Pro-Al-Qaeda Media Activity Surges With The Launch Of Five New Unofficial Media Groups

August 11, 2021

Since the last week of July 2021, at least five new unofficial pro-Al-Qaeda media groups have been established. These media groups were announced by a number of established pro-Al-Qaeda accounts on Telegram, who posted their links and materials.

On July 29, 2021, an established pro-Al-Qaeda Telegram channel published a poster by a new group which urged Muslims to participate in "media jihad" in order to "bring terror into the hearts of the unbelievers" and quoted Osama bin Laden, who famously threatened that the U.S. will not enjoy security until Muslims in Palestine are free and the "armies of unbelief" leave Muslim countries. The following day, the account also posted a link to the new group's Telegram bot.

On July 30, pro-Al-Qaeda media announced the formation of a new media group, posting a link to the group's Telegram bot. On August 2, a link to the group's Twitter account was also posted. The Twitter handle suggests the account originally belonged to a Western woman and was hacked and appropriated by the pro-Al-Qaeda media group.

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