ISIS Engineers And Scientists Collaborate On Projects In Telegram Channel

March 21, 2016

On February 20, 2016 a Telegram channel titled "Islamic State Scientists & Engineers" was launch. At the time of this writing, the channel has 10 followers. The channel administrator stressed that members of the channel must have a BSc in a scientific or mathematics field such as chemistry or aeronautics. He stated that the channel has numerous goals such as to "exploit some channel members' situation to do research for the military benefit of the caliphate," and "collect as much caliphate scientists & engineers as possible from around the world & introduce them to each other."

The first message in the Telegram channel states, "U can join this channel or group only if u have pledged [allegiance] to the caliphate & have at least a BSc in one of the following fields: Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Aeronautics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or any closely related subject."

One post defined the goals of the channel:

"Public Goals of the channel:

"1- collect as much caliphate scientist & engineers as possible from around the world & introduce them to each other.

"2- use them to create a powerful worldwide industrial network to support the military industry in the Islamic State.

"3- support the scientific education in the caliphate

"4- exploit some channel members situation to do research for the military benefit of the caliphate."

Two members were identified by the channel as an aeronautics engineer and as a physicist. The post continued: "For the channel members, please state your specialty to the admin account, no personal information is needed. Also try to spread the channel, may Allah bless you all & make this step towards technological superiority, our community may thrive for centuries by the will of Allah." Following this statement, two other group members were identified as electronics engineers.

On February 25, the administrator posted the details of some upcoming projects for the members to collaborate on:

"Channel members are advised to work on the following industrial projects:

"1- automization [automatization] of bullets manufacturing, using plc [programmable logic controller] systems or whatever possible. 'Requested a long time ago by the caliphate.'

"2- small turbofan engines like the tomahawk engine.

"3- klystrons & magnetrons for total jamming of enemy's airforce navigation systems.

"4- long range remote control circuits using power amplifiers.

"You can choose to works on what you want, or you may not work on anything, it's your choise. It's strongly recommended for the members to seek higher education such as phd degrees and to choose the subject of research to be close to the upper mentioned projects. Please spread the channel, so more members are collected.

"For those who work on a project, you should try to find resources and materials that can be brought and delivered to the caliphate through turkey as their borders are very loose. Finished research papers describing how the projects can be done using available civilian resource can be sent directly to the admin account mentioned above, to be reviewed & published in this channel."


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