Instances Of Defacements, Disruption By Turkish Hackers Against Dutch Targets Rises

March 24, 2017

On March 23, 2017, it was reported that activity from Turkish hackers had increased as a result of tensions bet ween Turkey and the Netherlands after two Turkish ministers were denied visits to the Netherlands on March 11. According to the report, most of the activities observed thus far were aimed at defacement and disruption of Dutch online infrastructure, and could be carried out by someone with a rudimentary level of skill. Some targeted websites, for and, could not defend against DDoS attacks and went down for a time, a day before the Dutch elections.

Many defacements, seen across apparently random Twitter accounts and Dutch websites, were executed by individuals who had gathered on public hacking forums, where hackers were called to action under operation names such as Hollanda Operasyonu ("Holland Operation").

Source:, March 23, 2017.  

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