Pro-Al-Qaeda Media Outlet Calls On Muslims To Attack Israeli Embassies, Citizens Around The World, Hack Israeli Websites, Revolt Against Arab Rulers Who Normalized Relations With Israel, Boycott Nestle, Nike, Coca Cola

May 24, 2021

On May 11, 2021, a pro-Al-Qaeda media outlet issued a statement on Telegram calling on the group's supporters to carry out attacks on Israeli interests, including assassinating Jews, hacking bank accounts, and boycotting products such as Nestle, Coca-Cola and Nike.

Titled "Al-Aqsa Is Calling, Is There Anyone To Rescue?" the statement reminded Muslims around the world that Israeli "oppression" against Muslim Palestinians requires an immediate jihad and stated that Allah would not forgive those who fail to respond by rescuing the defenders of Al-Aqsa mosque, in reference to Palestinians who are performing sit-ins in the holy shrine.

The statement urged Muslims to carry out attacks on Israeli embassies around the world and on Israeli citizens, or "Jews," including assassinations or lone wolf attacks. "Whomever can target Jews, let him do so anywhere they exist. Their embassies are in every country and so are their interests and their citizens. Pick a smart target that would be the most severe for the enemies of Allah. Let it [the target] break their backs with assassinations or individual acts. Target them from where they expect it least," it said.

The statement further asked supporters with IT skills to carry out cyber-attacks on websites and email accounts to obtain "data" or to shut down them, noting that such attacks cause great harm to the Israeli economy and Israeli security.

It also called on supporters with media skills to share content on social media that incites Muslims against Israelis and to convince them to extend their support to Muslims in Palestine and revolt against Arab rulers who have normalized relations with Israel.

The least a Muslim should do, said the statement, is to boycott Israeli products and companies that support the "Zionist entity," and it named Nestle, Coca Cola, and Nike as examples.

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