Iranian Military Unveils Kaman 12 Drone, Showcases Other Drones In Drills And Exhibition, Prepares Drone Squadron For Cloud-Seeding

February 8, 2019

On January 25, 2019, Fars News Agency reported that the Iranian army had used Mohajer drones for reconnaissance during the "Eqtedar 97" drills held the same day in the central province of Isfahan. Mohajer drones are reportedly invisible to radar, can operate in different climates, and are manufactured by the Iranian army's Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization.[1]

On January 30, Fars News Agency reported that the Iranian military had showcased drones at the "Eqtedar 40" exhibition in Tehran on the same day and unveiled the Kaman 12, which can fly for 10 hours, at speeds up to 200km per hour, in a radius of 1,000 km, and carrying up to 100 kg. Other drones and technology displayed included: Shahin drones that have a "jamming capability" and can be mounted on fighter jets; a new model of the Shahed 129 drone, which can operate at a range of 2,000 km, fly for 24 hours, and can patrol, perform reconnaissance, and be equipped with bombs and missiles; RQ-170 and Saeqeh-2 drones, that have been used against "takfiri terrorists and their leaders in the Eastern Euphrates region in Syria"; Mohajer-6 drones equipped with homemade Qa'em missiles; and Akghar missiles, which have a range of 30 km, mounted on Iranian drones.[2] On February 1, 2019, Fars News Agency reported that the IRGC Aeropsace Force had formed a UAV squadron for cloud-seeding.[3]

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