ISIS Media Outlet Announces Shift To Canadian Hoop Messenger App After Wave Of Account Deletions On Telegram

June 5, 2020

On June 2, 2020, a distribution arm of the Islamic State's media apparatus, announced on Riot and Telegram that due to a "failed Crusader campaign" against the media group's channels on Telegram, it will be limiting its dissemination activity to Hoop Messenger, while the group "prepares and organizes its re-entrance to Telegram, stronger than before." The group also shared links to its official accounts on Hoop. The Hoop app features a password-protected, encrypted section called "Vault," which allows users to securely store and encrypt their chats, files, and photos. Hoop Messenger is run by Magnificus Software Inc., a Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.[1]

In several posts shared on June 2, a pro-ISIS channel urged ISIS supporters on social media to remain "steadfast" in the face of the online deletion campaign, writing: "Exert your efforts patiently in the electronic field and make the kuffar [i.e. unbelievers] unable to sleep during the night and ruin their life. If they close one of your accounts, create three, and if they close three, create thirty."  The channel also called followers to remain steadfast during the "fierce deletion campaign" on Telegram, highlighting that the group "has the upper hand in countering the fierce campaign of unbelievers against the Islamic State's official media and supporters' channels."


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[1], Accessed on June 2, 2020.

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