Hizbullah Satellite Television Station Al-Manar Uses WhatsApp To Communicate With Viewers

July 5, 2018

Al-Manar, the satellite television station of Hizbullah, uses WhatsApp to communicate with its viewers. The homepage of Al-Manar's Arabic-language website provides links to many of its social media accounts, including WhatsApp.

Clicking on the WhatsApp link on the homepage of Al-Manar's Arabic-language website brings up a page that gives two WhatsApp phone numbers. The page says that for group subscription, users should form a WhatsApp group of at least five people and then add the first number to the group. For individual subscription, users should text the word "subscribe" to the other number.

The pinned tweet on Al-Manar's official Twitter account shares a link to Al-Manar's WhatsApp group and invites those interested to click the link to subscribe to the group.

The link shared on Twitter goes to the following page, from which the user can click "Join Chat" to join Al-Manar's WhatsApp group.

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