ISIS Supporters Share Secret List Of Twitter Accounts They Claim Report On Them So Twitter Will Shut Them Down

September 17, 2015

Islamic State (ISIS) supporters are circulating a list of 1,400 Twitter accounts that they say are reporting their accounts to Twitter so that the latter will shut them down.

The circulation of the list, according to the user who shared it, is aimed at allowing ISIS supporters to block the accounts on it, so that there is less of a chance that they will be reported to Twitter.

While the circulation of the list neither stops Twitter from shutting down pro-ISIS accounts nor stops anyone from reporting such accounts, those sharing the list claimed that pro-ISIS Twitter accounts that block enough anti-ISIS accounts cuts down on the possibility that the former will be recognized as pro-ISIS and reported.

It is notable that this list is being shared clandestinely among jihadis, in what appears to be an attempt to increase its success rate. Several safety checks were put in place to ensure that it remains secret:

The announcement of the list was first posted on September 15, 2015, on the Shumoukh Al-Islam forum, by one "al-Maqdisi." This site is a password-protected pro-ISIS forum. The post did not include the actual list or links to download it. Instead, al-Maqdisi asked anyone interested in the list to contact him directly via a private message on the forum.


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