Pro-ISIS Tech Outlet Resumes Operations After Eight-Month Hiatus, Warns Against Intelligence Tools Used To Capture iPhone Data

December 17, 2021

On December 15, 2021, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) outlet published a poster on the ISIS-operated Rocket.Chat server announcing that it will resume its operations following an eight-month hiatus caused by "adverse circumstances." The outlet was originally established on Telegram on with the goal of educating users in online safety and communication security.

The next day, the Telegram channel resumed its activities by publishing a poster and two "pastethis-to" links, in Arabic and English, explaining how law enforcement can break into iPhones using special tools made by intelligence companies to capture the data stored on devices.

It is worth noting that the "pastethis-to" website accepts Bitcoin cryptocurrency donations.

When the outlet was first launched in 2019, a prominent pro-ISIS outlet which is similarly dedicated to disseminating information security tips did not welcome the new group. At the time, the more established outlet released a statement accusing "radicals," and "haters" within the pro-ISIS community, as well as "intelligence tails," of launching the newer channel in order to "undermine" the existing one.[1]

Subsequently, the two outlets competed with each other, posting cyber-security tips and warnings, sometimes in reference to recent incidents.[2]

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