Overview Of TikTok Account Of Influential American Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Cleric

April 4, 2023

Students of a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) U.S.-based cleric have been managing a TikTok account for him, which has over 11,000 followers and 120,000 Likes. The account is defined as "official."

The first video lectures were uploaded on September 13, 2022. Most of the videos are available on channels associated with the cleric on other platforms, including Telegram and YouTube.

To date, 141 video lectures have been uploaded to the channel, ranging from ritual prescriptions for prayers and Ramadan to Muslim children's education in the West and celebrating non-Muslim holidays. The video with the most views, over 768,000, and almost 70,000 likes, deals with the topic of public displays of affection for married Muslim couples.

In at least four videos, the cleric discusses his opposition to democracy, which he defines as shirk (polytheism) because it assumes that man-made laws are superior to Allah's laws, and why Muslims should not vote in elections.

There are at least two other TikTok accounts sharing video lectures by the pro-ISIS cleric. One has over 4,800 followers and 3,800 likes, and its bio contains a link to the "official account." It has been active since January 21 but only contains 18 videos, all related to issues of religion and faith.

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