Pro-ISIS Social Media Campaign Calling For 'Media Jihad' Expands To TikTok

June 26, 2023

Supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) are sharing content on the China-based TikTok platform promoting the group's ideology and activities, including videos related to "Support [for ISIS] is Ribat [Guarding at the Frontline] and Jihad," an ongoing social media campaign launched by pro-ISIS media entities encouraging supporters to remain committed to their online activities spreading ISIS propaganda and defending its ideology.

On June 18, 2023, an ISIS supporter posted a video featuring several posters that were released on Telegram earlier this month by pro-ISIS media entities.

The video further featured a nashid assuring ISIS supporters that "Allah's victory is coming."  

The account has posted seven videos using a hashtag that reads: "Al-Wala' and Al-Bara," or loyalty and disavowal, a Salafi principal that ISIS and other jihadi group promote to justify the killing of those deemed the "enemies" of Islam.

Another video related to the jihadi media campaign featured a pro-ISIS poster titled "You an army by yourself," which encouraged supporters to disseminate content and advocate for ISIS on social media. The video also featured audio of a man praising the "mujahedeen on the internet, who despite having their accounts deleted hundreds of times, never give up.

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