ISIS Weekly Publishes Infographic Highlighting The Importance Of Media Jihad

January 13, 2022

On January 6, 2022, the weekly publication of the Islamic State (ISIS) published an infographic titled "Continue Your Incitement", which discussed the importance of media jihad, urging media operatives to continue their work. The graphic listed several reasons why it is important to develop and maintain online recruitment and incitement activities, including:

- Promoting jihad is a divine commandment, as reflected by Quran 8:65, in which Allah directs the Prophet Muhammad to "rouse the Believers to the fight."

- There is a need to recruit fighters and prompt them to join ISIS's battlefronts. The presence of mujahideen on the ground "is thanks to this blessed [action], which is no less important than the battlefronts [themselves]."

- "Jihad and encouragement [of jihad] are inseparable"; media jihad "allows the battle to continue uninterrupted and brings new Muslims to join its ranks, every day and in every place."

- "Anyone who encourages jihad is himself a mujahid fighting for Allah and a preacher of Allah's faith and of monotheism."

- The Quran and the Hadith provide multiple examples of figures who encouraged jihad, including some prominent women, like Al-Khansa' bint 'Amr, an important poet of the pre-Islamic and early Islamic periods.


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