Jihadis Calls For Abandoning WhatsApp Following Announcement Of New Privacy Policy, Recommend Telegram And BiP Instead

January 13, 2021

Recently, the encrypted messaging platform WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy, which reserves the platform's right to share the data of its users with Facebook. The new policy, which will come into effect on February 8, 2021, has sparked concern among jihadi users, who have been posting warnings on Telegram, saying that the new policy jeopardizes their security.

On January 11, a Syria-based jihadi posted a poll on his Telegram channel asking his followers: "After WhatsApp decided to shoot itself in the foot by violating the privacy of its users, which app do you think will benefit most from this move?"

55% of the votes were for Telegram, 10% of the votes were for BiP, a Turkish messaging app owned by the mobile network Turkcell, 7% were for Signal messenger, and 28% of the votes said they will continue to use WhatsApp.

Another Telegram channel posted an infographic highlighting the risks to users who continue to use WhatsApp despite the new policy. It described the new policy, and advised followers to abandon WhatsApp, and to use Telegram and BiP instead.


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