Yemen's Houthi Ansar Allah Movement: German Company's Decision To Remove The Movement's Official Website From Its Servers Is A Violation Of Freedom Of The Press, A Form Of Aggression Against Yemen, And A Diabolical Attempt To Cover Up Zionist Crimes Against Palestine

February 27, 2024

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On February 11, 2024, the official website of Yemen's Ansar Allah Houthi Movement reported in a statement on Telegram that the German cloud-hosting firm Contabo had removed the website from its servers.[1] To view the German Muenchen (ARD) news story on this, released February 19, 2024, click below:

The MEMRI JTTM previously reported, in November 2023, that Contabo was hosting an IP address for a website of the Lebanese Hizbullah-owned-and-operated Al-Manar television.[2]

Website's Removal From German Servers "Violates Freedom Of The Press" To "Cover Up Zionist Crimes"

In the statement, the Ansar Allah website denounced the shut down as an "illegal measure" which "violates freedom of the press, publications, and expression." It characterized the move – undertaken by a Western company – as hypocritical. The site's removal is "sufficient evidence of the falsity of the slogans of democracy and freedom of opinion and expression that the West has praised for decades," the website stated.

The statement claimed that Contabo removed the website from its servers "under the pretext of publishing content that incites hatred for Zionism." The Ansar Allah website, therefore, accused Contabo of "attempting to mislead global public opinion in aims of covering up the crimes of genocide which are being committed by the Zionist enemy against women and children in Gaza and Palestine in general."

The statement read: "We consider blocking the official Ansar Allah website, hijacking the content published on it, and fighting its reach on the social media sites 'Facebook – YouTube,' in addition to [the shutdown of] previous websites belonging to the national authorities in the county [of Yemen], to be a form of aggression against our country resultant from its honorable position in support of the oppressed Palestinian people. We also consider it to be evidence of the inability of the Zionist lobby and its malicious arms to face the light of truth and a satanic measure that seeks to hide the Zionist and American crimes and limit their publication to the world."

Website To Reopen: "We Will Continue To Support Our Mujahideen Brothers In Palestine By All Means"

In conclusion, the statement affirmed that the Ansar Allah website would continue to operate, despite its removal from Contabo's servers. "Work is underway to operate the website," it declared, adding: "And we confirm that this measure will not weaken our determination to confront the arrogance of the Zionist lobby and its satanic arms. We will continue to reveal the facts with professionalism and credibility based on 'an eye on the Quran and an eye on events." We will continue to support our mujahideen brothers in Palestine by all means and capabilities with the rest of the free media outlets as part of the battle of 'the promised conquest and holy jihad,' in which our great Yemeni people are overcoming – with the help of Allah almighty – all difficulties and challenges. May the eyes of the cowards never rest."[3]



[1] Telegram, February 11, 2024.

[3] The final sentence is a quote historically attributed to the 7th century Muslim military commander Khalid ibn Al-Walid.

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