Pro-ISIS Website Releases Statement Addressing Recent Hacking

June 14, 2021

On June 11, 2021, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) website that had recently been hacked, posted a statement on the ISIS-run Rocket.Chat server about improved security measures on the website, and asserting the site's commitment to the security of its users.

The statement read: "We would like to clarify the confusion that occurs to some of the brothers... [so that] no supporter will have any suspicious, nor an enemy will have any excuse against us."

Speaking of the group that had discovered the hacking of the website, the statement said: "[The group] was the one that falsified the conversation for its malicious intentions. It intended to grow suspicion between the munasirin [supporters] and their brothers, the workers on the website, exploiting the penetration of one of the website's servers."

On the topic of safely using the website, the statement said: "We previously advised to use a VPN and the Tor network to hide your true location when browsing munasirin websites. This way, you'll protect yourself, by Allah's permission. And we still recommend the use of Tor network and VPN, and we warn against tolerating [ignoring] that."

Reasserting the site's commitment to the security of its users, the statement read: "We, the workers [of the] website, are keen on the security of the munasir brothers, and we have assessed the security measures and strengthened them to avoid penetration again, by Allah's permission."

Moreover, it continued, "We were not unaware to the stalking of the website. Since it has become a thorn in the throats of the kuffar [infidels], they seek to remove it with what they have in order to prevent the munasirin and the common Muslims from seeing the facts that their media hide about the Islamic State — may Allah bless it — and slander them. However, Allah will disappoint them, and the thorn will remain in their throats, by Allah's permission, and we are watching them. This is our media jihad, and their cyber-attacks will not prevent us from supporting the Islamic State by every means."

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