Pro-Al-Qaeda Author Offers Supporters Recommendations To Improve Media Operation, Acknowledges Slow Content Dissemination Due To Death Of Key Media Operatives

May 16, 2023

On May 14, 2023, a pro Al-Qaeda media outlet published a 26-page essay in Arabic, English, and French, outlining the history of "media jihad" and offering advice for aspiring media jihadis on how to provide media support that would help improve Al-Qaeda's message online.

The author described the early days of jihadi media as centralized and overseen by jihadi groups themselves, adding that this was interrupted by international efforts, which prompted jihadis to turn to social media. He distinguished between auxiliary outlets that maintain a degree of relationship with the parent organization and other operations, which work voluntarily in support of the jihadi media efforts. Both parties benefit the cause of jihad, he said, adding that the death of some key senior media operatives has weakened Al-Qaeda's media operations.

Offering 17 suggestions to address the specific shortcomings of current media efforts, the author recommended that supporters familiarize themselves with the content currently being produced and circulated, learn the tools necessary in producing media content, coordinate with other supporters, and carry out "soft infiltration" of existing online Muslim platforms to share jihadi content.

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