New Pro-Al-Qaeda Magazine Tells Cyber Jihadis: 'Your Fight Is New,' Says Hacking Army Is Needed To Target Western Military, Economic Networks

January 28, 2021

On December 24, 2020, a pro-Al-Qaeda media outlet shared on the Al-Qaeda-operated Rocket.Chat the English version of its new magazine, which aims at "instructing jihadis who live among the unbelievers" to carry out various kinds of attacks. The issue included an English-language article promoting the idea of forming a hacking army to target the "digitalized" systems of the enemies of Islam, and urging "lone wolves" living in the West to launch cyberattacks on military and economic networks, so as to "inflict significant direct losses and damages to infrastructure."

The article began by praising what it called the "soldiers of the shadows" and the "anonymous heroes" who work in homes to protect Islam from sedition. "May this true pioneering vanguard for the Islamic faith, that is fueled with good intent, efforts and dedication be blessed," the article stated.

Stating that any human system has "thousands of flaws and gaps," the article said that the number of these gaps is increasing, just waiting for someone to fill them.

Urging lone wolves to find and exploit these vulnerabilities, the article said: "My Lone Wolf brother, what if you find those vulnerabilities and use them to your advantage and exploit the weak components in complete silence and contemplation. In ten or twenty years, these strikes will turn into a hurricane that will sweep all in its wake, not knowing how it started or where it came from."

Describing the world as "a digital colony," the article said: "The world's military, economic, social, political, and cultural system has become a virtual world, where armies are dispatched ships and aircrafts are launched, barges are moved, factories are managed and barracks are secured so the tyrants and demons can hide out. Cyberspace is an integral component of all facets of their lives. Behind computer screens, they write their Masonic tactics, confiscate centers and organizations, deceive and manipulate people, steal our wealth to serve the global crusaders and use it against Islam and Muslims."

The front page of the first issue the pro-Al-Qaeda magazine, dedicated to the "lone wolves in the Crusaders land."

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