Hacker Group Breaches Hizbullah-Affiliated Bank, Shares Account Holder Information

December 29, 2020

On December 29, 2020, a hacker group breached the accounts of members of a Hizbullah-affiliated association that provides banking services and loans, as well as the security cameras of the organization's branches. The hacker group published lists of names, allegedly of the association's clients and details about their checking accounts and loans for the years 2019-2020. The hacker group urged the bank's clients to stop paying back their loans and to withdraw their funds. A source from the association told a Hizbullah-affiliated website that the breach was contained and does not constitute a threat to account holders.

On December 31 the association published a statement saying that most of the names published by the hacker group were not in fact names of account holders, and that the hackers held "dubious political and security objectives." The scope of the attack was limited, it said, and the organization's database remains secure. 

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