Is Someone Trying To Collect Funds For ISIS On The Dark Web Using Bitcoin?

June 12, 2015

A recent pro-Islamic State (ISIS) imageboard included a link to a webpage on the Dark Web that called on people to "fund the Islamic struggle" anonymously. The page provided a Bitcoin address through which funds would have supposedly reached ISIS.  The imageboard ( is no longer available, and it appears to have been shut down shortly after it was opened.

061215Cached image of ISIS imageboard with the Dark Web link (red arrow)

0612151Zoom in on the Dark Web address. Arabic inscription reads: "The Islamic State was established by the blood of those who are sincere"

The Dark Web page leads to a single-page that is titled "Fund The Islamic Struggle Without Leaving a Trace." A message in English appears below it. The message includes an appeal, supposedly by a group of Muslims who live in the West, for donations to fund "defensive" jihad against Muslims' enemies. Below are parts of the message:

"We are a group of young Muslim brothers that have no affiliation to any politicized movements or groups, many of us live within the United States and some are prominent with the community on both coasts.


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