Pro-ISIS, Other Muslim Hackers Declare Cyber Jihad; Under #OpFrance, 20,000 French Websites Attacked, Including Gov't, Military; Hackers, Supporters Celebrate On Twitter: Mocking Pope, Statue Of Liberty, 'Coming To Crush The Cross' And 'Your Freedom,' Tweeting Images From ISIS Beheadings

January 16, 2015


Muslims hacktivist groups have launched a massive hacking operation to target thousands of French website in retaliation for the cartoons published by the satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo. The operation was dubbed #opFrance and participants include Fallaga Team from Tunisia, the United Islamic Cyber Force, the C7 Crew, Mauritania Attacker, AnonGhost, Middle East Cyber Army (MECA), and CyberCaliphate.

Some 20,000 French websites were subject to cyber-attacks as part of #opFrance, ranging from military regiments to small business such as pizza shops, mostly using DDoS attacks. Users on Twitter also announced hacks of the University of Toulouse, the French Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Industry, the National Marine Resources Center, banks, and more.

The hackers also targeted French members of Anonymous, which had previously launched its own #OpCharlieHebdo, which targeted jihadi websites. A video posted on YouTube shows Tunisian hackers gaining access to the Facebook page of a French member of Anonymous (see here).

Hacker Groups, Users Promote #OpFrance On Twitter

On Twitter, the hacker groups and other users began calling for the operation several days ago, using hashtags such as #OpFrance and #HellforHebdoPigs. One user wrote on January 10: "#OpFrance Muslims hacking the enemies of Allah!" The United Islamic Cyber Force tweeted: "We are not declared a war [sic.] but we just DEFEND our religion!" On January 9, the Middle East Cyber Army tweeted: "#OPFRANCE DECIDED !! WE ARE MUSLIMS AND WE WILL NOT LET ANYONE TO HUMILIATE US !!! #OPFRANCE WILL START ON 15th OF JANUARY !!!" On January 15, they tweeted: "TODAY IS THE DAY 15/01/2015 !!!! THE DAY #OPFRANCE IS LAUNCHED !!!! EXPECT MASS DEFACES TODAY AND BIG BIG SURPRISES WITHIN THE OPERATION !!"

Following are a collection of tweets from #OpFrace:

The C7 Crew


Fallaga Team


Mauritania Attacker


United Islamic Cyber Force


United Islamic Cyber congratulating CyberCaliphate for hacking the U.S. Armed Forces Central Command (CENTCOM) Twitter and YouTube accounts


cjl01166Using the hashtag #HellForCharlieHebdo


Announcing United Islamic Cyber Force has joined #OpFrance


United Islamic Cyber Force reporting on its various hacks


"We are not declared a war but we just DEFEND our religion!!"


cjl011610List of websites hacked by AnonGhost


Twitter users reporting hacks by AnonGhost

Middle East Cyber Army (MECA)



cjl011614Using hashtags #AL_AQSA_IN_OUR_HEART and #AL_AQSA_WE_ARE_COMING

cjl011615Announcing hack of BNP Paribas Bank

cjl011616Announcing hack of National Marine Resources Center

cjl011617List of sites hacked by MECA

cjl011618Announcing the start of #OpFrance

cjl011619MECA Facebook page

Video announcing #OpFrance posted on the MECA Facebook page on January 13, 2015







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