New Magazine By Pro-Al-Qaeda Islamic Media Cooperation Council (IMCC) Stresses Importance Of 'Media Jihad'

April 19, 2024

On April 9, 2024, the pro-Al-Qaeda Islamic Media Cooperation Council (IMCC) published the first issue of its new Al-Bunyan Al-Marsus [One Concrete Structure, Quran 61:4] magazine. The issue opens with an editorial stressing the importance of the "media front" of the jihadi struggle. This report reviews the piece.

Media Jihad Is "Pillar" In Confronting "Zionist-Crusader Campaign," Inspires Believers To Support Islam, Muslims

The editorial declares the media as an "important front in the ongoing struggle between the ummah [nation] of Islam and the nations of unbelief, and a pillar in confronting the Zionist-Crusader campaign against the Islamic ummah and its jihadi vanguard." Praising jihad media operatives as "brave knights of the media weapon," it asserts that they remind people of "facts" which some people want to "suppress," and repel their lies, motivated by the reward promised by the Prophet Muhammad and the divine commandment to wage jihad against "polytheists" using "wealth, lives, and tongues." An excerpt by slain senior Al-Qaeda commander 'Atiyah 'Abd Al-Rahman aka 'Atiyatullah Al-Libi stresses the importance of cooperation and coordination between jihad media operatives.

Following paragraphs list goals of "media jihad." They include "spreading the message of mujahideen in a clear manner, as passed by their commanders and Sheikhs… embodied in uniting around monotheism and jihad against invaders and aggressors, to raise the words of the Lord of all worlds, liberate the ummah, and establish an Islamic caliphate similar to [the caliphate of] the Rashidun"; "supporting the jihadi rifles which shoot in order to convey the Islamic message, elevate it, and implement its rule, in accordance with the general policy of the experienced commanders of jihad, and adapting the publications—videos, written, and audio—to their instructions"; and "elevating the jihadi discourse to a refined, balanced style," according to the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad, his companions, and their followers. Properly done, the writer asserts, media jihad inspires believers to "support religion and the Islamic ummah."

The writer asks Allah to grant the magazine and its writers success in fulfilling those goals.

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