ISIS-Khorasan Magazine: Before You Set Off For A Jihadi Task, Try To Fill Your Phone With Junk Files So That It Will Not Draw Any Attention

May 29, 2024

An article in the latest issue of "Voice of Khurasan," an English-language monthly magazine published by Al-Azaim Media Foundation, a media outlet linked to the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), which defines itself as a supporting entity for the Islamic State (ISIS), advises the mujahideen to take precautions, following the example of Muhammad during his journey from Mecca to Medina, to avoid being detected by security and intelligence agencies.

It recommended: "Before you travel or before you set off for a jihadi task, try to fill your phone with junk files so that it will not draw any attention. Make sure your phone and those of your companions are empty of suspicious documents and that you do not carry multiple phones. Take care of yourself and your belongings, and do not forget Istikharah [praying for Allah to show the correct path among those available] before your journey."

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