Gaza-Based Jihadi Group Relaunches 'Equip A Fighter' Fundraising Campaign On Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp

March 13, 2017

On March 8, 2017 Jaysh Al-Ummah Al-Salafi, a Gaza-based jihadi group, relaunched its "Equip A Fighter" campaign on Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp to raise funds "counter the usurper Jews and implement Allah's sharia." According to the campaign announcement, which was released by the group's media arm, Al-Raya, the "motives and reasons" behind the campaign are to "raise the word of monotheism in Palestine, implement Allah's rules, support the oppressed, counter the aggression of the infidels, liberate the sacred places, sponsor the orphans and the families of martyrs, and support the brave prisoners and wounded fighters."

The campaign organizers provided multiple means of communication for those interested in donating, including a phone number to contact the organizers on Skype and WhatsApp, a Twitter account, a Telegram channel, and a email address.

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