization Is Subjecting Lebanon To Iranian Patronage, Preventing Formation Of Government In Retaliation For U.S. Sanctions
Criticism In Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon Over Hizbullah's Involvement In Yemen, Support For Houthis
Leading Salafi-Jihadis In Ein Al-Hilweh Palestinian Refugee Camp, Lebanon: The Struggle Against Israel Takes Priority Over The Struggles In Iraq And Syria
Intensive Discussions In Resistance Axis Ahead Of Possible Joint Confrontation With Israel; Syrian Daily: A Confrontation Is Inevitable
Resistance Axis Forces Directly Threaten U.S.: We Are On The Brink Of War On Syria-Iraq Border; The U.S. Will Pay Dearly If It Acts Against Us In Syria
The Significance, Ramifications, And Messages Of Hizbullah's Show Of Military Force In Al-Qusayr, Syria
Al-Hariri's Choice Of Hizbullah Ally Aoun For Lebanese Presidency Is Another March 14 Forces Concession To Pro-Iran Axis
Both Before And After Lebanese Bank Bombing, Hizbullah Supporters Incited Against Banking Sector And Central Bank Governor, Threatened Further Escalation That Would Impact Country's Future
Criticism, Resentment Of Hizbullah On The Rise Among Shi'ites In Lebanon Over Organization's Military Involvement In Syria
As Lebanon's Banks Begin To Implement U.S. Sanctions Against Hizbullah, Hizbullah Criticizes Banking Sector, Warns Of Chaos In Lebanon And More 'Actions Against The American Takeover Plan'
Lebanon's Failure To Support Saudi Arabia In Struggle With Iran Sparks Crisis Between Lebanon And Saudi-Led Gulf
Hizbullah's International Drug Network Preoccupies Europe
Hizbullah Faces Criticism In Lebanon For Besieging Madaya: Its Starvation Of Syrians Recalls Past Crimes Of Mass Extermination In History
Debate In Lebanon Surrounding Saudi Establishment Of Islamic Anti-Terrorism Alliance, Lebanon's Inclusion In It
Michel Aoun Calls On Lebanese Christians To Protest Against Its Leaders' Marginalization: Wily Lebanese Politicians Are Taking Over Christians' Rights
Distress Signals By Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah And Pro-Hizbullah Media Reflect Growing Sense Of Existential Danger, Crisis Of Confidence Between Hizbullah And Its Supporters
Christians In Lebanon, Fearing ISIS And Jabhat Al-Nusra, Seek To Arm Themselves, Gain Protection Of International Community And Hizbullah
Lebanese Elements Furious Over Hizbullah's Activity In Golan, Shebaa Farms, Critical Of Nasrallah's Statements About Uniting Lebanese, Syrian Resistance Fronts
Following Killing Of Hizbullah Operative Jihad Mughniyah, New Information Comes To Light Regarding Hizbullah, Iranian Activity In Syrian Golan On Israeli Border
Hizbullah-Affiliated Lebanese Daily 'Al-Akhbar' Calls For Kidnapping French Nationals In Order to Exchange Them For Lebanese Terrorist George 'Abdallah, Imprisoned In France
Al-Mustaqbal Losing Ground As Representative Of Lebanese Sunnis
Tracking Hizbullah Online - Part IV: Websites Hosted In Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Texas, California; On Social Media, Including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter - And WhatsApp; Apps Available From Apple Store, Google Play For iPhone And Android
Using A Charismatic Dead Fighter And A Renowned Lebanese Singer, Hizbullah Propaganda Machine Uses Emotional Tactics To Generate Sympathy For And Solidarity With The Organization
Lebanese Media Report Shift In U.S. Attitudes Towards Hizbullah – Though It Is A Designated Terrorist Organization
Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam's New Government: A Compromise Between Rival Factions
Rift In Hizbullah And Among Its Shi'ite Supporters Due To Its Military Involvement In Syria
Lebanese President Michel Suleiman Renews His Attack On Hizbullah's Weapons
Lebanese Shiite Scholar Mohammad Al-Hajj Ali Al-Amili: A Modern, Democratic Lebanon Is in Everybody’s Best Interest, Including Shiites; Lebanese and Iraqi Shiites Are Disappointed with the Islamic Movements
Lebanese Shiite Scholar Sami Khadra: I Apologize for the “Bad Image” of Lebanese Women as Revealed in Protests
Lebanese Shiite Scholar Mohamad Ali Al-Husseini Praises Lebanese, Iraqi Shiites for “Slapping” Khamenei by Rejecting Iranian Hegemony
Hizbullah TV: Popular Resistance to U.S. Presence in Syria May Soon Shift from Stones to Molotov Cocktails, IEDs, Anti-Tank Missiles, and Snipers
Lebanese Analyst Amer Arnaout Says Lebanon's Senior Leaders Have Blood on Their Hands, Should Resign; Lebanese Analyst Sandrella Merhej Responds: People Who Call for Their Resignation Belong to a Fifth Column
Al-Manar TV Report: Hizbullah Soldiers Pledge Allegiance to Khomeini, Khamenei, Nasrallah
Hassan Nasrallah: Lebanon Is Safer Than Washington, D.C.; We Have So Many Missiles We Don't Know Where to Put Them; Speech Accompanied by "Death to America" Chants
Former Lebanese Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui: People who Accept Money from Abroad Commit High Treason, Should be Executed
Lebanese Athletes Refuse to Share Podium with Israeli Competitor at Karate World Championship: We Are Taking a Stand against Murderers of Children
Nuclear Physicist Dr. Hadi Issa Dalloul: Tehran University on the Verge of Producing Cancer Treatment that Will Make Cancer-Spreading Jewish Companies Go Bankrupt
Abd Al-Hadi Mahfouz, President of Lebanese National Media Council: MEMRI Has Great Influence on Global Media, Brought about Removal of Hamas, Hizbullah Accounts on Social Media
Pro-Iranian Lebanese Political Analyst Anis Al-Naqqash: America is the Enemy of Humanity; Arabs and Muslims Should Fight It; We Encourage ISIS-Like Phenomena
Iraqi Shiite Militia Leader Qais Khazali: Israel and America Will Pay for the Killing of PMU Members by Protesters
Lebanese Constitutional Expert Chibli Mallat: We Should Place Our Heads of State on Trial; Next PM Can Be a Woman
Lebanese TV Report: Protestors Trample Israeli Flag to Show Israel Is Lebanon’s True Enemy and Prove That They Are Not Funded by Foreign Embassies
Lebanese TV Host Samar Abou Khalil Accuses Government of Depravity, Corruption, Blames It for Poverty, Unemployment in Lebanon
Lebanese TV Host Juomana Haddad on Racism in the Arab World: We Are Tenth, not Third, World; We're Wallowing in Our Own Backwardness
Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah Pledges Allegiance to Khamenei, Adds: Regional War Would Spell the End of Israel, U.S. Hegemony
Lebanese Politician Wehbe Katicha: Israel Would Not Attack Us If We Had a Real Government; We Will Have No Economy So Long as We Have Extralegal Militias
Lebanese Researcher Riyadh Eid: Macron's Wife Is a Rothschild; French Initiative to Keep Iran in the JCPOA Comes from "Jewish Capitalism"
Lebanese Politician Mustapha Allouch: Lebanon Has Been Hijacked by Hizbullah and Suffers from Stockholm Syndrome; Iran Calls the Shots
Lebanese Politician Elie Mahfoud: Who Rules Lebanon? Lebanon's Leaders Are Waiting to Hear Whether Nasrallah Declares War or Not
Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: We Will Confront Israeli Drones in Lebanon, Retaliate Against Israel
Lebanese Researcher Rafik Nasrallah: Arabs Should Stop Procreating So That We Become Extinct; We Are a Nation Unworthy of Being Alive (Archival)
Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: Western War against Iran Would Set the Region Aflame; If Israel Attacks Lebanon, the Destruction of Its Military Will Be Broadcasted for All to See
Pro-Hizbullah Motorcycle Procession in Lebanon: We Are Ready to Enter Israel Underground or Above Ground
Hizbullah MP Elwalid Succariyeh: In Future War, We Will Invade the Galilee, the Hula Valley; Will Help Syria Liberate Galilee
Lebanese Journalist Ghassan Jawad: We Are Paying the Price for Europe's Guilt about the Holocaust, Hitler, and the Treatment of the Jews
Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil: Our Partnership with Hizbullah Prevents Lebanon from Turning into a Den of Terrorism, Which Would Spread to Europe
Lebanese Politician Naufal Daou: Hizbullah and Iran Control Our Political Decision-Making Process by the Power of Their Weapons
Lebanese Academic Dr. Khaled Abdul Fattah: Muslims Should Not Intermarry; We Don’t Want to See Churches in the Squares of the Islamic State We Call for
Lebanese Army Holds "Snake BBQ," Soldiers Say: We Will Cut off the Heads of Our Enemies like We Cut off These Snakes' Heads (Warning: Graphic)
Lebanese Politician Samy Gemayel: Lebanon Cannot Cope With Such Multitudes of Syrian Refugees; Hizbullah Is Dragging Us into Conflicts We Have Nothing to Do With
Former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab: Turkey Is an Occupier and an Enemy
Fmr. Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel: U.S. Sells Weapons to Arabs So They Test Them Out on Other Arabs; Israel Would Control U.S. If Regional Tensions Subsided, So U.S. Wants to Keep Tensions High
Hizbullah Deputy Leader Sheikh Naim Qassem: U.S.- Iran War Would Set the Region Ablaze; Israel Is Vulnerable to Our Weapons No Matter What It Does