Telegram 'Nasheed Gallery' Channel Shares Songs Featuring Voices Of Jihadis, 'Martyrs'

July 11, 2016

The Telegram channel "Nasheed Gallery," created on June 30, 2016, allows users to listen to and download jihadi nasheeds (Islamic songs). According to the channel's description, the nasheeds are sung by "mujahideen and shuhadaa [martyrs]" and "those who are truthful in conveying the message of jihad." The channel encourages users to listen to the nasheeds while driving their car or "when you need motivation."

The channel currently features over 50 nasheeds that can be streamed on Telegram or downloaded to a user's device. The channel has 284 members, who can contribute to its nasheed library by sending in their own links.

The nasheeds convey an array of messages pertaining to jihad, martyrdom, and fighting Islam's enemies. The nasheed production companies featured on the channel include Ajnad, ISIS's official media company specializing in audio releases. ISIS's nasheeds are a main factor in reinforcing the group's narrative and attracting new recruits.[1]


cjl07112As of July 1st, the channel had shared 16 audio tracks, 3 files and 1 link.


The following are examples of files containing nasheeds produced and released by ISIS:

cjl07113"Welcome Into Death"

cjl07114"Badge of Ramadan"

cjl07115"Oh Mother, I will Not Return"

cjl07116"We Will Go On the Road, For Foundation [Of the Islamic State] Echoes"

cjl07117"Gold of Faith" cjl07118"We Ask God To Soon Accept [Us]"


[1] See MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1179 The Songs Of The Islamic State - A Major Tool For Reinforcing Its Narrative, Spreading Its Message, Recruiting Supporters, August 11, 2015; and Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1228, The Songs Of The Islamic State, Part II - Encouraging 'Martyrdom' With The Promise Of A Marvelous Afterlife, February 16, 2016.

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