Tracking Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV Online: Removed From Servers In Netherlands And U.S. As A Result Of MEMRI Reports - And Now Hosted On Servers In U.K.

December 4, 2012 | By Steven Stalinsky


Following MEMRI's November 8, 2012 publication of its report Al-Manar TV, Banned By The U.S. And U.K., Now Hosted On U.K. And Netherlands Servers, MEMRI notified the web companies hosting the servers as well as authorities in the Netherlands and U.K. of its findings.

While authorities in the Netherlands took immediate action, U.K. authorities have to date failed to do so.

Anyone wishing to report extremist and terrorist website content in the U.K. may do so to the Home Office, the leading government department for immigration, passports, counter-terrorism, policing, drugs, and crime.[1]

Shortly after the Netherlands removed the Al-Manar TV website, Hizbullah moved it to a server in the U.S. owned by GSI Hosting, which when searched for flips over to LayeredTech. MEMRI contacted LayeredTech via email about its hosting of the website on its servers; when no action was taken, MEMRI contacted the company by telephone, and was told to wait a few days because it takes time to process and evaluate email requests. Shortly thereafter, the website was removed.

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