Pro-ISIS Hacking Group Declares 'Cyber War' Against Unbelievers In South Africa In Video Showing Hacked Websites

April 22, 2020

Pro-ISIS Hacking Group Declares 'Cyber War' Against Unbelievers In South Africa In Video Showing Hacked Websites

Caliphate Cyber Shield (CCS), the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) hacker group, released a video titled "Ghazwah [Raid] of South Africa" that lists websites in South Africa that it says it hacked and defaced as part of a "cyber war" on disbelievers in South Africa. The video shows personal information obtained from some of these websites, threatening that the coming is "more bitter and devastating."

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The 21-minute video, which was posted on Telegram on April 15, shows the hacking of "dozens of websites and servers" as part of what the pro-ISIS CCS called a "cyber war" against South Africa. The hacked websites included:;;;; and The video concludes by showing footage of controlling the data of the website

The CCS defaced the websites with a statement in English reading: "This hack comes as a support for our brothers the Islamic State soldiers in Central Africa Wilayah. This is a message we direct to the kuffar [unbelievers] in South Africa. We the supporters of the Islamic State announce our cyber war on you. We hacked your failed websites and failed systems, and we took your information. This is only the tip of the iceberg. What is coming is more bitter and devastating, by Allah's permission."

Jihadi songs glorifying jihad and fighting for the sake of Allah in Arabic, French, and English play in the background throughout the video.

It should be noted that the pro-ISIS hacking group released on May 2, 2019, a video showing its hacking of websites belonging to companies in New Zealand as part of its ongoing campaign[1] to avenge those killed in the March 15, 2019 Christchurch mosque attacks.[2] On April 20 and 26, CCS published two lists of New Zealand websites that it says it hacked and defaced.[3]

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