Issues New Fatwa On Hacking Anti-Islam Websites: "It Is A Legitimate And Blessed Act"

May 9, 2013
1 Fatwa No. 179907 on Islamweb, posted May 22, 2012 On May 22, 2012, posted Fatwa No. 179907, in response to the question, "I am against hacking and stealing private information from people, but would it be Islamically allowed to hack a website and stop it from spreading lies about Islam, or did I commit a sin and have to repent? Is it okay for a Muslim to not get upset, angry or displeased in any way when seeing such tremendous slander, and is it wrong from my side to become angry and upset?" The answer given was: "As regards [to] destroying the existing sites on the Internet that are attacking Islam, defaming it, and inventing slanders and lies against it, then this is something required, and it is a legitimate and blessed act."

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