Turkish Hackers Report Acquisition Of U.S. Government Documents Including Those Published By White House, Congress, FBI, CIA, DOD, DHS, And LAPD

September 18, 2020

In the past 12 months, Turkish hackers on various forums have reported many breaches of U.S. government and privately owned computer systems. The records reportedly acquired through these hacks include those published by the White House, Congress, FBI, CIA, DOD, DHS, and LAPD. Other documents include U.S., Spanish, and UK ID cards and passports, data on over two million doctors working in the U.S., and American "license and insurance information."

The following report will review some of the hacks of American government and privately owned computer systems reported in Turkish hacking forums.

Posts Reporting Acquisition Of Congress, White House, DOD, CIA, DHS Documents

In an April 12, 2020 post, a user claimed to have "documents from the White House," that are are "ready for sale." The post provided some examples of the documents attained, and provided contact info for Telegram, Wickr, ICQ, and ProtonMail.

The post linked to two files on Mega.NZ, one of which has image files of the first page of eight documents, including: documents bearing the seal of the DHS and U.S. Congress; a CIA report labeled "Secret"; and an Excel file titled "employees" giving the names, positions, addresses, and phone number of employees, apparently of White House employees.

The other file lists additional files.

A July 10, 2020 post reportedly included a link to a document relating to U.S. Air Force operations as well as the Pentagon.


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