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Russia In The World – Russia On The African Continent Part I
South Africa-Based Indian Barelvi Group: 'Whoever Performs A Prayer Of Forgiveness For A Dead Kafir [Infidel]... Or If Someone Calls A Dead Hindu A 'Bekanth Baashi' [Dweller Of Paradise]... [They] Are Themselves Kafirs'
South Africa-Based Indian Barelvi Group Issues Anti-Shi'a Fatwa, Declares Them Apostates And Evil, Quotes Prophet Muhammad As Saying: 'Shortly There Will Appear A Group Of People Whose Name Will Be Synonymous With Evil'
Al-Azhar: The Islamic State (ISIS) Is A Terrorist Organization, But It Must Not Be Accused Of Heresy
Pakistani Blogger Compares Boko Haram To TTP: '[Like TTP,] Boko Haram Has Actively Sought To Destroy Schools Imparting "Western" Education, Attacked Churches, Broke Into jails, [And] Assassinated Moderate Clerics'
U.K. Islamist Women: Kidnapped Nigerian Girls' Conversion to Islam Is No Surprise – Islam Liberates Women
Pakistani Columnists On Boko Haram's Abduction Of Girls: 'There Is A Mini Boko Haram... In Every Neighborhood In Muslim Societies'; 'Muslim Countries Burn Themselves With Rage Owing To Cartoons But There Is A Complete Lack Of Outrage For Heinous Acts Like These'
Reactions In Arab Press To Kidnapping Of Nigerian Girls: 'It Is Inconceivable That The World's Countries Should Take Action Against The Boko Haram Phenomenon While The Islamic States And Organizations Remain Silent'; The Muslim Nation Must Eliminate Boko Haram
The National Movement For the Liberation of Azawad Looks To Russia As An International Partner
After Reaching A Dead End In Talks Over Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Egyptian Media Ponders Diplomatic, Military Alternatives In Nile Water Crisis
American Nationals In The Ranks Of The Al-Shabab Organization, Which Perpetrated The Nairobi Attack
Nigerian Women's Rights Activist Funmi Falana Slams Senate For Not Taking A Stand Against Child Marriage
Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen Video Presents Three Americans From Minnesota Who Died Fighting In Somalia
New Al-Shabab Video Features Abu Ahmed 'The American' And Two Kenyans Calling On Muslims To Wage Jihad, Whether Domestically Or Abroad
MNLA Recaptures Towns In Azawad, Requires France To Coordinate Its Operations With MLNA
International Union Of Muslim Scholars Head Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi Criticizes French Military For Intervention In Mali, Calls For Peaceful Resolution
JTTM Report From December: Amid Reports Of Having Left AQIM, Mokhtar Belmokhtar Announces New Group, Threatens Against Military Intervention In Azawad
Editors Of London-Based Arabic Newspapers Respond To French Intervention In Mali
Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen Renounce 'Omar Hammami
In Second 'Urgent Message,' American Al-Shabab Commander 'Omar Hammami Confirms Major Schism Between Somali And Foreign Al-Shabab Fighters, Urges Al-Qaeda Leadership To Intervene
In Video, French Al-Qaeda In The Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) Operative Says To French, U.S. Presidents And U.N.: Intervention In Northern Mali Will Face Resistance Similar To That In Afghanistan And Palestine
MNLA Coordinator For Diplomatic Action In Europe Mossa Ag Attaher: Secularism Is The Foundation Of Our Combat In Azawad
MNLA Political Bureau Member Nina Walet Intalou Issues 'Open Letter To The Free World'
AQIM Congratulates Ansar Al-Din For Conquests In Azawad, Cautions It To Avoid Clashes With MNLA
Desecration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Timbuktu by Ansar Al-Din, AQIM
At 'First National Congress of Azawad,' MNLA Chief of Staff Calls on All Other Armed Groups to Relinquish Their Arms
Ulemas of Azawad call to Recognize Islam as Official State Religion, Koran and Hadiths as Source of Legislation
Following Anti-Islamist Demonstration, National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) Chief of Staff Sent to Timbuktu to Reassure Local Population
Rally against Ansar Al-Din in Timbuktu
Tuareg Rebels in Azawad Deny Ties to Extremists: We Are Fighting for a Secular Republic
American Al-Shabab Commander 'Omar Hammami Says His Life Is Endangered By Al-Shabab Due To Differences Over 'Shari'a' And 'Strategic' Matters; Al-Shabab Issues Denial, Promises to Investigate
MNLA Supports France's Military Intervention, Demands Respect For Azawad's Independence, Human Rights
MNLA Reaction To ECOWAS Intervention Plan In Azawad: 'We Are The Only Credible Ally In The Fight Against Terrorism In The Sahel'
Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen And Kenyan Muslim Youth Center Strengthen Ties
The Fight For A Secular State Of Azawad – Part II: Fighting Terror In The Sahel
The MNLA's Fight For A Secular State Of Azawad
Omar Hammami, American Commander Of Al-Qaeda Affiliate In Somalia Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen – And A U.S.-Designated Terrorist – Uses YouTube, Twitter, And Facebook Freely
Azawad's Rocky Road to Independence
Somali Al-Qaeda Affiliate Al-Shabaab Tweets Jihad and Martyrdom
Rising Tensions over the Nile River Basin
Cape Town Friday Sermon by Activist Cassiem Khan Following Royal Visit to Local Mosque: Prince Harry Is an Enemy Combatant
Report on High-Level Somali Official Fahad Yasin, a Former Al-Jazeera Correspondent with Past in Extremist Groups
Sec.-Gen. of Chad's Ruling Party Mahamat Zene Bada Defends President Déby's "Courageous" Visit to Israel: We Can Benefit From Learning from Israel; It Is a Normal Thing to Do
South African Politician Tony Ehrenreich at BDS March Calls to Expel Israeli Ambassador, Investigate SA Jewish Board of Deputies, Supporters of Israel Have No Place in SA
Durban Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer in a BDS Event: Apartheid Israel Will Tumble into Dust
Syria-Based South African Islamist Scholar Maseeha Saloojee to Westerners: Wage Jihad, But Not Necessarily in Syria
South Africa Sermon by Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks: The Jews Have No Right to the Western Wall; It Is an Integral Part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque - Archival
Kenyan Social Democratic Party Official on Al-Quds Day: If Possible, We Will Join the Palestinians in the Battlefield
Controversy in Swearing-In of New Chad Government: Christian Minister Refuses to Swear by "Allah", Another Refuses to Swear by Scripture
Cape Town Imam Riyaad Fataar Calls on All Muslims, Free People Worldwide to Support Jihad in Palestine
Fatah Official Jibril Rajoub Slams President Trump at ANC Conference in South Africa, Calls for BDS Measures against Israel
Somali Professor and Author Abdi Said: Abolish Notion of Apostasy; Secularism Is the Solution