Pro-Jihad NYC Imam Who Encouraged Hatred Of Non-Muslims Discusses Cryptocurrency On Salafi Telegram Channel, Raises Money On Patreon

May 30, 2019

The Telegram Channel "Daily Reminders," also referred to as Daily Dawah ("preaching, invitation"), posted a video of NY-based cleric Muhammad ibn Muneer discussing cryptocurrency. Muneer maintains a YouTube channel[1] with 13,417 subscribers where he has advocated violent jihad,[2] implored Muslims to hate non-Muslims,[3] and praised circumcision as it "teaches children that one must be willing to spill blood for Allah's shari'a."[4] Muneer also has a Patreon page where he raises money for his efforts.[5] The Daily Reminders Telegram channel posts English-language content from Salafi scholars.

On May 27, 2019, the Daily Reminders Telegram channel posted a quote from imprisoned Salafi Sheikh Abdel Aziz Al-Tarefe along with a hadith[6] narrated by one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad about how a mujahid should break his fast.

In a video posted on May 7, 2019, Muneer discusses the advantages of cryptocurrencies, saying that currencies like Bitcoin are in some ways more compliant with shari'a than other forms of currency.

Click below to view the video.

Mufti Muneer Discusses Bitcoin from MEMRI - CJL on Vimeo.

Following is a transcript of excerpts from the video:

"My personal opinion, allahu alam [God knows], is that there are some aspects of Bitcoin which are closer to the original concept of buying and selling and trading in the shari'a. Aqrab [closer], bartering, the concept of wealth being dominated and made into a monopoly, the concept of wealth being held by a small, tiny percentage of people. That's problematic Islamically...

"So from my humble research and Allah knows best, I don't specialize in this, I felt that some of the researchers say that from the concepts, or the objectives of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is to remove some of these fat hogs and push them back from dominating the money and making the prices and giving the people what they want. And let the people agree on what the value of a thing is, you see what I'm saying to you? If that's true and if that's accurate then as I've just explained briefly that's maksad shari'a [an objective of the shari'a]. So some people have the view that Bitcoin is closer to the shari'a than other sources of currency...

"Another very important point, and I'm gonna finish my answer with this, is if the Muslims don't get involved with the changing fluctuation of the world today, they'll be left behind. Twenty years will go past, its haram [forbidden] its muharam [prohibited] not based off of evidence but just off of unfamiliarity, and they'll be ahead of us. And then what are we gonna do when Bitcoin is now the official currency. Methalan [for example] we're gonna be stuck, and were gonna be begging at their mercy and we're gonna have to deal with the haram aspects of it. So whenever the Muslims are narrow-minded and their confined in their box of comfortability and the kuffar [unbelievers] take it to the next level, and 20, 30, 50 years pass by now we're just barely catching up to them..."

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