ISIS Supporters Launch Campaign To Boost Morale And Rejuvenate Online Activities, Stress That Online Operations Are A Form Of Jihad, Note That Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Are Important Battlefields

May 17, 2016

Over the past few days, Islamic State (ISIS) supporters have launched a campaign aiming to intensify their online presence and operations, especially on various social media platforms. Although not explicitly noted, the campaign appears to be a response to the continuous shutdown of ISIS accounts on social media and to a perceived decrease of the overall online operations of ISIS sympathizers.

The campaign also attempts to remind supporters of their crucial role in supporting ISIS online and reiterates that such support is actually a form of jihad.

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are directly referenced in the campaign, and are even accused of participating in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS: One poster from the campaign (see image below) notes that online activity is a form of jihad. It reads: "[Wage] jihad against the polytheists with your money, hands, and tongues" - the last one being a specific reference to ISIS supporters' operations on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, whose logos are visible in the poster.

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